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  1. Nice video, but i still wanna see someone trying to make a map using the methods before the days of editors. I'm really curious of how hard could it be.
  2. Camahueto

    Most favorite level from Episode 2

    Containment Area is so ingrained in my mind that it's actually the first level i think of when talking about Doom 1. Even then, for some reason, i cannot remember the layout, so it always takes me like half an hour to finish it. Great level though. Or should i say Crate Level???
  3. Camahueto

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    I really feel like i missed out this year. I'm still catching up with a few of last year's maps, so i haven't played any new ones. Atleast these threads are great for finding great releases.
  4. Camahueto

    GBA Doom vs SNES Doom (ARM7 vs SuperFX-2)

    I remember a friend had the GBA port back in the day, something i found weird, but pretty cool anyway. Then i learned that the game was ported to basically every gadget that could run it. Oh boy, was it ported.
  5. Camahueto

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    I played Doom a lot when i was a kid, but for a variety of reasons (a language barrier mostly), i never got into the community. Around 2012 i got into it again after buying it on Steam, along with a couple other games, which made me discover this forum, and the release of Doom 2016 convinced me to make an account. So yeah, Doom 2016 is the culprit here, probably.
  6. Camahueto

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    Sometimes it's fun to do pistol start, and even if i didn't, it's good to know they were made for it to be possible. It gives maps a better "flow" if they're designed like that imo.
  7. Maybe Custom Doom? You don't necessarily have to tinker with anything but the monsters, after all.
  8. Camahueto

    what's a wad that you'd recommend to a newbie?

    Appart from waht has been said in the thread (especially Scythe and Fava Beans; both great for begginers), show him Mordeth. That way he will know why we still hope/joke about its sequel.
  9. Camahueto

    What are you playing now?

    I'm giving Ancient Aliens a try, since i missed it when it came out, and i've been quite busy since. It's very pretty, and the challenge is good too. Atleast the first 6 maps are; i haven't played the rest yet
  10. I like listening to Dance, House and Trance, especially if it has little to no vocals. I think it fits nicely.
  11. Quake does have a thriving community, just not as big as Doom's, since it's not as easy to work with. As of other FPS that isn't Half-Life, Fallout: New Vegas comes to mind, and The Elder Scrolls, if you count them as "shooters". TF2 also had it's share of modding, but i haven't played it in years.
  12. Camahueto


    And? Since we no longer use latin to just talk, we started to use it to refer to especific things a long time ago, like in science and law.
  13. Camahueto


    I hate flying insects, but not because i fear they might do something like sting me or anything, but the buzzing always unnerves me. Even big flies are a problem for me. Fear is just the rational mechanism to stay out of danger. Phobia is the IRRATIONAL fear of something, as in "the mere sight of a fake spider is terrifying" instead of "an ultravenoumous (poisonous?) spider just in front of me is scary".
  14. Camahueto

    Shadow Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.3 released!)

    Pretty fun. And the visuals are great, specially for a W3D-style game.
  15. Camahueto

    Flight of The Archvile - gimmicky map by me

    Well that was tough, but worth it. Can't believe i didn't expect a million archies with that title though.