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  1. dybbuk81

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    Yeah I bumped it. Because 700GB lol
  2. dybbuk81

    Do you do any drugs?

    Be careful who you do them around. It may ruin the experience. Especially when you're generally chill and calm and around the opposite.
  3. dybbuk81

    Do you do any drugs?

    I tripped balls and made an album for fun that leaked onto napster and shit happened that was good. I still get paid for it. Acid probably wasn't real but I acted like it was. I also did weed for a year and take anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. I also have OCD meds.
  4. Secondary Site


    in the making...

  5. dybbuk81

    What Are you Proud of?

    Oh, and nothing under a B in tech college. That was pretty shocking too lol
  6. dybbuk81

    What Are you Proud of?

    Did the soundtrack for Project Warlock. John Romero recently co-published it. Still in shock.
  7. dybbuk81

    Devestating news for my family.

    Damn man, I’m sorry to hear this. I’ll say a little prayer
  8. dybbuk81

    Another bandcamp member

    Thanks man!! It did take years of work I guess lol
  9. dybbuk81

    Another bandcamp member

    Daaaaaamn someone just paid a pretty penny for the discography. That wasn't you was it? The names are similar :o If so thanks a lot, well needed!
  10. dybbuk81

    Another bandcamp member

    My wife did the Noise Vaults album covers but I just photoshopped Sweet Sombriety cover arts. The synth stuff on the bottom was a robot lol
  11. dybbuk81

    Another bandcamp member

    Come to think of it my website's design itself and other inner sites probably fall under creative works too. If spam please forgive me and let me know before I get a warning point for not knowing lol http://www.lehr.me http://jlehr.neocities.org
  12. dybbuk81

    Another bandcamp member

    I've done a lot over the years but am looking for serious HONEST opinions on this and that, just a few songs. nothing has lyrics, I don't do that. http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com I'm mainly into soundtracking things but for fun over the years, as you can see, did a lot of other stuff. my website is on the bc page for other creative works like games I was part of and whatnot. Don't mind the shitty doom levels also. Those aren't the point of me sharing my creativity, for those were duds ;)
  13. I'm assuming from your name you made a wad. I wanna play it!

  14. dybbuk81

    2000s-era Internet Nostalgia

    Pretty much most of my website is 2000's projects and design ;P http://www.lehr.me there's like flash games a shockwave game, old music, mario hacks, etc. Nothing web beyond HTML4 or very little.