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  1. Magophl

    Move mid texture to the floor

    Thank you very much
  2. Magophl

    Move mid texture to the floor

    It's possible to move this to the floor? https://prnt.sc/fxpjr3
  3. Magophl

    GZDoom Builder elevator

    haha ty, i always forget to set repeatable action
  4. Magophl

    GZDoom Builder elevator

    Yes i'm using UDMF and i search in Floor section and i found a lot of options, thanks. Thank very much, now i can do a simple elevator.
  5. Magophl

    GZDoom Builder elevator

    I need to make a elevator using gzdoom builder but i want a option like "Elevator lower stay raise" btw these options in the image moves the ceiling too and i don't want it.
  6. I just can't delete or replace this: http://prntscr.com/bs5bcx help?