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  1. lilxkev

    A little something for the DOOM Community

    Yeah I play on console.
  2. So if you haven't seen my montages for DOOM yet I suggest you go look at them. But that's not it, I want to do something for the active community. If you have some epic clips from DOOM. Link them to this thread via youtube url and I will take the best clips from the community and work on a community montage for DOOM. I can edit the clips. Also give me some suggestions on music, I was thinking of including some Devil Driver songs as it goes with the heavy metal hell theme. Cheers!, lilxkev
  3. They should make individual playlists for each game mode. I love freeze tag, but team play keeps giving me TDM. Plus I only got to play the new game mode Infernal Run once. If there is an issue with dedicated servers they should just bring back the traditional servers like in Quake.
  4. Check out my 3rd Montage Sneak Peak. Any suggestions on what I clips I should go for. Anything you'd like to see with the editing? I'm planning on making this my best/last doom montage.
  5. lilxkev

    Sick Doom Frag Movie

    Thanks ya I tried to make this into more of a movie telling a story. Getting triple collats are somewhat of a challenge that's why I included those. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for my 3rd montage!
  6. lilxkev

    Multiplayer Private Matches

    It looks like their main focus now is putting out the rest of the Doom DLC and focusing on Quake Champions. Still no update on when we are getting deathmatch game mode in Doom multiplayer either.
  7. lilxkev

    Multiplayer Private Matches

    So apparently they had them at Quakecon. Why are they hiding it from us?
  8. lilxkev

    DOOM Tournaments/Leagues

    They are hiding something from us clearly.
  9. lilxkev

    DOOM Tournaments/Leagues

    So my friend is trying to get the message out there to Bethesda / Id Software https://community.bethesda.net/thread/69951 Please support his post with a reply and rating. We must get Doom custom/private matches, No excuses!
  10. lilxkev

    New Patch 7/19

    DM guy you can't compare a power weapon that does 250 damage on 1 shot to a gun that does 60 damage on full charge lol. MrGlide so what your telling me is that missing one shot with your gun makes you skill less? That is the most preposterous thing i've heard. Guns should be balanced out to where they are usable. I play with best doom players on console and I'm probably one of the best doom players on console. I could still destroy with the static rifle, but from experimenting with all weapons in the game I could tell you that static needs a faster recharge rate, it should be able to take out groups of people just like rockets and double shotty's could. With that recharge rate it makes it merely impossible to do that. You can't make one gun stronger than the other. Otherwise, everyone will just be using the overpowered guns only.
  11. lilxkev

    New Patch 7/19

    If you clearly miss with the combat shotgun, rocket or even vortex rifle you still have a chance of winning a gun battle. You miss with the static, you have to move in circles to wind up the static and this takes quite a few seconds. Vortex has a faster recharge rate. Static need to be balanced out. This game is fast paced ain't nobody got time to recharge their guns for 3-4 secs.
  12. lilxkev

    New Patch 7/19

    The static rifle takes too long to charge up. If you miss a shot you are screwed. This is why I think it should be buffed.
  13. lilxkev

    New Patch 7/19

    They should buff the static rifle (Fast recharge rate, Burst rifle and Hellshot (fast fire rate). The shottys were bae, sad that people couldn't adjust to it and just complained about it.
  14. lilxkev

    DOOM Tournaments/Leagues

    That is awesome news. Hopefully they release the patch before Quakecon in August. This could open doors to new viewers and teams willing to compete in tournaments.