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Everything posted by Megalyth

  1. I've given this more thought than is probably rational (or even healthy for that matter), but I've managed to narrow it down to three while still feeling guilty because I'm excluding other people who are far more talented than I. Anyway, because I'm pretty decent at architecture, I would make the maps, and then they would be passed along in order to reduce the suck-factor. @esselfortium would provide the textures and music, because duh. @Tarnsman would fix the layout and make it compatible with fun and engaging Doom gameplay. @Marcaek would do the thing placement because he's an absolutely sadistic bastard who excels at placing the player in extremely uncompromising positions.
  2. Megalyth

    What Are We Eating Right Now? (Foodies Welcome)

    Kefir for lunch, it satisfies both hunger and thirst. Light, easily digestible food is a must during the workday, anything too heavy makes me tired.
  3. Oof, all these puns are going to leave me mentally Skaarjed.
  4. Megalyth

    Judgment - 32 Map MBF21 Megawad (RC1)

    Its okay, none of us actually play Doom anymore, we just make maps. But this looks really sweet, hopefully I'll have time to try it out this week.
  5. Megalyth

    Have you ever changed your opinion on a game?

    All of the Build engine games were like that for me. Recently I gave Blood another try. Once I stopped being such a wimp about using dynamite I found the game much more enjoyable and balanced. I'm still playing on the easiest mode though, because come on, it's Blood ffs.
  6. Megalyth

    the most important poll in human history

    @Chezza "Scull a couple tinnies" was the obvious part, the rest I could only guess. "Black stump" makes more sense now.
  7. Megalyth

    the most important poll in human history

    I'd like to experiment with a mixture. Peanut butter goes well with a variety of ingredients.
  8. Super Hot VR is the coolest damn thing I've experienced lately. I am The One. 

  9. Megalyth

    the most important poll in human history

    Jelly and jam are different things, at least to me. Jelly is, well, jelly, a gelatinous, flavored goo, and it's pretty disgusting. Jam is smoother and more spreadable, and more resembles the actual fruit that it's made of.
  10. Megalyth

    the most important poll in human history

    I'll hazard a non-Aussie guess. "My woman kicked me out of the house, but if I have a few drinks with her she'll take me back." *shrug*
  11. Megalyth

    Worst looking texture

    Probably my most hated one as well. All textures have their uses (in theory) but I remember a period of the early zDoom days when many mappers used SHAWN2 liberally on every surface because "lol teh future" or something. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I remember it but it's still lodged in my brain like a railroad spike. I used to hate GSTONE as well because it was the default texture in DCK but it's actually a fine texture, despite Tim Willits' abuse of it.
  12. Megalyth

    For those who hit rock bottom, what’s it like?

    Same here, I've been a hard-core alcoholic and drug addict, even main-lining heroin at one point, and still had a home, food, and family. Rock bottom was much further down.
  13. Megalyth

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Interesting. SHAWN2 also has the effect of causing me to projectile vomit and convulse uncontrollably.
  14. Yeah I wasn't assuming that, just remarking on the behavior of "true" metal heads that I've interacted with over the past 20-odd years.
  15. That term is a borderline insult in my opinion, so don't feel too badly about it. I'm no metal head either, I just enjoy music.
  16. Megalyth

    Why Is There So Much Hate For Limp Bizkit?

    They had a few good songs on Significant Other. I never really listened to the discography beyond that. I certainly never hated them, and I couldn't physically care less what any taste-makers think about Limp Bizkit or any other music.
  17. The earliest heavy stuff I remember hearing is the Quake2 soundtrack.
  18. Megalyth

    Earworm Thread - What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

    Seriously, its been weeks now, with a day of respite here and there. At least it's an encouraging and well-written song.
  19. Megalyth

    Random Image Thread

    My God, the spelling, grammar, and punctuation nearly gave me a stroke. I love "A coward's transport" though, I'll have to remember that one.
  20. Megalyth

    What are some sleeper wads?

    I always go back to BioWar. It shows its age in places but damn is it one epic quest as a total package.
  21. Megalyth

    What weapon would you add to Doom if you could?

    M1911Biatch M1911Biatch This was your big chance... On topic, I like the idea of having a demonic weapon in the arsenal to contrast the ones made by humans. Weapons like the Unmaker and the Soul Cube are powered by, and function according to, "something else", magic or demonic energy, chaos itself perhaps. DISCLAIMER: I can already hear you typing "But Megalyth, the Unmaker uses cells as ammunition!!1" so allow me to clarify that said demonic weapons and artifacts also function differently than human weapons. They wouldn't use batteries or gun powder. This theoretical weapon should also fill some hole in the existing arsenal, and not be just another projectile launcher. I'm not entirely sure what that hole is exactly, I suppose there are many interesting things you can do with a demonic weapon. It could be upgraded as you progess like the Unmaker or have several modes of fire. I'm basically just throwing spaghetti at a wall and the Unmaker is a decent example of what I'm thinking of. So stop typing that, or I'll find you and hurt you like, pretty bad. Not crippled or disfigured or anything, but for a while the trauma will be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning.
  22. Megalyth

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    Was it called Herian? I never played much of it so I couldn't tell you which map that is.
  23. Megalyth

    Gush about anything related to Pinball!

    This might be the most wholesome sentence I've ever read. The only pinball game I've played obsessively was Sonic Spinball. I played it repeatedly to the point that I could beat the game without dying and could probably have done it blind-folded.
  24. Megalyth

    What is a Devilution?

    Its like a laser, but way cooler.