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  1. I have an uninformed theory about black holes that's probably wrong because I'm not a physicist and get all of my information from space documentaries. I call it the "infinite pockets" theory


    We know that the singularity at the center of a black holes probably doesn't exist in any meaningful way and only represents a hole in our understanding of physics.


    As you "approach" the center of the black hole, it makes logical sense to me that space time would simply keep curving and curving as you fall forever into dimensionless space, meaning there is no center to approach at all.





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    2. Fonze


      @Eris Falling pfft whatever, that equation's simple!


      You just take the negative of your height squared, divide by 2 meters, multiply by the girth squared and the angle of the dangle (which is made up of length for the first variable and bend in degrees for the second), which is then divided by girth times a squared length. This is set equal to the complex number i multiplied by your height, which is multiplied by: girth times angle of the dangle (length, angle in degrees), set over girth times curvature.


      And from this definitive formula we can explain not only black holes, but also everything that goes insi-- okay I'll see myself out now.

    3. ‹rd›


      That second image isn't too far off, but the accepted scientific theory is actually more like: 



    4. Doomkid


      @Fonze I couldn't help but read your post in Randy Marsh's voice..