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  1. Isn't this going to use doomxmas.wad? That's why I have nazis on my map, they get replaced by some funny looking dwarf thing.
  2. It took a bit longer than expected to get this done :S Name: Snowing underground Midi: Slash (Castlevania dracula X) Time:3 hours 20 minutes Themes: all 4
  3. @NeedHealth You add a few to a horde of hell knights to make it more colorful :)
  4. I fixed a small error on my map (and also made it a zip file)
  5. @Spie812 download link? Also, I just noticed I made mine a rar, should I change it to zip?
  6. @Suitepee I can't believe that happened, I tested it so much and left it on the forum for people to test for awhile, I was completely convinced that there were no gamebreaking bugs left. I guess if anything I've learned that using impassable lines in that way is not a good idea in general, I was probably asking for something like this to happen. You played really well, I'm sorry that the run ended that way because of my mistake :S.
  7. I was watching a stream while making this and I also got interrupted multiple times including an anoying update that forced me to reboot the computer, the result is a barely playable complete mess of a map but you can add it to the wad if you think that it's better than nothing. Title: Memess Time: No idea, I started when the session began but I can't have spent more than 90 minutes actually mapping and testing, so 2 hours maybe? Music: sparkman's theme (megaman 3) Themes: All 3
  8. MAP28 - Dance with the Devil I really liked this one, it was fun to think of the best way to deal with each area and I felt encouraged to play aggresively which is always nice, I didn't find the bfg until near the end so that didn't help me. The layout was nice and the challenge was constant and engaging, I think this is one of the best maps in the set. MAP29 - Atlatl A large, complex and nonlinear map is nice to have as map 29, but the actual encounters really didn't fit this slot. Not only are they not really difficult but there is a lack of really large encounters, the only troublesome part is the third wave on the yellow key which feels more cheap than challenging, specially compared with the rest of the map. The visuals are nice but I was expecting something more "grand" at this point. The map is good but I think I would have liked it better if it was not 29. MAP30 - In the Eye of the Beholder Well it's an icon of sin so nobody should expect it to be fun, at least the boss looks nice and there's no need to time the shoots on a lift. Since the map is short I kept trying until I did it saveless, but I probably shouldn't have bothered. Overall this wad didn't feel as memorable as plutonia 2, but I liked that it was closer to the original plutonia, even if it copied a bit too much from it at times. For me, the best maps were 10, 15, 23 and 28. The worst were 15, 19, 21 and 30. I don't know when I'll post about a wad here again, it was interesting to have to think more than usual about each map, but having to write about them actually took a lot longer than just playing (and I also seem to be really bad at it), I guess maybe I'll come back when I'm not expecting to be busy during a month.
  9. MAP25 - Wicked Garden Visually this is very similar to map 15 and I actually think it looks even better. I don't like the gameplay very much, it mostly consists on having some really weak weapons for what you need to fight. At the start there's nothing to fight the monsters except for a chainsaw you need to look for, I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find the secret berserk and shotgun. After that there was a lot of killing high hp enemies with a single shotgun. Near the end there's a cool moment where you come back to an earlier area only now it's covered in vines. The archviles didn't work well for me, I stayed close to the wall and they only attempted to set me on fire once before the exit opened because the never stopped teleporting, in the end I just left leaving them there. MAP26 - Poison Ivy III This map is really hard, the start is bad for playing blind which I dislike but it is still enjoyable, after that the level becomes easier and more fun to play while still being quite challenging. My favourite part was the reference to map 28(?) of plutonia, it was quite silly to see all those monsters murder each other from the other side of the tunnel. The only part I disliked was fighting a large number specters on the dark where you get the red key (I think). MAP27 - Planned Overload Can you get that bfg secret on zdoom? I don't know if wall running works in zdoom, which is bad because that bfg would have helped. This level mostly consisted on trap after trap which are all designed to kill, but actually the only part that gave me any real trouble was the start, after that I had the resources to deal with everything else.
