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  1. What's a cure for extreme apathy to the point where you no longer feel lust, hunger, or fear?

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    2. geo


      Vitamin D is the basis for many antidepressants. I've had several friends over the years where vitamin D just worked out to cure their depression as at the time they had no insurance, prescriptions run out and doctor visits cost money. In time all 4 friends who tried vitamin D made it over their chronic depression. However, they are them and you are you.


      I'm not sure I even suggested medication. Vitamin D is something you can produce in your own body. All you need is that sweet sun and its ultraviolet B.

    3. MrGlide


      Vitamin D helps some people, If he can see a psychiatrist they'll do a blood test and check his levels, It's one of the first things they typically do. It could be more than that, have Vitamin D suppliments doesn't stop chemical imbalances if they're from a hereditary disorder typically.



      Thanks, guys. I'll try these things.