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  1. Oops! All Techbase. If interested me and mistersector did MAP14. They're all in E1 format plus a few new textures
  2. HUGE Website update lately... In the last 3 days I have quadrupled its size just about. I'm working on branching everything out way more as well!

  3. Has a brief weird intro but there IS music. I haven't put the track names up yet, there are over 100. They all go in sequence between the two releases. I'll have more music where this came from this week!
  4. dybbuk

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Not to be a whiner, really not trying to look like I can't play video games or don't belong here, I beat Doom 2016 just fine for god's sake... I cannot pass level 1 of doom eternal on "i'm too young to die". I'm serious... did they completely beef up the challenge or pick up where the last left off or what?!? True it's been 3 years since I touched the last doom but JFC this shit is hard!!!
  5. http://jlehr.neocities.org/makina.html Also on every streaming service as Jerry Lehr: Makina
  6. dybbuk

    What is the oldest PC game that you own

    Hovertank from id anthology
  7. I have a lot of ideas on stuff to add hopefully better than this version but I just wanted to fix the issues so far... MAP14~Ver0.5.zip
  8. He meant my map14. It was originally 19
  9. MAP14, right here! I'll take it. I forgot to ask here instead of discord. Either "Hellivation" or "Mayhem Machine" I haven't decided.
  10. dybbuk

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Hey does bloodshedder also run the cacowards? If so.... I'm worried now Also, no one has to review mine if that helps, just link it up ;)
  11. Can I make a hidden level before time is up I wonder... I mean I already had a start
  12. The way it looks when I'm about to pass out. Oops I was beat. In this case, David Bowie meets anime
  13. I just reset my shop's contents and deleted all the excess nonsense extra albums that weren't even linked up to the index that would show during discography. I am certain I've posted this here a few times, but it's new again! http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com It still has the Project Warlock OST sampler and lost track that didn't make the DLC. I am also working on a place to house all the information to my stuff, but it isn't ready yet. It's bookmarkable though if people still do that: http://www.jerrylehr.com