  10. MAP21 - Asmodeus Circle Not a very good map, the design is simplistic and the fights repetitive (and was it necessary to have THAT many specters?), also there are many decorations and support pillars sticking from the walls making movement awkward in some indoor places. The only part I liked was the first time clearing the main area, after that it was a bit of a grind. I'm glad I found the bfg early, that made it a bit less annoying. MAP22 - Suicide Mission Very similar to impossible mission, which is good, because I like that map. The only part I disliked was not knowing where to go at first with the radsuit, but it was nowhere near as bad as in map 19, other than that the map was pretty ok. MAP23 - Necrogenesis I was not expecting to beat any of the maps on the third part whithout dying once but I did this one (actually none of these maps so far have been nearly as though as I was expecting). A layout focused on teleporters and backtracking seems like a recipe for getting lost, but the teleports are marked and the layout is simple enough so it works. I liked the gloomy visual theme, somehow fits the name of the map with some plants growing on the dead looking walls. The fights where constant and varied enough but nothing really stuck to mind. Pretty good map overall. Also, I was not expecting a secret fight like that, that was cool. MAP24 - Terra Incognita I'm not the biggest fan of maps 24 and 27 from plutonia, this one is not very annoying with the chaingunners at least. This is yet another map that takes a lot from its inspirations so I don't have much to say. The blue key fight was the most memorable part, but for all its cool setup it boiled down to nothing but shooting things from behind cover after escaping the cage. I also died a lot on the later parts, I don't know why, it didn't seem that hard.
  11. MAP17 - The Unholy Crypt Another good but not very memorable map ("the crypt" could also be described that way so I guess it works). I liked the visual theme and the way the layout takes you to the exit area near the start is nice (you just know something will happen here later). The fights are not much more difficult than map 16 but some of the encounters in small spaces gave me trouble (I'm bad at dealing with that), also the chaingunners will almost certainly take some health away. The Best part was the red key fight, worst was the cyber at the end, but that was probably because I insisted on circle strafing on that entire area. MAP18 - Phantom Silence Why is there a sunder map in the middle of a plutonia wad? Even the archviles at the end felt more like something sunder would do than it felt like a hunted homage. This was way easier than precarious, I only had trouble at the start, maybe because the pistol start is a bit troublesome or maybe because I needed to get on the mindset for this kind of map. The archviles at the end were certainly a curve ball, specially the last group, they killed me twice because I tried to keep track of each individual vile which is really not the correct strategy against this many of them. Map 19 - Venom I really didn't like this one, the map mostly consist on my most hated layout design, large, mazelike areas with a lot of damaging floors everywere that will sap all your health if you are not sure of where to go (which is specially bad for me because my sense of direction sucks). The fights were also rather annoying, a lot of monsters appearing suddenly surrounding you so the only choice is to find the gap between them so you can squeeze trought, if you fail to do that immediatedly, you die, if you do it you just escape to another room from where you can kill them with no danger (the blue key was the worst in this aspect), also a few barons in narrow corridors that pose no threat but are annoying to kill. I decided to skip the rest of the map when I was halfway trought, this is really not my kind of map and I'm too far behind to play something I dislike. Map 20 - Sinister Daybreak At first I thought that I would hate this map, I saw a bunch of distant chaingunners, then realized which map this was referencing, meaning that there would be resurrecting chaingunners too. But I basically ended up loving everythig here that didn't involve far away chaingunners (too bad there's a lot of them). I really liked how this map looks, it makes the most of the original's style with a really good use of midtextures and a nice color contrast with the sky, there's also a really cool part when said sky opens to reveal more of the map. Most of the fights were really well done, the one behind the sky was a weird moment for me, everything was dead before I even knew what was going on. I guess the 2 cybers at the end were not as challenging as 2 cybers at the end should be but I still enjoyed killing them.
