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  1. ok wow, you earned the right to use my favorite band's name as a handle here. I was just thinking I should have tried that when I changed names haha. Those screenshots are beautiful
  2. Oh I'm not the artist or programmer :) I'm just the musician, so you cannot see my work in this clip lol
  3. It's mainly a Wolfenstein clone, but there are lifts in places like ROTT. It's still fun though I promise.
  4. I just did the music, which isn't in this video. It'll be out spring 2018... http://facebook.com/projectwarlock
  5. Alpha video of hell just released!
  6. Not exactly a mod, but a full on homage to wolfenstein, doom, and hexen
  7. PC on steam only for now, but other versions are being discussed :) Unfortunately there's no music on the alpha, but I may come up with a 12-track sampler of 30 second snippets, it's just that the library is over 60 tracks and I need permission to do so :)
  8. I made an informative video a few days back for those wanting to set up a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie software. There's also an unfinished tutorial with everything else @ http://lehr.me You can have unlimited DOOM mods as well....
  9. Thanks! :)
  10. That bad? lol
  11. I had a story idea some years ago I brought back and started outlining but realized with how long it is outlining is all I need. The first chapter was filled in but it can be completely condensed. I had one level for it but don't even want to show that because I converted it to a different format for cameras and now the doors don't work. I'd fix it but I'm tired tonight and there are so many doors lol I just need to know if this would make a good mod someday. I would need a game dev team or a doom mod team and could provide music much like http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com I will comment the story in the first comment and must warn you it is still long though most is just an outline. Honest criticism or praise please!
  12. They should regroup like a band having a reunion tour to do some maps or something to sell them. I'd buy.
  13. sidenote, my parents still watch full episodes of ancient shows and old westerns on youtube daily