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  1. DevastatioN

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Oh I definitely want to go, and have for a few years. But it's a very busy year, so the only reason I would go is for a good DooM 2 tournament. So I mean, the announcement of this tournament just makes it so I basically have no choice but to bump every other plans I have, and go. This is why I'm waiting for the announcement. I think other people are waiting as well, as many won't bother going without knowing what the DooM 2 actually is.
  2. DevastatioN

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    That's unfortunate, especially people like me who need to book plane tickets and make arrangements. There's going to be a strong correlation to how late they announce information vs the strength and value of the tournament. Either way, this might not be a BYOC tournament anyway, so we should be good. But I'd rather do more than just play the tournament if I'm at QCon! I'd like to play some Quake, and in the Quake Live Open event if there is one.
  3. DevastatioN

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    I agree that delving into politics was a poor choice, and may end up confusing. There is definitely a lot of research that the organizers need to do in order to make an informed decision. And it's not a light task to do in such a short time. If we're listing credentials, I have played competitive doom since 2001, playing on the natural doom2.exe and learning there. I've played what I believe to be every relevant port (ZDooM, ZDaemon, prboom, Skulltag/Zandronum, Odamex, Chocolate-doom), and have played competitively on Odamex/ZDaemon primarily. I have been involved in running huge big tournaments (ZDDL, And LAN tournaments), and have attended a few internationally attended LAN's in Washington DC and Toronto. As much as I would prefer as a player to see chocolate-doom, as it mimics doom2.exe perfectly and the experience will be the same, I do agree with Ralphis. It will make it more difficult for those players not familliar with doom. Similar to this approach is simply describing how to run DOSbox and doom2.exe v1.91 over LAN. This will also cause confusion for people not familliar with doom however. The next best client/server options that are heavily populated, and would be familliar to all players based on server list, scoreboard etc. are ZDaemon, Odamex and Zandronum. I believe Zandronum should be taken out of that equation for the simple reason that if you're looking for a doom tournament, you want a port that can actually play doom as closely as possible to the original. Both Odamex and ZDaemon have features/flags that can make it true to the original gameplay, unfortunately Zandronum does not have this. Zandronum's core physics have been manipulated over time, to the point where even on it's closest settings it will be different and "off". So it comes down to Odamex and ZDaemon (remember this is my opinion!). I cannot make an informed decision on which should be used. I have not played Odamex on LAN, where I have played an older version of ZDaemon on LAN. Odamex can play doom2.exe demos perfectly, displaying the correctness of the physics/features. ZDaemon has been more heavily populated over the past 10 years, Odamex is new on the port scene. Successful competitive tournaments, with very high level play has been played on both Odamex and ZDaemon. I hope this post brings more to the table in order for Quakecon to make an informed decision on how to run their tournament. I try to not be biased in my post by politics. Good luck to Quakecon, it'll be fun, and I look forward to attending.
  4. DevastatioN

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    That's a great write-up by Alexmax. And a good map-pool too. As was stated by JKist and Ralphis, the platforms that mimic real classic doom to the highest level are generally Odamex and ZDaemon. They have newer features to help with playing like callvote etc, while not effecting gameplay. Chocolate-doom is another interesting option, which mimics doom2.exe perfectly, but unfortunately doesn't have good features for spectating/callvoting last I checked. I think Odamex would be a great option for a competitive LAN tournament. I must admit I am a bit concerned, if there is going to be a doom tournament with reasonable settings/gamemode etc. I will 100% be travelling there from Canada. But being so close to the tournament date, with no details announced, and the BYOC already sold-out it seems, what options are there? I see the site says that normally all walk-ins can find a seat, but is this always the case? You're running a tournament that most likely has generated more interest from top doom players than you expected, many players from around the world are now ready to travel for this tournament. It's a great thing in my eyes that you've not forgotten about DooM, and hopefully all this interest shows how serious the community is about participating in a great tournament, even though the game is 20 years old.
  5. DevastatioN

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    I live in Canada, and am highly considering going depending on the information that comes out. Which version, vanilla/port, which maps, is it duel etc. are some important questions to be answered. I would definitely like to book my flights as early as possible.
  6. DevastatioN

    Mouse in SDL Ports (Choco, EE, Odamex, PRBoom)

    Hey, Thanks very much for doing so much research into this. I just tried -directx today for odamex, and do not appear to have any issue. It's clear without -directx I do have an issue though. If there's anything I can do to help you test let me know.
  7. DevastatioN

    Mouse in SDL Ports (Choco, EE, Odamex, PRBoom)

    The interesting thing is that this is happening on multiple machines and to different people, some with Logitech drivers and some with windows drivers. So far there seems to be no coherent rhyme or reason as to why. I will check with the others, but I'm pretty sure it's the same consistent ports (Prboom, Odamex) with the issue. It'd be nice to have a whole bunch of people with MX510 and different drivers to test this as well. I have not yet tried on my 3rd or 4th machines that do not use a logitech mouse, nor have I tried under a Win98 box. It'd be interesting to see the ports that don't work, merged with the mousecode of an engine that does work just to see the results.
  8. DevastatioN

