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Everything posted by Marn

  1. Marn

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    dead.wire and dead.air
  2. been playtesting to the point my eyes are about to fall out. 

  3. Being famous, I would imagine
  4. Marn

    New Doom 4 footage from Gregor Punchatz

    There really needs to be a book about the original Doom 4's development at this point.
  5. Marn

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That automap almost looks like brushes in a Quake editor. Excellent work.
  6. Marn

    Doom: Annihilation update

    You forgot the part where Alien's set designer was literally HR Giger.
  7. Is the idea here that he was collaborating with Sandy? It doesn't really make any sense for him to ghost-map since AFAIK who authored the maps wasn't public knowledge until a while after release. Unless I'm wrong, that is.
  8. Marn

    blog: the door problem of combat design

    Just knock a couple walls down and don't design shitty flat arenas. IMO this guy is be getting way more abstract and theoretical with this than he needs to be.
  9. Just got done with Lord Of The Flies. Fuck, I need a drink. 

  10. Marn

    let's stop calling them "things"

    Just say the word entity when you're talking with non doom mappers lol
  11. Marn

    Perfected Doom 3 BFG Edition V1 releases

    Dude really?
  12. Marn

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That palette is fucking beautiful.
  13. Woo, finished a trap, now for some optional areas and this part of the map will be done. 

  14. Marn

    Tool: Fear Inoculum

    Hell yes!!!
  15. Marn

    Hey are you a psychopath

    We found one ladies and gentlemen release the hounds
  16. Marn

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    It's not even remotely close to vavoom.
  17. https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1613893608676653038
  18. Marn

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding