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  1. I've had a problem with this room ever since I started this map and haven't been able to put my finger on why until recently -- throughout all three iterations the setup has been one entry point from the previous room and a ledge immediately in front of the player with a shooting gallery of monsters. I ought to see about giving it another entrance and changing the single ledge in front to a ledge on either side of the room.



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    2. Marn


      Thanks! I don't intend on changing the overall look of the room much at all -- I'm just going to move a couple things around to make it more fun to run around in is all :)

    3. Fonze


      That shot is looking very nice Forum Stapler; I'll note that even if it is a shooting gallery, at least it's one of glass-hitscanners that will move by faster than the player will notice it was a shooting gallery set up. You could always use that sense of confidence as the player advances on these quick kills to drop some more guys in from the player's back side.


      Still, bad encounters are much easier to be accepted when they are over quickly, if worse comes to worse.


      I can't wait for you to finish that map! I look forward to playing it :)

    4. Marn


      Thanks, hopefully soon!