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  1. non- lite version
  2. Ya, I remember seeing a post about it in 2016. I also know there is a Dishonored mod for GZ Doom by Lud. But Its not to my expectations. Also this is in the works, but who knows if it will get released or abandoned. (like so many other mods/tc's on moddb.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/titanfall-mod-for-doom
  3. While the map is great, it is only playable in Zombie Horde mod for Zandronum.
  4. There really is no contest, because clearly the Super Shotgun wins this poll.
  5. Titan Fall & Dishonored mods. Also a wicked awesome neon 80's style city megawad. (Similar in style to Ancient Aliens but with 80's themed stuff & neon colored city maps.) You know..... Like this.
  6. Ya I know. I look like a nerd.
  7. ^ Screams Shadow Warrior to me.
  8. Play on the newer 3.1 version or GZDoom.
  9. This is extremely awesome. Honestly, I haven't even used any of the guns at all because the boomerang and whip is all I need. Not joking.
  10. Dollet from Final Fantasy VIII.
  11. Sweet bump bro. Great job.
  12. I want YOU for Doom Deathmatch.

    1. Xyzzy01
    2. Maisth


      Im already taken

    3. Jimp Argon

      Jimp Argon

      Looking to do this sometime in the afternoon. Its currently 11am so somewhere around 12 - 1 I should be on and playing. Will be under this name so if you see me. Join in.

  13. So, what Maisth is trying to say is he is down to play too. Lets do this sometime soon.
  14. Hey man, I have been wanting to get a lot better at Deathmatching as well. I play pretty often both on Zandronum servers and Zdaemon as well. If you are wanting to throw a get together DM session, hit me.