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  1. dybbuk

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    Whenever my gzdoom screws up, I just reinstall it ;) My kids set "don't ask this again" so it always ran chex quest at first. Instead of screwing with it each time something happens I don't feel like fixing I just reinstall it
  2. dybbuk

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I've seen Chex Quest on threads like this, so I'm sure you're good. Doomworld openly accepts all things IWAD. They're all made with doom anyways.
  3. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    NOW check out http://www.lehr.me a week later ;)
  4. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    so I went a little overboard on the new server upgrading the site in the past few days its all one long page with jumplinks. I may switch back but I'm liking this for now, easier updating and finding things: http://jlehr.neocities.org
  5. It has timestamps on the actual Youtube page
  6. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    Okay so since my server was down I tried a couple of places, one being neocities.org what a cool idea, it's like a social media network for websites... and I have 400+ visitors and am not listed on google or anywhere. You just have to pick the right tags I guess. This is crazy. Thanks! Now my DNS servers are updated and redirect to http://jlehr.neocities.org
  7. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    Nice stuff, you just taught me a new website to show my fiance. She likes doing pixel art for my things
  8. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    Instant fan of both pages and their contents. I might try a couple of your doom levels tonight as they look like they took quite a bit of work. EDIT: Okay you made Sunlust, my fiance was actually playing that already as I started looking through your maps and tried magnolia and loved it. So yeah, we're both playing your stuff, man
  9. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    I definitely need to FINALLY learn html 5, myself
  10. dybbuk

    Intermission Text BEFORE MAP01

    As for entertext I did find this in my research, but there are no examples that I can get to work
  11. dybbuk

    Intermission Text BEFORE MAP01

    I like this answer but I'm using GZDoom. I'm thinking the dummy level MAP00 will work though, I never thought of that!
  12. I searched and searched, but still probably not enough, and only have found ways to put intermission screens with text stories AFTER the first map or any map, but never BEFORE. Any ideas?
  13. dybbuk

    How to put music in a wad file?

    or if you want to make a pk3 instead, just create a folder called MAPS and a folder called MUSIC. There are other folders you can create for textures and whatnot if you're going further, then use MAPINFO in the parent folder to link to the music from the level code (just look in the zdoom wiki and search anything really if this doesn't help) and then zip everything up, and rename the zip file to .pk3
  14. I played it but MAP10 sent me into a hole I couldn't get out of with no textures where I could see underneath the whole level. I had to clip out. Sweet epilogue screen man
  15. dybbuk

    Doom Members' Website Links

    These levels look NICE. I tried extreme terror.