    Mouse in SDL Ports (Choco, EE, Odamex, PRBoom)

    Nothing in the registry seems to have anything to do with mouse deceleration, and it's only on certain ports that use SDL.dll. I am testing under WindowsXP, I have this issue on two machines confirmed, and a few other people are having the same issues as well. It appears to be an issue between SDL.dll and Logitech mice specifically, however there are ports with SDL.dll that work. So I assume something in the code is getting wonky on certain points on how they render the data from SDL.dll.
  9. DevastatioN

    Mouse in SDL Ports (Choco, EE, Odamex, PRBoom)

    I have just tried the version of Remood remood_r1093-win32_mingw32.7z from the website, and I do have the same issue. I tried using the SDL.dll which is working in chocolate doom with Remood, and I still have the same issue. I have the same issue in Prboom+.
  10. DevastatioN

    Mouse in SDL Ports (Choco, EE, Odamex, PRBoom)

    I guess I should be clearer... I definitely do not want mouse deceleraion, as it makes no sense to have it. I actually don't even want acceleration, as I havent used that in about 2 years now. Unfortunately Odamex and Prboom are giving me this mouse deceleration, which makese these ports unplayable for me. I always play FPS capped at 35FPS, but this would be a smoothness issue not a mouse issue. The issue is, I want 5cm to do a 180 degree turn no matter how fast I move the mouse (no acceleration, no deceleration just a flat rate which is general). If I move my mouse twice as fast, I'll do half the distance. I've gotten to the point where I move the mouse my entire mousepad extremely quick, it'll do virtually no movement at all. It works in all other ports fine.
  11. So I am having an issue with mouse deceleration in Odamex and Prboom, I currently have it working under Chocolatedoom and Eternity Engine. (Mouse deceleration is the opposite of acceleration, the faster you move the mouse, the less you turn.) Since all 4 ports use SDL.dll, I'm have not many places to look for these issues. I've tried many different settings in most of these ports, and Odamex I've tried literally every combination with the staff members to fix this problem. For information, I have 3 copies of ChocolateDoom, one with an SDL.dll from February 13, 2006, the second with an SDL.dll from June 27, 2006, and a third with SDL.dll from December 10, 2008. All versions of chocolate doom work fine with the mouse now. I have some version of prboom with SDL.dll from December 10, 2008, and Prboom 2.5.0 with SDL.dll from December 30, 2007. Neither version of prboom works correctly and I get mouse deceleration. I have tried all other versions of SDL.dll from chocolatedoom and other places I could find them, and the problem still persists. I have tried Odamex with all versions of SDL.dll from chocolatedoom, prboom, and anywhere else and the problem persists. I have Eternity Engine 3.37.00 with the SDL.dll from December 27, 2009 and it works fine. I have tried a few other of the SDL.dll's and they appear to also work fine. I have a logitech mouse and Mouseware... I have a second PC with a logitech mouse and no drivers, just the normal windows drivers and it experiences the same issues. Anyone have any information on this, or has the same issue?
  12. DevastatioN

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Rest in Peace, my dear friend. I had first met Toke when I started DooMing in 2001, he was a very supportive and bright person, always willing to help in anyway he could. He is to this date, the BEST mapper I have ever known, I was always amazed at what he could do, and what he knew. More importantly, Toke was an extremely good friend, I had the honor of meeting him at a LAN in Washington DC, 2003. He was extremely friendly and supportive in person as well, and the time I spent with him was amazing. Toke will always be in the hearts of every person he touched, he should never be forgotten. Rest in Peace, my dear friend...
  13. DevastatioN

    Doom on LAN

    DooM has been played with a mouse by most of the DM players since 1995. Impossible to get good on keyboard only is good enough incentive to learn how to use a mouse for most.
  14. DevastatioN

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    I agree with everything said. I don't know who you were tlaking to tho Carn, cause I've never played a perfectly working OS on ST, even when BahdKo came and told me to try it out, it still wasn't working correctly, which is one of the reasons I never took it up on ST. I like playing ST, I do play it quite a bit, I'd play it a lot more if there were better servers for it, hopefully this is fixed when Linux binaries for servers are made.
  15. DevastatioN

    BFG makes no sense

    BFG balances Multiplayer, it doesn't UNbalance it, without the BFG working the way it does, DM would actually be horribly unbalanced. Now, let's speak logically. Running at a 45 degree angle does NOT give extra speed in real life, let's logically make it work. A person can't really run THAT fast for that long, it's not logical, ZDaemon should fix this. Surviving a shotgun blast without falling down and running away? Not logical, should make all guns one shot kill. Picking up stuff with your feet by running over them? sure, that's logical. Oh ya, if you don't like how DooM isn't "logical" WHY ARE YOU PLAYING DOOM? DooM *SUCKS*, it is a horrible logical game, go play counter strike.