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  1. final, finished, ready

  2. My website, after years of mass-creation mode that would take weeks to months then I'd just redo it (73 times since 2000 to be exact) is now 100% minimalist. It's also for the first time in my life done. I will have a second with all the other massive html creations such as the classic doom megasite project, but for now... I'm only sharing what's important to me and generally other people: the music and soundtracks.



    P.S. http://www.lehr.me is the site ;)

  3. https://cherryrounders.bandcamp.com/
  4. dybbuk81

    What are you listening to?

  5. I sort of did but not my own game. Soundtrack to Project Warlock 1 and 2. I was a bad mapper though and haven't released much since like 99, nothing on /idgames. just other places
  6. dybbuk81

    Thankyou for the autographed AWESOME, John Romero!

    Yeeee I got mine ;)
  7. http://doom.dybbuk81.com/megasite

    Classic DOOM Megasite, for Desktop



    All of my music, for Desktop

  8. I'm almost done with a fully functional MEGA music site for everything I've ever done. So far all of the guitar-driven stuff and all of the synthesizer stuff are available. If you click a track and then click another, since it uses bandcamp embeds, it will automatically stop the first one ;) http://music.dybbuk81.com there will be more stuff in the next few days or weeks I just have to find it all and make scans, iframes, bandcamp whatevers for it.... Project Warlock OST will also be on here very soon.
  9. Just bought www.dybbuk81.com


    1. dybbuk81


      It became a shitty, shitty purchase from OrangeHost.com marked as a suspicious site on my wife's phone for no reason. So R.I.P.

  10. dybbuk81

    [WIP] ColdWire

    Awwwww shit!!!
  11. 1994. I got doom after my parents and I got a new PC (that was totally stored in my room)
  12. My website has 60 sampler tracks on http://www.lehr.me my bandcamp has everything I've ever done free http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com I also have available physical printed flash drives in cases of everything I've ever done for $20... 500+ tracks http://usb.lehr.me for people who like supporting or collecting :o I finally did it!!!
  13. Lately I've been rewriting a story I wrote first way back in 2002 that was going to be a doom mod/game but loki'99 flopped that year when I released it late and I gave up. Now its a reboot of that. Seriously, its got 72 EXITTEXT story screens for 72 levels. It starts out a little sad and slow but gets really damn good after a while in my opinion. I hope you feel the same. My goal is to have it done in 2024 so that its a 25th anniversary of the shitshow that it is rebooting to be.... WAY DAMN BETTER?


    If anyone is interested in mapping by any chance I'll let you have the PK3 file I'm writing with all of the 100+ MP3 tracks and the 72 story screens to see what its going to be and what you're helping with. Only if you are serious about mapping for it though, I don't want to give out spoilers to ruin it!


    I will have maybe one or two sentences also explaining VERY VAGUE what the level should be. That way the creation is all yours. Not fully mine. You are the level designers after all? 


    ...or it may unfortunately just end up me lol. If you are interested right this second keep in touch. Shoot me a DM and I'll try to have it ready soon enough :D

    1. dybbuk81


      It will, however, take at least a week I'm assuming to get this all wrapped up and ready. The story has been in my head for years and went through a few rewrites here and there but never became anything yet. In three weeks I've gone as far as I have, and I feel that I'll need only a small amount of time to complete the story part, as the all the music from my arsenal has been chosen. Not a single track was also used on any of the project warlock games that I soundtracked. I wouldn't cheat like that, and I totally made sure of that ;)

    2. dybbuk81


      At the rate I’m going I’m thinking 30th anniversary of 1999 sounds good lol

  14. dybbuk81

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    Like as in.. better luck next time or MP3 is okay lol