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  1. I haven't made a wad since 2002 and can't wait to find time to make a huge one
  2. Knee Deep in the ZDoom Shores of ZDoom Inferno Zdoomed Thy Flesh ZDoomed No Rest for the ZDoom?
  3. re-arranged now, nearly complete but some are becoming property of a special company and will be dropped.
  4. Wasn't there a cease and desist issue?
  5. I want to try but I'd be pretty embarrassed. Don't feel bad man you'd be second to last lol. Like Gym class
  6. central indiana
  7. If there were a new something we could do I would completely contribute all needed web parts. I would do the monotonous shit I did want to start one though. always have, or contribute graphics to another. make flashy buttons, etc. Right now I have a soundtrack to make for $$ though so I'm totally sucked into that as of the past 3 days
  8. Guitar and Keyboard but for some reason I'd rather use piano roll software to program notes and make full songs out of multiple synthesized instruments.
  9. You guys are all right by the way The reason I made it was to share 90s cd-roms but wad-archive does this now I can't think of a "new" purpose other than a fanmade megasite but I dont even have the time
  10. Well if you go to http://www.delehrious.net/personal and click 'Classic DOOM Megasite' under 'Fansites' it loads within the bigger page. I have removed all sub-forums from the community page and altered its size. It has been moved to being the DOOMTALK button on the megasite. Soon I will replace the double iframe to have a frameset within an iframe? Feel free to play around with the site, I can zip it up for you minus any large wad files. Do as you like.
  11. I love actual constructive criticism. Good job! I always wondered how to populate a blank forum
  12. I need input on this forum system for a third-party doom fansite that I'm going to try to make rather large http://www.delehrious.net/personal/doom here is the forum: http://doomed.activeboard.com/ let me know if anything is missing, but know that I am already aware I need to branch things out further with more subforums, esp. MS-DOS Would you visit regularly if this became populated?
  13. Withstanding 100 or so extremely bad reviews out of probably 102 in 2003 and still being here to prove I love the game and will make better
  14. There needs to be at least a third theme, red stone, and hell