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Status Updates posted by Koros

  1. "I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body and fire is my blood
    I have created over a thousand blades
    Unknown to death
    Nor known to life
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    Yet those hands will never hold anything
    So, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works." - Archer

    1. esselfortium


      Well, it's basically gibberish.

    2. Koros


      yes, but its cool gibberish.

  2. Favorite waifu?

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    2. Doomkid


      ^The Disco Cannon gets two big thumbs up!

    3. SuperCupcakeTactics


      Rena Ryuugu from the Higurashi seriesssss

    4. GhoulDesecrator


      Kagyuu Juubei from Nejimaki Kagyuu, probably

  3. I just finished the TC Zan Zan. Short, but cool. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Hurricane comming. Being in FL right about now sucks, but hopefully we'll be alright. See ya when i can.

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    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Same here, man. I live in a relatively sturdy location where we'll be staying, and right now, it seems to be headed more for the west. The eyewall might even miss Florida's peninsula entirely, but still sort of soon to call it.


    3. Bashe


      My brother has evacuated his area in South Carolina. Tough luck, because he just moved there to start teaching and his wife just got hired there in the past week. Hopefully it won't be as bad for their area.

    4. Voros


      Hang in there.

  5. Don't have Internet at my house..... so I won't be on for a while.

  6. Been playing Epic 2....


    > Starts out beautify.


    > Loving the look of the maps, are challenging but not too overwhelming.


    > Get to about map 8 or 10....


    > Fucking hate this wad.


    > mfw the hype of the wad on id games reviews did not meet my expectations.


    > mfw I am still playing on map 16 and I wish I could just say fuck this wad and not play.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spectre01


      Replaying map16 with Pistol-Start + no saves was quite the experience. It can be a surprisingly challenging wad when it wants to be despite the largely adventure/puzzle focus. Keeps things interesting.

    3. Koros


      Its more of the puzzles in the later levels. And then the constant teleport ambush enemies that really my main issue. The levels are lovely in looks and whatnot. But some of these puzzles are killing me.


      Maybe its just me. But the insanely hard to figure out puzzles and revenant teleport ambushes are killing it for me.

    4. leodoom85


      Reach map 25, map 28 AND map 29....prepare to suffer...a lot

  7. If you like Doom you will appreciate this video.



  8. Playing Fallout New Vegas again. But this time... As a bad guy! HA!


    Going to turn New Vegas into a graveyard!

    1. Đeⓧiaz
    2. Nevander


      I can't play Fallout games as an evil character. I just can't do it. I prefer to kick ass for the right cause and set the wasteland straight instead.

    3. Koros


      Im the same way. First time is how I would play as if I were in the game. (Which is normally good minus the minor stealing here and there :-) ) I am forcing myself to be a badguy this playthrough

  9. Started work again, so I will not be as active as I usually am.


    Still want to be active in the DM / Dueling scene. If anyone is hosting matches, please let me know. I will try / hope that I will be able to participate.

    1. bzzrak


      "as active as I usually am", says a guy who disappeared for 10 months

      is your new job that intensive?

    2. Koros


      No its just oddball hours. 430pm - 1 am.


      Also, was it really 10 months? Gee.... Guess it felt shorter then it really was.

  10. I want YOU for Doom Deathmatch.

    1. Xyzzy01


      Bring it on!

    2. Maisth


      Im already taken

    3. Koros


      Looking to do this sometime in the afternoon. Its currently 11am so somewhere around 12 - 1 I should be on and playing. Will be under this name so if you see me. Join in.

  11. Ah a fellow Suikoden fan.

    1. NuMetalManiak
    2. NuMetalManiak


      my favorite game is the 1st one.

    3. Koros


      I actually liked the second better myself. But the first was most excellent as well. In II, when I find Tir I keep him in my party for the rest of the game.

  12. Romero Death Skittles has some of the best music I have heard in a doom wad! Seriously some great stuff in there.

  13. Not that anyone cares, but Im back. ;-)

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    2. grouchbag


      Why thank you!You seem a decent sotrt yourself.

    3. bzzrak


      Hey, where have yuo been?

    4. Phade102


      I Care.


      I dont know who you are.


      But I care.