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  1. Name: Punch a way out Time: 3 hours Midi: SMW2 yoshi's island castle theme Themes: All 3 I think
  2. Alright I'll confess. Seeing people claim that "jrpgs are not real rpgs" and/or "rpgs are supposed to have roleplaying" is near the top of the list of things that pisses me off the most to randomly see on the internet. And when I read the title of this thread that seemed to be making a distinction between rpgs and jrpgs I decided, instead of just saying what was actually bothering me, to write a comment being similarly dismissive of wrpgs, as a way to "get back at them", which now that I think about it was probably not a very smart or mature thing to do. That said I still really don't think wrpgs are the thing for me, and since I already have a huge backlog of games I want to play I'm not exactly in need to find some new stuff.
  3. I played those games to give the genre a try, I selected them specifically because they were the most popular and aclaimed ones and they were constantly praised as the better examples of what wrpgs are like. And even if I have not played others I've seen videos and reviews of them, and they ALL really seem to be the exact same generic, uninspired boring piece of trash. So there's morons constantly claiming that all jrpgs are trash without having played a single one and I'm supposed to shut up, the title of this very thread implies that jrpgs are not real rpgs and nobody even points it out, but when I talk shit about wrpgs after giving them a fair chance that's something that can't be tolerated?
  4. @Chewyninja69 Well I've only played 3: Skyrim, fallout 3 and mass effect 1. Mass effect is more or less an average game, but it's not an rpg, it's a shooter with very minimal rpg elements. The other 2 are both contenders for the worst videogame I've ever played. They're very similar actually, both are absurdly glitchy, have gameplay that consist mostly on walking while staring at the ground for things to click on and combat where you do nothing but click on an enemy over and over with no strategy or skill involved (and somehow manage to make even THAT feel clunky), the npcs are all at the very bottom of the uncanny valley in both appereance and behaviour and the story and characters.... I'm not sure I could qualify as existing. And from what I've seen and heard this seems to be how all western rpgs are like.
  5. Rpgs are one of my favourite genres of games, alongside 2d platformers. Some of the ones I like the most are final fantasy 6, chrono trigger, persona 3 to 5, golden sun, pokemon deserves a mention for being the first one I played and I guess the disgaea games are also nice. Western rpgs on the other hand are all worthless garbage. This is easily the lowest genre of videogames, below even sports sims or motion control shovelware.
  6. I'm back making maps again. I'm planning on making a wad with 4 maps themed after the 4 seasons, but for now I've just barely started.
  7. I was taking a look and it seems like the midi for my map plays on map 9, while my map is on slot 11?
  8. Isn't this going to use doomxmas.wad? That's why I have nazis on my map, they get replaced by some funny looking dwarf thing.
  9. It took a bit longer than expected to get this done :S Name: Snowing underground Midi: Slash (Castlevania dracula X) Time:3 hours 20 minutes Themes: all 4
  10. @NeedHealth You add a few to a horde of hell knights to make it more colorful :)
  11. I fixed a small error on my map (and also made it a zip file)
  12. @Spie812 download link? Also, I just noticed I made mine a rar, should I change it to zip?
  13. @Suitepee I can't believe that happened, I tested it so much and left it on the forum for people to test for awhile, I was completely convinced that there were no gamebreaking bugs left. I guess if anything I've learned that using impassable lines in that way is not a good idea in general, I was probably asking for something like this to happen. You played really well, I'm sorry that the run ended that way because of my mistake :S.
  14. I was watching a stream while making this and I also got interrupted multiple times including an anoying update that forced me to reboot the computer, the result is a barely playable complete mess of a map but you can add it to the wad if you think that it's better than nothing. Title: Memess Time: No idea, I started when the session began but I can't have spent more than 90 minutes actually mapping and testing, so 2 hours maybe? Music: sparkman's theme (megaman 3) Themes: All 3
  15. MAP28 - Dance with the Devil I really liked this one, it was fun to think of the best way to deal with each area and I felt encouraged to play aggresively which is always nice, I didn't find the bfg until near the end so that didn't help me. The layout was nice and the challenge was constant and engaging, I think this is one of the best maps in the set. MAP29 - Atlatl A large, complex and nonlinear map is nice to have as map 29, but the actual encounters really didn't fit this slot. Not only are they not really difficult but there is a lack of really large encounters, the only troublesome part is the third wave on the yellow key which feels more cheap than challenging, specially compared with the rest of the map. The visuals are nice but I was expecting something more "grand" at this point. The map is good but I think I would have liked it better if it was not 29. MAP30 - In the Eye of the Beholder Well it's an icon of sin so nobody should expect it to be fun, at least the boss looks nice and there's no need to time the shoots on a lift. Since the map is short I kept trying until I did it saveless, but I probably shouldn't have bothered. Overall this wad didn't feel as memorable as plutonia 2, but I liked that it was closer to the original plutonia, even if it copied a bit too much from it at times. For me, the best maps were 10, 15, 23 and 28. The worst were 15, 19, 21 and 30. I don't know when I'll post about a wad here again, it was interesting to have to think more than usual about each map, but having to write about them actually took a lot longer than just playing (and I also seem to be really bad at it), I guess maybe I'll come back when I'm not expecting to be busy during a month.