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  1. Forli

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 2 of Sunder and map 24 of Bloodstain.
  2. I'm not entirely sure if I should join but I think I'll join. Sign me up, please.
  3. Forli

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I finally got over my laziness and started mapping again. I've only just started with this map, but I'm a bit out of practice and I'm not sure if this looks good so I'm going to share some screenshots.
  4. Would it not make more sense for the Vore to replace the Arachnotron? Since they are both spiderlike, and the Arachnotron's attacks kinda force the player to take cover as the Vore's does.
  5. I used WhackEd4 to edit dehacked files and that lets you change the sounds of things. Or you can write in the dehacked file directly "Alert sound = x" for example.
  6. Can I request my own map set? Uv and pistol starts I guess. But that's not necessary.
  7. Forli

    Hardest fight

    When a map only has one sector, the monsters won't wake up from seeing the player and won't attack either, that's something I learned from testing custom monsters, but I'm not sure of why it happens. My only guess is that there's probably some function that checks if a monster can see the player by comparing the heights of sectors or something like that, and since it cannot compare two sectors when there's only one it never gets called. That's only a guess, I really have no idea, I couldn't find anything when I googled it.
  8. I didn't expect anyone to record demos for these maps since they are so long, so thank you!
  9. Forli

    Do you guys make checkpoints?

    I see saving as a substitute for difficulty settings since most people make maps for UV first I don't select the other difficulties as I don't want to feel like I'm missing something, so instead, the harder the map is the more often I save. So no, I don't think that saving midlevel should count as cheating any more than playing on HNTR, you are just choosing how hard the game should be. And on really long maps there's not really an option, having to start from the beginning after 30 minutes would just be insufferable.
  10. Forli

    Plutonia 2

    I'm just writing this review to let everyone know that you are supposed to run this choosing the original plutonia as the iwad and not doom2, or else (on zdoom at least) the plutonia textures will be shown as black and the midtextures will not be drawn at all, causing confusion since the blocking lines are still there. I made that mistake the fist time I played this wad.
  11. Here I made a first room, trying to figure out ways to use these textures.
  12. I'm not saying that we actually need a final boss, but if we do, is there any reason why it can't just be Shub-Niggurath? I mean, it's not like what we're doing is a sequel to quake and Shub-Niggurath has already been defeated, and you can't find a more "quake-like" boss than that.
  13. Please let us use the custom monsters, they really help with the quake vibe and they are already in the resource anyway. Also, I like custom monsters...
  14. Well I was thinking that it would be better to place the maps in order of difficulty after they were all made so I didn't say a number. I guess it's a good idea to reserve the map slots so that not everyone tries to make maps that would be better for the start or the end, but you might still want to change some slots around later if the order ends up not making sense.
  15. I went over the thread and found 2 people not listed on the op.