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About Me

Im chris

Im just your average gamer who shares all of your love for DOOM.

Iv been playing DOOM from an early age when my dad brought home the depths of doom trilogy  i was about 5 or 6 and from then i was hooked.


I like to make maps that would suit vanilla DOOM.


My all time best map from ultimate Doom has got to be e1m1.

Also a good dm map in my opinion.

I also love e1m3 when you get the blue key and the lights go out scary moment for a kid.

As for DOOM II its either the under halls

Down town tricks and traps or dead simple.

Im not gona bore you with any more for now id rather you add me as a friend on here steam gog i go by the name of chris_clash on these platforms and as for using the friends system on zandronum and zdaeomon i havent figuredout how to get friends to join or keep feiends list when u re install.

But feel free to chat or add me if u wana play :D