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  1. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    I'm merely the musician on this, but I wanted to make the community aware of a Wolfenstein 3-D clone that far surpasses Wolfenstein with spells, rpg elements, themes, and much more. I've been snagged for 60+ music tracks, a lot of which I was able to pull from old sources and modify for themes so that new music can have more time spent on it. From what I've seen on the inside though, you'll love this game a lot. Facebook Page Interview with Developer Greenlit on Steam First article on GameSkinny A small piece of the soundtrack
  2. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    6 more days until the gog.com release!!!! October 18, 2018!!!!
  3. dybbuk

    Project Warlock

    6 days on gog. Official release date 10.18.18 !!!!!
  4. dybbuk

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    http://www.lehr.me/abaddon3.pk3 MAP02 (honestly the only map in there right now I think, this is an old draft the new one was corrupt)
  5. dybbuk

    Extended Bestiary Tutorial?

    Is there a tutorial online anywhere that shows how to link up realm667's extended bestiary? I know they're in the files and it's not hard I just wondered for the sake of providing a link on my website for doing so. If not, I guess I'll test/write it out
  6. bandcamp, soundcloud, reverbnation... what are your secrets to getting more exposure? do you advertise? I've had 2 album downloads for free in the past 60 days and I've posted everywhere. It's NOT bad music, check out continuum 1 http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com are there other sites like audio social networks I'm leaving out? Review sites? Anything? confused, jerry
  7. http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com There are 7 albums and a soundtrack sampler available at whatever price you want if any. I just like to see stats go up from zero from time to time lol. I am also working simultaneously on 3 more CDs, one being outtakes of six 8-bit Armageddon albums. If you like guitar, I have some old stuff called the noise diaries on the same link ; ) - http://lehr.me
  8. dybbuk

    Name your Price (Free) Music

    And this one has a ton of DOOM references in "Robot Jelly" such as "linedefs without sidedefs won't play, sectors too many, 1993" and "Doom seven sin wad whizzing level 32" And more randomness ensues on the 2009 in the same channel if you want more. I don't want to kill this thread with 80 ads for free music
  9. Well, I do have the website: http://www.lehr.me it's just weird looking right now in places I also made some more youtube collections and created a tumblr for them, soon to plug them into said site. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ I got noticed by one dev team, hopefully more will follow through that one game.
  10. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ :D Six Albums, Downloads are name your own price on bandcamp. Free in other words.

  11. True the image sucks and was whipped out in a minute using PSP7, but check out some of these tracks, mainly the last four! EDIT: This is all I've uploaded so far: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsH8D4ZZcmQi3vSx-hWI74Q/videos?disable_polymer=1
  12. dybbuk

    Make some friends!

    This is a post made for finding friends in whatever expertise you have in game design, or just making friends on facebook in general for those of you who use it and need it to have more purpose! I myself made four Texan friends in the game music field through knowing Hulshult somewhat (as a facebook friend) and I'd like to make more friends in the independent musicians for video games field myself Be it artwork, level design, programming, sfx, music, or something else, FIND SOME FRIENDS!!!!
  13. dybbuk

    Make some friends!

    ...or here :)
  14. I was going to say cacodemon but it'd fly or burn itself out of the cage. In fact, they'd all kill me in real life. I'll pass :)
  15. I know I wrote a plot years ago, and graced doomworld with a flood of text. now I made it a song. It's loosely based off doom characters but hidden well. the spiders of course, beast is cyberdemon. revenants are skele-dudes and mancubus was the other paradox brother. this is a rough draft. I know in the end I changed I's and Me's to You's by accident.
  16. oops... http://lehr.me/otherworldly.txt
  17. You/I = space marine
  18. Continuum in action with zero gaps: All of the tracks connect just about, if they don't there's a fade out and another bpm starting.
  19. dybbuk

    Anyone create music?

    http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com download my free albums, I shit myself when I get statistics I can agree with :D everything's free, name your own price
  20. I hope they don't bring the cherub back unless it's different, much better, and/or a boss.
  21. Hot off the press, free and weird but pretty damn cool. https://noisebox1.bandcamp.com/album/armageddon
  22. dybbuk

    Improved E1M1

    Give it a hell theme, or do all the levels of episode 1 with key removal at each end and a permanent shut door!
  23. Lots of tentacles, something like a pain elemental covered in super long tentacles
  24. A completely spiked spherical type cacodemon character hellhounds something to do with large eyeballs? a shaven cat/cougar with demonic qualities maybe, maybe not