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About Me

http://www.lehr.me <- an everlasting work in progress. I think I have a new design every month now. Hopefully that changes now.

There's also a doom page: http://www.doom2.net/dybbuk/megasite-project/ but you can still access it from the first link.


music guy for Buckshot Software who did Project Warlock

I haven't done much else lately just random for-fun stuff: http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com


If you buy Project Warlock, you'll get 105 free tracks, including all of the proposed outtakes with the original 65 tracks.


Buy it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/893680/Project_Warlock/

It was a gog exclusive for weeks, get it there: https://www.gog.com/game/project_warlock

Both are only twelve bucks!


My hero Gmanlives also reviewed us, which was crazy: 


Many didn't know on various media sites I've noticed that I had help on the hell portion and a few other tracks, mainly the main theme. There are two names on the credits... people seem to credit me and forget luke damnit... check out LUKE WILSON my other partner in crime's bandcamp, which is FULL of black metal and some newer 8-bit experiments that are still pretty cool, but that black metal.... god damn




In the pic below, I'm on the left of the three of us. Those other two guys are from "a gaming company" and bought this whole setup at PAX East 2018. My hair is now way longer and I look completely different. See the first image on http://www.lehr.me or just hang out and browse around and listen to music! I'll hopefully have it mostly set up soon.


warlock booth.JPG