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  1. Marn

    Level design tropes you use

    I tend to forget that I know exactly where everything in my map is, but the player doesn't. That on top of my love for exploration makes it so I end up making something that's an adventure for me but is a total slog for a player who hasn't played the map before.
  2. 11th Commandment of Doom Mapping:

    Thou shalt not attempt to force a concept that doesn't work, to work.

  3. Marn

    lingucia is gay

    Hey @Linguica! Ya hear that? WUTCHAGONNADO? Edit: Holy shit I just looked at Doom General, what the fuck is happening
  4. Marn

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    I think this is a case of mistaken pattern recognition. In the first shot, the spacial location of the "nose tip" along with the lighting on it doesn't make any sense, and in the second shot we see what is clearly a destroyed wall behind the player. In both shots you should be able to clearly see a face in the visor since the player is looking directly at it. My bet is that as of the Eternal trailer, Doomslayer doesn't have a face modeled at all.
  5. Marn

    So how come people don't think Doom 3 is scary

    In my view Doom 3 isn't a horror game, it's an action game where scary things happen. It doesn't build tension or keep the player off balance psychologically in the same way a proper horror game does, nor does it make the attempt.
  6. Marn

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

  7. Marn

    Anybody want some extra body parts?

    I want tentacles and feathers.
  8. You've literally just read this entire thread and everything that transpired up to this point. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?
  9. Your map is not special and is not worthy of special attention.
  10. Marn

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    Frankly, I think Romero's talking out of his ass on this one. Taking credit for the design of the Doom cover also seemed a bit spurious -- considering how much of an open book he is about games he's worked on, why hadn't anyone heard about this before?
  11. Marn

    Raycaster engine with slopes in 1993?

    I wonder if this was a modified version of the Shadowcaster engine, it looks very similar.
  12. Marn

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    I'm glad to hear they're pushing for real-time raytracing. I've been out of the hardware scene for a while because it seemed like there weren't any interesting advancements.
  13. Marn

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    Adults are just bigger kids with more experience. There's nothing inherently different between the older and younger folks here except maturity, and frankly some of the younger guys here are more mature than some of the older guys.
  14. I don't know that's really a fair comparison though. If your team is designing a monster, you have specific purposes and abilities in mind for it and you're going to be testing what spaces it works best in, and in the case of a game dev company like id, that's a collaborative effort by the entire team. In the case of realm667, you have one level designer working on his own who's grabbing enemies already made for him by another guy who was working on his own. Party one doesn't know how they're actually supposed to work and party two may or may not have had a purpose in mind for the monster at all.
  15. I don't imagine new enemies would be added if they didn't have some sort of specific, creative use for them. That's kind of the point of adding new enemies.
  16. In order to improve my mixing skills, I make a point to periodically return to the most poorly recorded source material I can get my hands on. Metallica's ...And Justice For All is probably the most poorly produced big budget album that's ever been made, so from time to time I pull up the tracks for Blackened and get to work. 


    This time I decided to throw all caution to the wind and completely rework the sound, and I'm quite pleased with the result. You'll want to listen on good speakers or headphones:



    1. Bashe


      Pretty neat. I like the different things people have done with master tracks of this album, most notably the bass being added back finally. It's just too bad they aren't all available. I'm hoping later this year when AJFA gets reissued, they'll have a mix with the bass in it, though I am not holding my breath.

    2. Marn


      It's pretty interesting, we've gotten mixed signals from the band. In a recent interview with Kirk, he mentioned hearing the bass tracks for himself for the first time and seemed to be cheekily hinting at a possible remix. Hopefully we'll get an announcement one way or the other any day now because the wait has been ludicrously long.

  17. Marn

    What do you think of Rage?

    The gunplay is great ans the environments are some of the best ever seen in a game. Unfortunately everything else falls flat.
  18. Marn

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    What qualifies as an overabundance of doors and corridors in your view?
  19. This is a little odd and probably sounds silly, but it's been bugging me for a while now. I really like the use of color in these screenshots and art pieces and would like to emulate it in my own stuff, but I'm having trouble figuring out what they all have in common that I find so pleasing and putting it into words. Specifically I'm trying to figure out a way to systematize whatever rules are at play here. Can anyone help me out? (This is largely random stuff I've saved over the years, so it's all uncredited. Sorry!) I guess "comfy" is the best descriptor. I know brown, grey and primary colors are somewhere in the formula, but what is it about how they're used that gives these shots their magic?
  20. You have the right idea, but it's definitely a little more nuanced -- why doesn't FIREBLU or SLADWALL combined with lava look good, for example? What makes contrasting colors look good in one instance but not another?
  21. Marn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Friends don't let friends read the Doom wikia page.
  22. Marn


    If you use Facebook, limit your usage or delete your account entirely. Even people you hang out with regularly who you know don't have lives any more exciting than yours can seem untouchable when you only see them only posting a highlight reel of their life: