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  1. Rick, there’s more, or perhaps less, to this man than you think.


    When I was nearly finished writing my thesis on quantum entanglement, I was awoken one morning and manhandled away from my dorm by four security officers. They told me that I was being removed from campus and taken to a secure mental facility because I had informed several people on campus of intent to place a bomb in the mess hall during meal time, and they had all had called the police to inform them of this.


    Obviously, I never did any such thing. However, they refused to answer my questions about where they got this information. My attempts at flat-out denial were countered with aggressive, repeated assertions that I did, in fact, commit such a crime, and that everybody knew about it. Pointing out the sheer absurdity in these accusations was met with cutting beratement and threats of a kind that I would rather not repeat.


    My attempt at invoking Habeus Corpus is the last thing I remember before I woke up in a padded cell, with somebody else’s name on it, guarded at all times by one of the officers that had come to take me away. My attempts to explain to the prison staff what had happened were all met with myself being humored, or bluntly being explained to the sheer unlikelihood of my situation. Slowly, my steadfast denial began to give way to a doubting of my very perception of reality.


    Eventually I came to learn that one of my research partners had presented the thesis I had written under his name before the Quorum panel when it was still in its relative infancy, and received his doctorate degree for it. In addition to me being deemed a nutcase, I had far less in the way of charisma and interpersonal connections than my partner. Attempting to speak out would not do me any favors. I was only able to escape my situation when, three months later, my partner, the guards who had arrested me, and several other researchers, were themselves arrested for banking fraud and I was called to testify.

    University administration was never informed of any bomb plot on my behalf, and no witnesses to my alleged threats were ever found. The reparations I was given were more than enough to make my life comfortable, and every single one of the perpetrators now resides less-than-comfortably on [REDACTED].


    No, Rick, you are not going mad, and nor are you the only one. You are seeing things exactly as they are, and yes, there is a “why”. However, that “why” is not something that you are going to like, or necessarily be willing to believe due to its sheer absurdity. With that hint, I think you can figure it out.


    Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything that I can do to help. This man has got all of [REDACTED] and then some by the balls. All we can do is roll with the punches, because we are nothing but characters in a script and Franz Kafka is holding the pen.



    Antonio Scarcia, Ph.D

    1. rodster


      What's this? Did this really happened? And who is Rick and Antonio Scarcia?


      To me, it seems to be a letter from Antonio to Rick, apparently something has happened to Rick and Antonio tried to consolidate Rick by telling his own story. Hmm :)


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