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Status Updates posted by Marn

  1. An interesting speedrunning category would be one that requires the player to play as aggressively as possible while taking minimal damage. The player would have to maintain as close of an average distance to enemies as possible and rely entirely on timing and close-range dodging skills. BFG use would be prohibited. 

  2. been playtesting to the point my eyes are about to fall out. 

  3. Just got done with Lord Of The Flies. Fuck, I need a drink. 

  4. Woo, finished a trap, now for some optional areas and this part of the map will be done. 

  5. Lol one of the big tattoo shops in my state is now advertising earlobe reconstruction services

  6. Been looking through my post history circa 2017 and holy hell Wellbutrin is a fuck of a drug. 

  7. 11th Commandment of Doom Mapping:

    Thou shalt not attempt to force a concept that doesn't work, to work.

  8. In order to improve my mixing skills, I make a point to periodically return to the most poorly recorded source material I can get my hands on. Metallica's ...And Justice For All is probably the most poorly produced big budget album that's ever been made, so from time to time I pull up the tracks for Blackened and get to work. 


    This time I decided to throw all caution to the wind and completely rework the sound, and I'm quite pleased with the result. You'll want to listen on good speakers or headphones:



    1. Bashe


      Pretty neat. I like the different things people have done with master tracks of this album, most notably the bass being added back finally. It's just too bad they aren't all available. I'm hoping later this year when AJFA gets reissued, they'll have a mix with the bass in it, though I am not holding my breath.

    2. Marn


      It's pretty interesting, we've gotten mixed signals from the band. In a recent interview with Kirk, he mentioned hearing the bass tracks for himself for the first time and seemed to be cheekily hinting at a possible remix. Hopefully we'll get an announcement one way or the other any day now because the wait has been ludicrously long.

  9. What would you prefer from a gameplay/immersion perspective:


    A: Exploring through the shadows, you see a mysterious rail station lit up against the darkness, perhaps through a window, and navigate to it.


    B. After exploring through the shadows, you unexpectedly happen upon a mysterious rail station, lit up against the darkness.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I guess having something to navigate towards, that can also serve as a point of orientation, seems to fit my personal taste the most. So, "A" it is.


      But I also like surprises, so it's not like I wouldn't like "B".


      In fact, I'm not really sure which option I like the most, really, but I guess I'll just stick to "A" for the time being.

    2. bzzrak
    3. MrGlide


      b, seems like an luring contrast.

  10. Reasons to watch Top Gun:


    1. So you can understand Top Gun references.

    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. dew


      3. The inspiring sport performance in the beach volley scenes.

  11. One of the most bone-chillingly great live performances I've ever seen.



  12. Back from the hospital and able to stand upright!!!

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Sounds good. Let's hope there's nothing in terms of longterm issues or somesuch.

    2. Marn


      There shouldn't be, I'm already staring to walk again!

    3. Voltcom


      It sucks after a surgery where you lose the ability to move. I remember being immobilized for a while and it was not a pleasant experience. Wish you all the best on your recovery Marn.

  13. In the hospital with rhabdomyolysis. Woot.

    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. Catpho


      Get well Marn. After all, those demons aren't gonna kill themselves! (Actually they do but that's not the point!)

    3. Voltcom


      Get well soon!

  14. You would think someone would have figured out a solution to perfectly qualified job candidates being nixed in the process of filtering out applicants by now.

  15. good god what have i doneScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183151.png.b15be6f6438cd9f12600bae26b9985c6.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183208.png.12f39a192ada3edb0bd53f971ea7493b.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183222.png.5c36e3c6fe53ceba41ccde1146d780a1.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183340.png.98a17c80254c8532cf44fb0f2aede9e3.png

  16. Dear Oliver North:


    Go fuck yourself.




    Everyone with ADHD.

  17. How the is Never Be The Same by Camila Cabello getting radio play? This is literally the worst song I've ever heard.

  18. I'm finally fully coming to terms with the fact that I have issues I need to face directly.


    I'm glad that I've finally reached this point, but fuck I've got a long way to go.

  19. There's something very surreal about seeing cars leaving, parking lots empty, hearing music from the open doors of apartments being cleaned out, and friend groups having their last get-togethers before they leave for the summer. Everyone's here, but only for a little while.

  20. Fiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaaaaalllllllssssssss



  21. Got some more story writing out of the way. It's all finally beginning to take shape.

  22. Holy holy shit shit FUCK melatonin dreams god dammit aaaaaģggghhh


    Super messed up Lovecraftian shit with this eerie, seriously "wrong" feeling that lingers for an hour *after* you wake up. Jesus Christ.

  23. I need a MIDI version of this in my life, please: