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  1. Marn

    Sprites 16 rotations

    Turns out you're correct, my bad.
  2. Marn

    Sprites 16 rotations

    Edit: I'm dumb, disregard this
  3. Marn

    Pre-Alpha Doom Crucible?

    It's the demonic dagger with an incorrect palette:
  4. Edit: Didn't realize I both misread the title *and* thought I was in the 2016 forum. Oops.
  5. Marn

    Level design tropes you use

    I tend to forget that I know exactly where everything in my map is, but the player doesn't. That on top of my love for exploration makes it so I end up making something that's an adventure for me but is a total slog for a player who hasn't played the map before.
  6. 11th Commandment of Doom Mapping:

    Thou shalt not attempt to force a concept that doesn't work, to work.

  7. Marn

    lingucia is gay

    Hey @Linguica! Ya hear that? WUTCHAGONNADO? Edit: Holy shit I just looked at Doom General, what the fuck is happening
  8. Marn

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    I think this is a case of mistaken pattern recognition. In the first shot, the spacial location of the "nose tip" along with the lighting on it doesn't make any sense, and in the second shot we see what is clearly a destroyed wall behind the player. In both shots you should be able to clearly see a face in the visor since the player is looking directly at it. My bet is that as of the Eternal trailer, Doomslayer doesn't have a face modeled at all.
  9. Marn

    So how come people don't think Doom 3 is scary

    In my view Doom 3 isn't a horror game, it's an action game where scary things happen. It doesn't build tension or keep the player off balance psychologically in the same way a proper horror game does, nor does it make the attempt.
  10. Marn

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

  11. Marn

    Anybody want some extra body parts?

    I want tentacles and feathers.
  12. You've literally just read this entire thread and everything that transpired up to this point. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?