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  1. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    Anything goes :) That's a very pretty little theme btw
  2. dybbuk

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    This reminds me of when I rented Halloween 3, expecting it to have mike myers, or be by the same guy
  3. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    It seems I don't know how to tag users very well
  4. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    @CblBOPOTKA Strange, I dig it all, the second slightly resembles X-Files to me but not too much @Deadwing Yep. sounds like a real song, all the elements go together well especially the guitar. @FredK I could zone out to this or sleep well and that is not criticism at all, I love music that does that for me as I can barely listen during the day unless at work. @Dubbag I of course didn't have time to listen to all 33 minutes, but Carbon life Extermination Machine, the ambient, is my favorite from skipping around and just stopping. One of the heavy metal tracks I heard if this doesn't come as an insult I hope reminds me of very early "metal" attempts by Nirvana, only better. I meant with the vocals of course. btw that is my favorite band, so it's definitely a compliment
  5. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    I did not realize this thread kept going. My fault ;) Whenever I'm able to have sound higher (people are all up) I'll do some critiquing
  6. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    Well, you certainly did a kickass job. I listened to the single "A Spiritual Retreat At Severed Head" and am about to listen to the other album. Please tell me you guys scored some $$ or at least did some shows with some backup help or something or plan on doing so. The vocals kind of remind me of later Stone Temple Pilots, and in a very good way, I love that band. I was trying to find something to be honest and critical about but there really isn't anything, and I will probably be listening to this again and not just to follow up on a promise. It's damn good! You guys should keep going, even after arguing times remember that you're onto something. Hell I'll buy a CD if you come out with one.
  7. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    kind of in need of a slight bump, just one, but: http://www.jerrylehr.com/articles/01-sweet-sombriety and here's the most recent: https://noisebox1.bandcamp.com/album/smashing-through without a track-by-track rundown article yet This one's for you, @TheBlurCafe I think this thread will self destruct again, but it is unfortunate I didn't get to review any musicians! :(
  8. dybbuk

    Welcome to Doomworld- Introduce Yourself!

    Jerry Lehr aka 'dybbuk' A new example of stuff I do/music: http://www.jerrylehr.com/articles/01-sweet-sombriety I'm more a wad player and fan than creator, though I hope to hop back into that someday
  9. dybbuk

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    Thanks! Good to hear. I was logging on hoping to critique some myself. "Golden" is all guitar, believe it or not :) My favorites since I've heard the main ones over and over are the in-betweeners like "The Nihil" and "Wasps"
  10. I've noticed there are a TON of people here who make music. PLEASE SHARE!! If you post, be prepared and willing to have constructive criticism. Please critique all music that may come along honestly all while still not being a total dick to people :) I'll be the first to walk the plank... https://noisebox1.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-sombriety
  11. https://noisebox1.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-sombriety Released on Halloween Night 2021 but not all Halloweeny
  12. dybbuk

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    I had this huge idea for years that would finally grace newstuff with an excellent review of myself I swear! Then...
  13. I mean Mick Gordon hid pictures and symbols in the music, so, maybe. If no one has mentioned it, there's a whole galactic alphabet in the old keen games that was used a couple times later. There maybe? Does anything match? I'm too busy to take this a step further myself.