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Everything posted by ⇛Marnetmar⇛

  1. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  2. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    what is the best milk

    4% or bust
  3. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Random Image Thread

  4. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Random Video Thread

  5. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  6. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  7. E2M1: Deimos Anonymous Skills: All Multiplayer starts: No Tested in: Chocolate Doom The overall look and order of things is correct but a lot of the scaling, monster placement and such are way off. Downlorb: E2M1.zip
  8. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  9. what if antivaxxers are actually just really afraid of needles 💉

    1. 1Destro3456


      By their own logic it's not the needle

  10. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

    This entire album is incredible:
  11. This feels like some Local 58-style brain-reprogramming VHS tape
  12. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    I called it.

    anger at the green cross is totally justifiable. as you can see, it's objectively inferior in every way to the pinnacle of perfection that is the mighty pill of the older xbox port:
  13. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Random Image Thread

  14. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    I called it.

    Hooray for metric-driven success models
  15. what in the actual fuck is this packaging 


    1. 1Destro3456


      Probably, but who the hell would send a package like that

    2. Biodegradable


      Looks like someone splooged in your package, mate.

    3. ⇛Marnetmar⇛
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  16. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  17. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  18. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Vinyl Thread

    Got vinyl? Post vinyl. Don't got vinyl? Get some vinyl and post it.
  19. Didn't wanna double-post in the "what are you listening to" thread so here have some darkwave 


  20. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    What are you listening to?

  21. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Balls Thread.

    This is the only correct answer. Pack it up, y'all.
  22. ⇛Marnetmar⇛

    Why are there demons in the Caribbean?

    Contrary to what TNT might imply, Doomguy decided to take a vacation in the Caribbean for a much-needed reprieve from demon slaying and the demons decided to throw a surprise party for him.* *I don't even remember what the intermission text for this level says, it might actually imply exactly this