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  1. Hey sorry to bug you again about the textures but I checked Aquatex v6 and I don't see those textures in there, at least not the one that dominantly in that screenshot on the walls and stuff. The texture that is brown with the slits and the little circles is the one I'm interested in but I don't see it in Aquatex. Could you link me to where you got them?

    1. Marn


      It's not in there? Crud. This map's an old map for Freudian Slipgate so you'd be able to find the texture in there, but I haven't the slightest idea of the original source:



    2. Nevander


      Oh wow. I found it. Found a bunch of other textures that are classic Doom styled versions of Doom 64 textures. This is what I was looking for, thanks. I think NMN might have made these specific textures since I noticed one is a vanillafied version of some Outcast Levels textures. Either way, will credit everyone.