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Status Updates posted by dybbuk

  1. The newstuff chronicles isn't the same without you :(

    Partly because it doesn't exist currently lol

    1. dybbuk


      Stuff happens we know. I hope whatever is going on is out of the way soon and we're all back up and playing new mods!

  2. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ :D Six Albums, Downloads are name your own price on bandcamp. Free in other words.

  3. Jesus Christ!!!

    is it true Doomworld pays $500+ a month for these forums?!?

  4. There needs to be at least a third theme, red stone, and hell

  5. https://noisebox1.bandcamp.com

    get my stats up! all albums free!

  6. ever wanted full permission to write the weirdest things on my website's new cbox without them getting deleted?

    I just want it to fill the screen and now all be me. Plus this could be entertaining.


  7. New Post:

    If you have something you made audio wise that you'd like to show off but don't feel merits its own thread yet. I know there is a creative works thread but that's for finished stuff and large productions right? Stuff you're not afraid to show off for reviews and critics? Post your new 8 note melodies or basically anything here! Boast or Advert your favorite software for others too. And screenshots of its use!

    In other news, the software I've used for years, ORION, is now gone, obsolete and not supported any more. This is a sad day for me! (if it's true, and it looks to be true) but I've been steered into the direction of Hydrogen Drum Machine (which is completely free) and LMMS. Any users of this? I'm new to it today.

    ORIGINAL POST: Free Music Forever! My Synth and Guitar Stuff. 250 Tracks

    This leads to a public post on my wall on facebook. Feel free to add me!



    NOISEBOX:ACID is all free, and has 99 tracks. Check out track 99!!!
    NOISEBOX:ORION is also all free, and features 150 tracks including the bonuses, all programmed synth stuff I offered on these forums earlier which got a good response.

    Let's get my free downloads' numbers up! I never charge! I never will!

    I won't post this stuff again until I have a new collection of music or even a small EP of current stuff ;) --- don't want to bombard the forums or perform overkill (or free spam)

    1. gramzilla


      I did a remix of Mick Gordon's "Authorization: Olivia Pierce" (or ol' Bobby P's "Suspense" if you know your stuff) and poster on my soundcloud. It's only a work in progress, but I hope to make it a little longer than 2:00 in the near future.
      Drop a like on it if you think it's worthy, I made it in Ableton Live 9: https://soundcloud.com/user-803653674/bobby-prince-suspense-remixwip

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I've never heard of ORION, but I have heard of LMMS and played around with it. It's not bad, but I didn't see any LV2 or DSSI support in it, so I'll probably use Ardour if I ever switch to Linux for music stuff. For now, Renoise on Windows :D

      Anyway, some recent stuff of mine: Rabio, which is a song about rabies; my own remix of Suspense, which I did for a Doom level I'm working on; and basically the rest of my music, all free for download.