  12. MAP31 - Cyberdemon Vertigo I got trapped on a room a few times after taking a teleport next to a room from where 2 cybers come from and had to noclip out of it. It seems like some other people had a similar problem. The map itself consist mostly on using the bfg on cybers and archviles, as well as some monsters in really high places (I guess that's where the vertigo comes from?). I really don't have anything to say about this, the map left me pretty indifferent. MAP32 - Have @ It Since I had a lot of work for this weekend I played this during short breaks (less than 5 minutes each), which is probably not the best way to experience a map of this style since I never got into "doom mindset", causing me to be even more incompetent than usual, and my memories of it are a disjointed mess of archviles comming out of every hole each time I got a key or pressed a switch, cyberdemons rocketing me from behind because I was unable to keep track of anything not in my field of view, and hordes of chaingunners murdering each other while I wait behind a corner. The only part I clearly remember was the last fight since I died a lot there. So, pretty fun map overall, it was good enough for a go 2 it remake I think. Also I was expecting this to be called "go 6 it" or something like that, but I guess this name is better. MAP16 - Gambit Is that starting room meant to be a treat for continuous players with a bfg? This was a nice breather after the last few maps, the start is nonlinear with mostly low tier enemies which makes for fun basic gameplay. I actually liked it less once the midtiers started to show up which is unusual, but my favourite part is when you run away from some revennants and get the plasma gun, I guess I just like in general when I'm forced to run away from some enemies before turning around, makes for some exciting moments and it gets more satisfying when you kill them.
  13. I'm currently really busy, I don't know when I'll be able to catch up :S MAP13 - Slaughter Zone: So I guess the blood hurts in this map, I'm ok with it as long as it's consistent on each individual map. The action is rather tame except that there didn't seem to be a lot of ammo, I punched a lot of stuff and I still ran out so I had to rush to the exit at the end. MAP14 - Undertaker Right at the start I got surrounded by revennants in a small space and that style of fights continues for the rest of the map, it was enjoyable for the most part. I'm not sure about that room where you have 2 big fights going back and fort, it seems very circlestrafable and it can be skipped rather easily, which is not good for what seems to be the centerpiece of the map. MAP15 - Enigma Helix (or is it just helix? the automap and the interpic seemed to be in disagreement) A really long map with cool visuals, this might be the best and worst map in the set so far at the same time. My first problem was that I didn't find the ssg until near the end so I had to singleshotgun a lot of midtiers which got really boring after a while. While there are a lot of interesting fights here there is also a lot of grind between the good parts, I kept saving all the time because I was afraid of having to repeat any part of this map and after finding the exit I didn't want to look for secrets so I just skipped to map 31. If the ssg had not been hidden and some of the worst fights were removed this would have been a top tier map.
  14. MAP10 - Bloodbath I died because I thought I couldn't fall on that inescapable pit next to the blue key, that was annoying. Most of the fights consists on having the player surrounded by varied groups of enemies in small spaces, very fun and fast paced for the most part, the last fight with the revenants camping the exit is a bit lame tought. Also, was that a remix of the bloodfalls midi? MAP 11 - Will you be my NME? I'm actually glad this map is not all archviles, there's only so much you can do with that concept. Certainly the most interesting and difficult fights so far, I also liked how chaotic the layout appears to be while being difficult to get lost on it. Some annoying stuff where the "guess were the archvile will show up from, if you're wrong you die" moments as well as some distant chaingunners that you have to move past in the open. I didn't like the ending with a useless spider on top of the stairs and then a bunch of imps, might have been better to just have the exit unguarded. MAP 12 - Velocity This is a remake of my least favourite map in plutonia, however this one actually manages to have fast paced gameplay as the name implies and is a lot less annoying with the chaingunners so I liked it. It also features an invisibility that's actually beneficial, which is always nice.
  15. I already uploaded an update to idgames to fix the player start problem on map 4 (that one was just too gamebreaking to not fix) I also fixed that map 7 hom then. That's why I don't want to do it again, it might be annoying to have me upload updates over and over :S.Those might be enough stuff to warrant another update, I'm not sure.