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  1. Has a brief weird intro but there IS music. I haven't put the track names up yet, there are over 100. They all go in sequence between the two releases. I'll have more music where this came from this week!
  2. dybbuk

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    Not to be a whiner, really not trying to look like I can't play video games or don't belong here, I beat Doom 2016 just fine for god's sake... I cannot pass level 1 of doom eternal on "i'm too young to die". I'm serious... did they completely beef up the challenge or pick up where the last left off or what?!? True it's been 3 years since I touched the last doom but JFC this shit is hard!!!
  3. http://jlehr.neocities.org/makina.html Also on every streaming service as Jerry Lehr: Makina
  4. dybbuk

    What is the oldest PC game that you own

    Hovertank from id anthology
  5. I hope they don't bring the cherub back unless it's different, much better, and/or a boss.
  6. I have a lot of ideas on stuff to add hopefully better than this version but I just wanted to fix the issues so far... MAP14~Ver0.5.zip
  7. He meant my map14. It was originally 19
  8. MAP14, right here! I'll take it. I forgot to ask here instead of discord. Either "Hellivation" or "Mayhem Machine" I haven't decided.
  9. dybbuk

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Hey does bloodshedder also run the cacowards? If so.... I'm worried now Also, no one has to review mine if that helps, just link it up ;)
  10. Can I make a hidden level before time is up I wonder... I mean I already had a start
  11. dybbuk

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The way it looks when I'm about to pass out. Oops I was beat. In this case, David Bowie meets anime
  12. I just reset my shop's contents and deleted all the excess nonsense extra albums that weren't even linked up to the index that would show during discography. I am certain I've posted this here a few times, but it's new again! http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com It still has the Project Warlock OST sampler and lost track that didn't make the DLC. I am also working on a place to house all the information to my stuff, but it isn't ready yet. It's bookmarkable though if people still do that: http://www.jerrylehr.com
  13. I forfeit map26 and couldn't possibly find the time next month unless I mildly polish a turd in a few hours. 12 hr shifts are starting soon and offday are spent with the kids mainly. For example I'm taking them to a weird al concert next week. I wont have many offdays and work days are basically work and sleep. What I have posted so far can totally be a base if desired. That would definitely be interesting to me.
  14. The newstuff chronicles isn't the same without you :(

    Partly because it doesn't exist currently lol

    1. dybbuk


      Stuff happens we know. I hope whatever is going on is out of the way soon and we're all back up and playing new mods!

  15. uhh. hopefully you can keep a back up volunteer person just in case :) I haven't touched it since I posted it here but worked on it a slight amount. I'll re-read all the critiques and see if I can make the deadline.
  16. Who wants the MAP26 slot? If I kept it I'll have to completely redo it but I have so much stuff coming up plus I work 12 hour days 6 days a week. I really wanted to but even if I had time made out some day soon I need to sharpen my map skills to be able to belong regardless
  17. dybbuk

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Speaking of reviews it has been quite a few months. Is Bloodshedder okay? Edit. Sorry I didn't see the next page where this was already addressed Double edit. I put something up, that's why I have been eager
  18. I am hoping to start, and have finished a work of art I have envisioned the story to since eons ago. I am looking for mappers to follow short and simple rules to a map or a few maps each (you cannot except a 2nd or 3rd slot until the previous is completed and turned in) only the catch is no one will know the story until the very end when it's complete and released for the public. I will provide at least one text screen for the end of each level (and hopefully somehow the beginning if I can figure it out) and the full soundtrack in either MP3 or OGG VORBIS format. Only certain enemies provided in each map's rules can be allowed, so that the game progresses gradually in difficulty, but more importantly so that the story will make more sense. Every character will have a part in the story, believe it or not, and I hope that you will all find the story pretty epic in the end when all is said and done. The problem with me doing this alone is both time and my poor mapping skills. I had always envisioned doing this but I want a lot of people to read the plot by playing a mod they helped build, and I would rather it look better than I myself can accomplish. These levels should have a lot of detail, and according to theme, probably will require some custom textures (M01 _ _ _ _ _ for map 01's custom textures, etc) and will need to be created by the mapper or found in public domain by the mapper but isolated from full map packs. This way every single map is completely unique to the mapper, giving them more freedom and distinguishing between places. You can even use public domain ones that are free to use for doom or other games and just make them work with the palette, recoloring parts or the whole thing. These maps can have any ACS scripting you desire as long as there's no text added to anything or the screen. Slopes, anything. Just only the enemies that I allow. I want all contributers to enjoy the final story together at the same time and promise it really isn't a bad story. I've pushed it around to people who wanted to make games with me but they said it'd take forever and I condensed it to DOOM II and I think I got it! But all of them have said "That's fxcking awesome" or "EPIC!" or something to that effect. It is weird and may seem like nonsense but is all leading up to something that isn't really at all expected. I would try to push this as a real game somehow, but don't have the people or resources, and I don't really need the money with two good jobs. Please consider helping a brother out! Plus I'm just some guy. NOTE: Some maps require a little extra work doing custom textures, but never many. If you cannot do that, choose a map that doesn't require it. ADDENDUM: Teleports are not allowed on MAP01, MAP02, and nowhere but the end of MAP03. All other levels can have them, but they CANNOT use the GATE1-4 textures. Instead use "SKPORT" as the flat. This mystery will be explained in the story. Map03 and up can have any keys, from 3 keycards to 3 skull keys to both. I seriously mean you can have six keys in a level using GZDoom's key setup if you'd like. The "SKPORT" flat isn't made yet, so I'll get around to it soon (have a new job tomorrow finally) but if someone else would like to make it, all it really needs to be is the NUKAGE1-4 animation, only purple, with a pile of bones or one or two single bones or skulls in the middle. Something to represent purple liquid and a pile of bones or even just a bone. This will of course make no sense to anyone, until after the story is done. All I have is this. The plot is locked away in my brain and in several different forms on paper here and there over the years and has been for quite some time, I just had no way to use it yet. I also have a soundtrack on jlehrjr.itch.io (Lost Loki's Realm Soundtrack) which was from 2003 for some other abandoned project. I'm borrowing two tracks from it, and basically creating 28 more from now until this project is done. I hope this sees the light of day! Please consider. Map slots to fill: 01 02 spaztacus 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  19. This makes me really wish we could do floor above floor
  20. I guess everyone is playing on skill level 4 when I test it in 1. I really need to sharpen my skills!
  21. Although I work quite a bit at the post office and have little time, this is due pretty far away. I'll take all the criticism into account when i open it back up. To those posting handdrawn maps i do that too! I just had to omit a section because it was getting too long. I may try to start fresh and offer this as a super secret map33 instead if the vanilla warp code allows that, which I think it does. I guess I still got kudos from all three reviewers which is cool for having made 3 maps since 1999 Haha. I may add the omitted section back and tweak this map unless I feel like just building a new level with the same well-liked parts. Edit: Maybe we could not mention there is even a 33 bonus and let others figure it out if they open the wad. Itll be like that No Alternative compilation in the 90s that had a hidden uncredited Nirvana song
  22. Doom 2016 first level?