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  1. BoJustBo

    Project Einherjar - Final Release

    I'll try to check out the new episodes during the week. Always fun to have more of this. So I will assume this is complely done with? Whats next?
  2. BoJustBo

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Don't forget that the super shotgun is a slower weapon in doom though.
  3. BoJustBo

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 01-13-19)

    You telling me this guy is clicking this fast? https://youtu.be/8yI5RAVWgBo?t=1556 I also notice from gameplay videos of the original game (I've never played it myself) that enemies have way less health which would make repeated clicking less annoying.
  4. BoJustBo

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 01-13-19)

    I just played through a few levels of episode 1 and one thing really jumps out at me. The attack is really annoying to use. Having to click faster when you get more powerups means any powerup past two of em is pretty much useless because I cant comfortably click any faster. Infact, why can't you hold the fire buttom pressed down? It would make the world for my trigger finger.
  5. BoJustBo

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Just played this, I'm surprised how much I like quakes graphics when taken out of context like this. Back when I last played quake I mainly remember thinking about how much brown and blue there was. Anyways, nice stuff. A bit too hard for me, they all felt like maps that should be near the end of a wad. I ragequit at the tiny room with a cyberdemon in it on map04. Edit: Also don't the shamblers take a lot more punishment than in Quake (especially considering how weak the guns in quake are.)
  6. Because you have to beat something to know for certain you disslike it?
  7. Yeah, slaughtermaps are like puzzle games, you gotta be exact in the way you play them. but having that kind of concept in doom requires a square plug for a square hole. While Doom with all its randomness attracts people of all gameplay style "shapes". I don't like slaughter maps. I wish there would be better indications if a wad included em so I could avoid em. But I don't think they shouldn't exist since clearly a lot of people like em. Also, some of the replies in this thread are a disgrace.
  8. BoJustBo

    Birthday Maps for Hacx

    Hope it has lots of glitched out Virtual Reality sections ;)
  9. BoJustBo

    What are your top 5 PWADs?

    In no specific order: DooM the Way iD Did Golden Souls Dawn of the Dead (DoDead.wad) Strange Aeons Nerves of Steel Bit of a strange mix, two very vanilla doom 1 wads, two total conversions and another that completely changes dooms gameplay. They are all great for very different reasons.
  10. BoJustBo

    Doomed in SPACE (old development thread)

    Glad to see this isnt just left to die, it's a very promising looking project. Sadly I am to new to this stuff to offer any significant help.
  11. Boring cutscene. Slower of pacing. Destroyer of fun. Ok, I'll leave now.
  12. BoJustBo

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    Just read through this whole thread from start to finish and I must say that I'm mightily impressed! To see designs go from good to great in steps has inspired me to try my hand at pixelart again for the first time in like 7-8 years. Which brings me to the second thing I wanted to say. After seeing all these new awesomely consistent enemies the zombies, even though greatly improved in their revised versions... look kinda crummy and inconsistent. The big conical moonboots out of a megaman game, the anorexic look (compared to doom zombies) and that frankenstein walk. Anyone mind if I have a try at updating them again?
  13. Hear hear! You can't beat the best (realism is for chumps.)
  14. Ok so here's the final update, all bugs gone as far as I can see. Reworked the balancing in a few spots, so now you might have to punch a few pinkies to save ammo if you play on UV and don't find the secrets. Previous versions had way too much ammo. Also redid the ending, the teleport (which is now in a slightly redesigned area to improve the gameplay when moving around) now takes you to a new area which leads to the exit and also has a loop back to a previous area if you feel you havnt finished yet and need to go treasure huntin'. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vxnet03t7c2tmm/OMGiN00bZ1.3.wad?dl=0 http://forumbilder.se/FBCH1/map01.png?width=400 Edit: Oh yeah, and I made the main secret more obvious. More meaning it isn't quite 100% just normal wall like it was before, that was a lazy way to hide what was then almost 50% of the level =P
  15. BoJustBo

    My first map that I'd like critiqued

    Ah, that would explain the love of the tech-skull texture I percieved you to have =P