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  1. Marn

    Why is it that....

    You're not too well versed on cause and effect are you
  2. Marn

    Why is it that....

    How come doomguy has a set of low detail glasses? Doesn't that defeat the point of glasses?
  3. I would support a megawad full of maps recreated from memory by doomkid where everyone has to guess/find which ones they are
  4. I can't stand the song Africa either but you have to admit that chorus is fucking brilliant.
  5. The different colors of medkits in the different doom releases are canon. Observe:


    The red ones in the original are cinnamon flavor

    The green ones in the bethesda ports are spearmint flavor 

    The blue and white ones in the doom 64 re-release are peppermint flavor 

    1. Voltcom


      This is god damned profound! Minds are blown!

  6. Marn

    recent wildfires and sky turning red

    I'm in Northern Idaho so I'm pretty much out of the way of the fires, but I'm close enough for things a block away to be hazy. I went for a walk to the supermarket yesterday and it was incredibly ominous.
  7. In summary Gman isn't a Doom expert and his ego precludes him from admitting he's made a mistake. I don't think there's very much to interpret here.
  8. seeing as gman is a bit of a hothead it's not really surprising that this would put him on the defensive tbh
  9. Marn

    Playing Metroidvania games.

    I think I got spoiled with Super Metroid when I was a kid because other Metroidvanias tend to miss the mark for me as I'll always play them for a while and never pick them back up again. Environmental Station Alpha and AM2R are pretty good though.
  10. Plutonia, No Rest for the Living
  11. Marn

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    PL2 is very much worth playing.