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  1. Ugh. Mapping lessons for the future:


    1. Have a goal in mind


    2. Always sketch your maps out on paper before opening up the editor


    3. Always do a full blockout of the level layout before anything else


    4. Do lighting before texturing and detailing



    1. R1ck


      I did all except for 4. it's kinda bothers me when I detailing in the dark haha.


      PS I know I can hit B, but idk, "you do you" I guess :D

    2. rdwpa


      Those tips are a good example of how ideal mapping processes are different for everyone -- or even different for the same person, depending on what sort of map they are making at the time.


      The opposite of 2-4 can work or can even be necessary. (Imagine doing lighting before texture and detailing in a map with a decent amount of overlapping gradient stuff.) Even 1 in the right circumstances. 

    3. 40oz


      @rdwpa why would you draw your map on paper after making it?