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  1. MAP10 - Bloodbath I died because I thought I couldn't fall on that inescapable pit next to the blue key, that was annoying. Most of the fights consists on having the player surrounded by varied groups of enemies in small spaces, very fun and fast paced for the most part, the last fight with the revenants camping the exit is a bit lame tought. Also, was that a remix of the bloodfalls midi? MAP 11 - Will you be my NME? I'm actually glad this map is not all archviles, there's only so much you can do with that concept. Certainly the most interesting and difficult fights so far, I also liked how chaotic the layout appears to be while being difficult to get lost on it. Some annoying stuff where the "guess were the archvile will show up from, if you're wrong you die" moments as well as some distant chaingunners that you have to move past in the open. I didn't like the ending with a useless spider on top of the stairs and then a bunch of imps, might have been better to just have the exit unguarded. MAP 12 - Velocity This is a remake of my least favourite map in plutonia, however this one actually manages to have fast paced gameplay as the name implies and is a lot less annoying with the chaingunners so I liked it. It also features an invisibility that's actually beneficial, which is always nice.
  2. I already uploaded an update to idgames to fix the player start problem on map 4 (that one was just too gamebreaking to not fix) I also fixed that map 7 hom then. That's why I don't want to do it again, it might be annoying to have me upload updates over and over :S.Those might be enough stuff to warrant another update, I'm not sure.
  3. Aw crap, I actually thought of that but apparently I forgot to do something about it... It seems like way too late to try to fix it...
  4. MAP06 - Stony Halls This is basically a well designed "normal" map. It has a good layout and fighting monsters coming from all directions is fun. However there's nothing remarkable about it, the visuals are also just like everything else in the wad. MAP07 - Caughtisle Dead simple with cyberdemons, not much to say about it, I guess making the cybers block some teleports was clever. There were more spheres than necessary for what you have to fight so this was actually easier than most dead simples. MAP08 - Rules of Death Now we are starting to get some more interesting setups. I died the first time on the invisible bridge because I didn't know that it was there and I was not expecting the pain elementals, the next time I just killed everything by camping from the entrance, not very well designed IMO. The encounter with the hell knights was a lot cooler, I just ran in a panic and stumbled onto the secret BFG by accident so I just used that to kill them. MAP09 - Ruined kingdom I liked how this reminded me a lot of that level in plutonia whitout directly copying much from it. The visuals are the best so far, I liked all the views to "outside" the map. The best part was the room with the red key, it gave me some very nice panic moments and yet I somehow managed not to die.
  5. Name: Rotting mausoleum Themes: All 4 MIDI: Plutonia 2 map 14 Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
  6. I'm not sure about this one, didn't feel very inspired today Name: Spooked by skulls Midi: Doom 2 map 3 Themes: all 3 Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
  7. I don't think there's anybody else who uses a CHAINGUN for SNIPING.
  8. MAP04 - Emerald Pools: I liked this one, it offers some variety to the visuals and most of the encounters are varied and well designed. Well, except for those instant archviles at the red key that made me rocket my own face, since the setup is so similar to the BK I thought the monsters would be appearing at the teleport and the box of rockets made it seem like that was the intended weapon. MAP05 - That Flooded Place: Most of this map is narrow corridors with some monsters on them, and way too often the best (or only) strategy seems to be to retreat, I even forgot I had a RL because there never seemed to be a good place to use it. Then the RK trap put some archviles right on my face that immediately resurrect the barons who then block my way out... . I didn't love this one.
  9. MAP02 - Temple of Cetza: The layout and design were good enough, but I didn't really like this map much... . Punching a few demons is fun but this map takes it way too far, it really makes the whole thing feel like a grind. Also I don't know if I missed a weapon somewhere, but killing multiple midtiers with the shotgun and chaingun made me regret going with pistol starts. I also got confused for a moment by the "red switch". MAP03 - Escape from Ghost Town: I'm not a big fan of being surrounded by hitscanners in the open and having to figure out where to go fast enough to survive, it's basically a matter of trial and error and I'm really bad at guessing :S, also the amount of damage you take while exposed seems a bit random. After the opening hitscanner nonsense, the rest of the map is pretty much just ghost town, it's ok I guess, I liked some of the changes to the encounters, but nothing was specially remarkable.
  10. Maybe I should upload another file and send an email asking for it to replace the previous one? Sorry for insisting, but I don't think I can leave it like that and I don't know what I'm supposed to do :S Could anyone help me please?
  11. I messed up..., in the file I uploaded on map 4, all the multiplayer starts are player 1, wich makes it so that the player can't even move, I have no idea how this could have even happened... Is there any way to replace a file on idgames after it's been uploaded?
  12. Well, this is going to be my first time posting about a mapset. I'll be playing on zdoom, UV and pistol starts. Map 01 - Stonewall: This really felt a lot like congo: the texture choices, the optional ssg and rl, the cast of enemies and, most of all, the lift that reveals 2 chaingunners behind you. I liked it as a first map, there were some moments of excitement, but I never felt I was in real danger of dying (the archvile on the crate area gave me a good jumpscare). The layout was different from congo and most of the fights were different as well, so I wouldn't call this a rip-off. Plutonia 2 didn't feel similar enough to the original for me, so I'm fine with this.
  13. I uploaded this to idgames, thanks to everyone who played and left a comment. @galileo31dos01 Thank you for your comments on each map, I'm glad that you liked the wad. I mostly balanced the mapset so that there would be a bit more ammo than necessary even on UV pistol starts so I guess it's no wonder that you had too much. Unfortunately, I uploaded the file before you left your comments, that HOM doesn't seem very noticeable and the darker texture is not a really big deal so I don't think that it is worth reuploading just for that :S.
  14. I've played some wads alongside the club but never posted before. However, next month I'm planning on joining for the first time, so I'm going to vote if that's ok. +++PRCP
  15. @Memfis Neat! I can't wait to see how I messed this up :) @Killer5 Thank you for the fdas and comments, criticism of specifics parts is really useful to become better at mapping and it's nice to receive feedback from different types of players. I didn't want to lock the player all the times, and on fights that are not supposed to be particularly difficult I didn't feel the need to stop the player from retreating and taking things slowly if they want to. I agree that on the last fight on map 2 retreating maybe a bit too easy and effective and that the last fight on map 1 is bit underwhelming. On the light switch fight on map 6 a was afraid of the gimmick getting annoying if I took it too far, also I think the darkness is slightly more relevant on zdoom (which is where I tested while making it). At this point I don't really want to make changes to the maps unless something is broken, I'd rather take all of this as lessons for next time. @SP_FACE1 I'm glad you enjoyed all of that. I already tried to make it a bit multiplayer friendly on the latest version, I'm not sure how well it will work.