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Everything posted by Koros

  1. Koros

    My own attempt at a Crash Doom mod

    Loving the animations. Nice work.
  2. Started work again, so I will not be as active as I usually am.


    Still want to be active in the DM / Dueling scene. If anyone is hosting matches, please let me know. I will try / hope that I will be able to participate.

    1. bzzrak


      "as active as I usually am", says a guy who disappeared for 10 months

      is your new job that intensive?

    2. Koros


      No its just oddball hours. 430pm - 1 am.


      Also, was it really 10 months? Gee.... Guess it felt shorter then it really was.

  3. Koros

    "Hide & Seek" My new Project

    This looks absolutely amazing. edit: just played around for a bit. And I figured I would report on what I found. - hitting the reload key will do the reload animation even with you are full. - In this area (Right next to where you start) if you fall down or explore the water area, there is no way of getting back without cheating. Would like to see a way of getting back, or being blocked off so that I am not able to get stuck by accident. Will be playing this more though, will let you know of any more issues as they come up. BTW, playing this in GZDoom 3.0
  4. Koros

    Freedoom maps in regular Doom?

    Figured I would link this here. I think its phase II of freedoom, but it works with Doom II. http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wads/ look for "freedoom_mapsv1.2.wad" or any of the other versions you may be interested in.
  5. Koros

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The first is from Back To Saturn X ep. II the second is from a wad called Michael Doom. Its really only a 1 level wad that is more for advertisement for some web comic then it is anything actually playable. the final pic is from a wad called Youtube Poop adventures
  6. Koros

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    That's not the right one. That one is "trod.wad". Thanks anyways though.
  7. Koros

    Looking for material to "Get good"

    Not going to lie. 40oz you are really making yourself out to be a drama queen. I have seen nothing but "my feelings are hurt because you disagreed with my opinions" sort of posts coming from you. You are being way too sensitive. I find (personally) that if I do not like a person's opinion or tone (attitude) I just tend to just drop it. Not saying you are not entitled to having your own opinion, but to post as if you are some sort of victim of verbal harassment for having criticism aimed at said opinions. Come on man. If you are really here to try and get better at DM'ing (as some of us are clearly here for) then you should stop focusing on "im being attacked for having an opinion" and focus more on "What can I take from said advice and apply it to my own play style". Anyways, I felt that I had to say something about. Sorry if it comes off as a bit harsh, but sometimes its best to say something then to allow it to continue.
  8. Koros

    Looking for material to "Get good"

    My advice for "getting good" would basically be a combination of what was already mentioned above. - Knowing Map layouts (Armor, BGF, Health packs and of course the SSG.) - Having consistent "good" aim (That's all on you buddy, no amount of videos or strat talks will teach you how to aim better. You either have it or you don't.) - Defensive / Offensive strafing. ( Knowing how to move and confuse is a pretty decent key strat.) - Patience (Players will often repeat things in a match. Things like movement or locations your opponent favors. Learning those IN GAME and knowing how to counter or deal with the situation is something that will help you play more offensively and may force your opponent to change strats.)
  9. Koros

    Least Favourite Weapon?

    Chainsaw..... I can't stand the thing.
  10. Koros

    Best HD texture pack?

    non- lite version
  11. Koros

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    Ya, I remember seeing a post about it in 2016. I also know there is a Dishonored mod for GZ Doom by Lud. But Its not to my expectations. Also this is in the works, but who knows if it will get released or abandoned. (like so many other mods/tc's on moddb.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/titanfall-mod-for-doom
  12. Koros

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    While the map is great, it is only playable in Zombie Horde mod for Zandronum.
  13. Koros

    What Is Your Favorite Weapon?

    There really is no contest, because clearly the Super Shotgun wins this poll.
  14. Koros

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    Titan Fall & Dishonored mods. Also a wicked awesome neon 80's style city megawad. (Similar in style to Ancient Aliens but with 80's themed stuff & neon colored city maps.) You know..... Like this.
  15. Koros

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Ya I know. I look like a nerd.
  16. Koros

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    ^ Screams Shadow Warrior to me.
  17. Play on the newer 3.1 version or GZDoom.
  18. This is extremely awesome. Honestly, I haven't even used any of the guns at all because the boomerang and whip is all I need. Not joking.
  19. Koros

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Dollet from Final Fantasy VIII.
  20. Sweet bump bro. Great job.
  21. I want YOU for Doom Deathmatch.

    1. Xyzzy01


      Bring it on!

    2. Maisth


      Im already taken

    3. Koros


      Looking to do this sometime in the afternoon. Its currently 11am so somewhere around 12 - 1 I should be on and playing. Will be under this name so if you see me. Join in.

  22. Koros

    I Might start a Doom league

    So, what Maisth is trying to say is he is down to play too. Lets do this sometime soon.
  23. Koros

    I Might start a Doom league

    Hey man, I have been wanting to get a lot better at Deathmatching as well. I play pretty often both on Zandronum servers and Zdaemon as well. If you are wanting to throw a get together DM session, hit me.