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Everything posted by ⇛Marnetmar⇛

  1. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Jill Stein. Now.

    Absolutely not, I suppose my fingers were moving faster than my mind when I was writing that post. In the end my vote most likely will end up going to Hillary, but I'm certainly not going to feel good about it.
  2. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Jill Stein. Now.

    I wasn't expecting the first election that I could vote in to be such a disaster. Both Stein and Johnson are cranks, Trump doesn't belong anywhere near the White House, and I can't bring myself to vote for Hillary. I legitimately wish Obama was allowed to run for a third term at this point.
  3. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    RNC and DNC to be streamed on Twitch

    DNC stream is up Doesn't seem to be going much better than the Republican convention.
  4. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hold the fuck up. Is my eyesight going or did you just manage to make STONE look good? You can't do that. You just can't. Get with the fucking program, printz.
  5. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Brett's channel

    Cool to see someone else found this. I sent him a message asking if he'd be willing to shed some more light on the Quakecon 2014 stuff a while ago. I'm hoping for a response but I'm not going to be persistent about it.
  6. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'd say the guy who designed the fucking forum would have to mess up pretty hard to make an oversight like that.
  7. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    RNC and DNC to be streamed on Twitch

  8. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    RNC and DNC to be streamed on Twitch

    This vocalist is so awful, holy shit.
  9. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    RNC and DNC to be streamed on Twitch

  10. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    Jesus, I don't know who's trolling who anymore in this thread.
  11. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Old games that should be remade

    I would kill for a Super Metroid reboot in the style of Metroid Prime.
  12. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Change the sky texture in map 01 slot

    Don't Boom maps allow you to use sky transfer to use essentially whatever sky you want? It sounds like a much simpler option than messing around in MAPINFO or changing the mapslot to get the proper sky.
  13. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    It's good to hear I'm not alone in liking Marathon unironically. The funny thing about it is that I realize my opinion is basically wrong from a purely objective standpoint. It had so much going for it in the areas of story, art and atmosphere, but incompetent level design, ugly texturing and clunky controls unfortunately fucked over what could have been a great game. My love for it comes from imagining what could've been instead of what actually was.