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Status Updates posted by Marn

  1. Charles C. Pinckney can still win guys

  2. Just had a dream where Nigel Thornberry was describing things as "absolutely bean tipping" so I'm gonna start calling stuff I like bean-tipping now

  3. The more I listen to Dave Matthews the more I want to strangle Dave Matthews

  4. Of course the October Surprise is fucking Borat.

  5. boogie wonderland would make a good doom midi it fuckin slaps

  6. The different colors of medkits in the different doom releases are canon. Observe:


    The red ones in the original are cinnamon flavor

    The green ones in the bethesda ports are spearmint flavor 

    The blue and white ones in the doom 64 re-release are peppermint flavor 

    1. MidnightMage


      This is god damned profound! Minds are blown!

  7. How does guided by voices have so many albums asdhdkkfgfkflfbksslbaldl 

    1. nue


      This guy has 1500 albums. However a good 90% of them are reused songs however they are in official albums.

    2. Marn
    3. Egg Boy

      Egg Boy

      there are some legitimately great Viper tracks (despite most of them being tongue and cheek meme bait), he's actually a pretty nice producer. This aesthetic was ahead of its time (originally released in 2010).




  8. Every substance is made of quanta that cannot be broken down any further. For olive oil, this unit is called the bit.

  9. Somehow the latest Lamb Of God album completely slipped under my nose, holy shit it's fantastic.

  10. Can anyone identify the name and composer of this midi?



    1. Bashe


      "Castle of Despair" by Maxime Tondreau


    2. Marn



  11. 10 haunting photos taken moments before disaster 


  12. Why don't more people talk about Zanzan? It's fantastic! 

  13. This is fucking insane. This is completely fucking insane. 



  14. sandy petersen designs a house kry7zpvvm1151.jpg.2ef95622ee4c3bb0c755778a59dec4ad.jpg

  15. I know STRAIN is in the top 100 but I still feel like it's extremely underrated. 

    1. Marn


      nvm I forgot about everything after map03

  16. Any ideas what's going on here? Jiggling the associated vertices doesn't fix it.



    1. riderr3


      In my cases, I created new sectors over old ones (pressed M to make new sector).

    2. Marn


      Unfortunately that doesn't work either. This still has me stumped. 

  17. Cool geometrical star thing



  18. Ayo where the hell you been 

  19. the dwango ate your baby

  20. Just realized the post-image-with-caption nature of imageboards means that young STEMlords consuming alt right propaganda on 4chan are literally just younger Facebook boomers