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  1. Been playing Epic 2....


    > Starts out beautify.


    > Loving the look of the maps, are challenging but not too overwhelming.


    > Get to about map 8 or 10....


    > Fucking hate this wad.


    > mfw the hype of the wad on id games reviews did not meet my expectations.


    > mfw I am still playing on map 16 and I wish I could just say fuck this wad and not play.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spectre01


      Replaying map16 with Pistol-Start + no saves was quite the experience. It can be a surprisingly challenging wad when it wants to be despite the largely adventure/puzzle focus. Keeps things interesting.

    3. Koros


      Its more of the puzzles in the later levels. And then the constant teleport ambush enemies that really my main issue. The levels are lovely in looks and whatnot. But some of these puzzles are killing me.


      Maybe its just me. But the insanely hard to figure out puzzles and revenant teleport ambushes are killing it for me.

    4. leodoom85


      Reach map 25, map 28 AND map 29....prepare to suffer...a lot