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  1. Something about this area seems off to me but I can't put my finger on what. The last two shots in particular are the most offensive, but I'm not sure how I should fix it.


    Any suggestions?


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    2. joepallai


      It's definitely the computer screen textures; perhaps a flat (detail-wise) texture in its place would work better as the architecture is really working as detail here.  Even consider recessing the computer walls further behind to allow movement behind the new pillars add (bottom-most shot).   A pipewall texture in the dominate color theme would work well really well here.

    3. Phade102


      @Marnetstapler Heres a tip I used in my newest map. if you aren't sure about how to make a ceiling more interesting, look at the floor instead. If you design the floor to make it something that draws peoples attention, the ceiling wont be as important =)

    4. Phade102


      Or, you could always do some support beams on the ceiling? break up the same texture?