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  1. Are the caps instant? Or does it take time to capture a control point? Id like to see a more TF2 style approach to control point based maps, with a game timer and a timed capture of a point. (Like the more teammates on the point the faster it caps.) But that may be just me. ;)


    Cool release though, I may jump on a server that will be hosting this from doomseeker sometime in the near future.

  2. https://i.imgur.com/7dcynmd.jpg


    Anyone on here play? I have been pretty hooked on it for the last few months.


    I have gotten lucky lately with some decent servants. So far I have Emiya Archer (lvl 50), Altera Saber (lvl 50) Francis Drake Rider (lvl 25). And some other high level 3 star servants.


    Not sure how many of you play on here, but if you do. What are your best servants and friend code?


    My friend code is:  994,753,191


    Edit: This is completely unrelated but can someone tell me what I am doing wrong to not be able to link pictures from my imgur links?

  3. 2 minutes ago, Flareblood_V2 said:

    How is "don't like it, don't play it" a dumb concept?

    It's an opinion much like your suggestion of not liking not playing.


    I personally think they are pretty terrible as well. To me its like seeing a little kid's desire to feel likes he's killing everything and lots of it... All the while being in god mode or playing with OP mods like Russian Overkill an the like. (or both.) Seriously though, MOST people cannot beat one playing vanilla doom with no cheats. 


    Even experienced players that can. To me, its like.... So what? Its a bullshit .wad. Its like being proud you played through a terry wad. Don't get me wrong though. I love killing lots of monsters in Doom as well. In either a Huge map that has them spaced out into segments and NOT shove you into a room with lines full of revs, cybers, barrons, and chaingunners. Or in a megawad map set that had some progressions as you get further and further into the wad. The later levels will have what will feel like a "Slaughtermap" but you should be prepared making it that far. (Equipment wise mostly, but a little skill as well.)


  4. Team players: Open at the moment, but I do not mind who end up paired with.

    Team name: Since I don't really care I will borrow paired partner's tag. (Whatever it may be)

    Availability: Pretty much anytime on Sundays or Mondays. Tues-Sat I would be available really late at night. Like 1am late. (U.S. Eastern time)

  5. 4 hours ago, scifista42 said:

    He's been told this before and disregarded it repeatedly. Better be explicit: @Koros, please, always do it from now on, for the sake of clarity. Most people here either post their own works, or identify the wads in their screenshots without being asked to do so every time.

    Well heres how I see it.


    You see, the thread says "Post Your Doom Pictures. Not post "your" WIP pictures or post "YOUR" CREATION pictures.  


    I just play mods levels or both. Take screenshots through my playthroughs and post them on here from time to time. To act like I need to clarify that these are not my works on every whatever, or to have to remember what map or whatever it was for the screenshot before posting is ridiculous. 


    I have seen countless other people post pictures of stuff they took without identifying that wad or whatever it was and nobody says a word.


    If I DECIDE to do so, I will post the info of the pics I take, or if its going to be such a hassel to you @scifista42 maybe I just wont bother posting anymore at all.


    I know I sometimes come off as brash, but I cant help but feel this is such petty nit-picking on me. And you cant expect me to always remember what wad it was I played when I took these. Some of these are weeks old. Again, if its that big of an issue. I will just not post anymore. Let me know.

  6. 1 hour ago, DemonusDefunctus said:

    How is the difficulty/play style so far? Thanks for trying it out man.

    I feel its pretty balanced seeing as how I didn't have too much of a difficult time with my playthoughs. (play on UV difficulty) Then again, I am a rather decent doom player to begin with. Looking forward to future progress with this map set.