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  1. I've had a thought that's been getting me down recently.


    I don't feel satisfied in the IT career path that I'm studying for. But the thing is, I don't think I could be satisfied in any career, no matter what it is -- I like a whole bunch of different things, but I have yet to find anything that I have a strong passion for, and starting over and over until I actually find that passion costs a ton of money that most people simply don't have.


    Also,I have a million different things that I'm interested in that I'd like to learn about and partake in, but I know there's never going to be enough time for me to try them all. I don't want to just pick one :(

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    2. Misty


      Same here, instead my future job would be very strict. I don't understand why we sometimes choose wrong things instead of those which could bring a bit more happiness and won't trigger headaches everyday.

    3. rodster


      I feel you, same here. It makes me quite demovitated as well. I like to blame the system but that's too easy, tbh :D

    4. 40oz


      Everyone has doubts about their career path at some point. It's pretty normal. I'm not entirely sure I love what I do but it's not a major commitment and it pays well enough so I'm ok with it. My hobbies are entirely separate.