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  1. I'm setting up the dos port on my raspberry Pi I need the absolute best of the best vanilla doom wads and megawads!!!
  2. Nitemare 3D was completely awesome. I love the puzzles in it and played it even not as a kid, as a 14 yo
  3. http://www.lehr.me/doom very early stuff from last year, plus a little from now. At first I'd need to redo the 18 topleft buttons and change the full layout possibly
  4. Yea. where would be a good place to learn some good new stuff
  5. This one's OLD but could be used as a base
  6. I just want to put a bunch but not too much busy work into something helpful
  7. I just meant a simple launch pad in HTML with hosting for other sites :) I don't know the high end stuff. If anyone else does though... it would be megawads.com if I get around to buying it soon (have the money, etc)
  8. I've been wanting to add something to the doom community for some time. What do you think? A Website with links to literally everything I can possibly find, from youtube users with lots of videos to everything doomworld has but confined into grids (like newstuff from the start) for easy access to top 100/200/500 wads lists compiled from other lists or user votes... all the 90s levels in one place clickable so that you can play them right from the site (as long as your source port is set to handle the proper extensions) ...or a hosting site for doom pages from fans making mods or doing other things with 50 megs free or like $10 for a gig for a lifetime as an alternative ...or BOTH?!?
  9. Aquarius199 too, on youtube
  10. or just DOOM 2. Not Doom II, Doom 2
  11. They may just make it an expansion pack to the storyline. DOOM already did everything, minus a few enemies they didn't bring back. Hopefully new things will finally happen in the doom universe other than a few enemies and updates to the same weapons and a few others. something completely groundbreaking in the series
  12. I'm seeing wonderful things on this thread but not many wonderful things in /newstuff or I'm looking at the wrong ones. I'm not talking about community projects. Actually all of the /newstuff is good too, I'm just not seeing anything like these maps and I'd love to play these experimentals.
  13. sweet, thanks. goal: 250, but not too fast and too annoying I'm sure. relevance is good
  14. Speaking of forums how many posts does a person need to post before they're not a Junior Member?