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  1. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    level editor will be in one of the updates
  2. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    And that GGGmanlives video was a massive honor. I used to binge watch that guy on the upstairs smart tv. He's a great reviewer, and we got a better review than the new COD haha
  3. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    Before anyone thinks I'm just trying to sell the game, I've made my cut before it was released. I'm just speaking as a player, this is the best wolf3d clone anywhere and by itself stands on it's own as a really fun game.
  4. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    after wolf3d and before doom I meant to say
  5. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    It did start as a wolfenstein 3D clone, people just kept comparing it to other later games so they agreed I guess. Pretend there was a game released before wolf3d and doom that maxed out enemies and weapons far more than doom itself. No repeating music, completely new texture sets per 5 episodes with completely different enemy sets for each theme as well. They put a lot of work in this and it far exceeded anyone's expectations.
  6. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    (It will)
  7. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    6 more days until the gog.com release!!!! October 18, 2018!!!!
  8. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    6 days on gog. Official release date 10.18.18 !!!!!
  9. dybbuk

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    http://www.lehr.me/abaddon3.pk3 MAP02 (honestly the only map in there right now I think, this is an old draft the new one was corrupt)
  10. dybbuk

    Extended Bestiary Tutorial?

    Is there a tutorial online anywhere that shows how to link up realm667's extended bestiary? I know they're in the files and it's not hard I just wondered for the sake of providing a link on my website for doing so. If not, I guess I'll test/write it out
  11. dybbuk

    Name your Price (Free) Music

    And this one has a ton of DOOM references in "Robot Jelly" such as "linedefs without sidedefs won't play, sectors too many, 1993" and "Doom seven sin wad whizzing level 32" And more randomness ensues on the 2009 in the same channel if you want more. I don't want to kill this thread with 80 ads for free music
  12. Well, I do have the website: http://www.lehr.me it's just weird looking right now in places I also made some more youtube collections and created a tumblr for them, soon to plug them into said site. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ I got noticed by one dev team, hopefully more will follow through that one game.
  13. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ :D Six Albums, Downloads are name your own price on bandcamp. Free in other words.

  14. True the image sucks and was whipped out in a minute using PSP7, but check out some of these tracks, mainly the last four! EDIT: This is all I've uploaded so far: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsH8D4ZZcmQi3vSx-hWI74Q/videos?disable_polymer=1