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  1. Marn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    SHAWN2 is made from two identical sections mirrored vertically.
  2. Post your absolutely most very obviously true Doom facts in this thread Did you know John Romero designed levels for the Bethesda game "Doom"?
  3. Marn

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    I'm a wimp when it comes to super super dark chocolate. I like to have the sweetness and bitterness fairly evenly balanced and milk chocolate is way too sweet for my tastes
  4. Hire Devin Townsend to do some crazy Strapping Young Lad-style stuff A doom soundtrack by KMFDM would be fucking awesome
  5. Marn

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    they used to make dark chocolate twix bars and they were my favorite candy bar of all time, but then they got rid of them and it makes me sad
  6. Marn

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    this stuff is crack in chocolate form
  7. Marn

    Kenneth Scott is remaking "Birdie".

    YESSSSS Birdman is better than any of the monsters that actually made it into Doom 3 and I will defend him and his beak until the day I die
  8. Marn

    Best level in Quake?

    E1M5 (Gloom Keep), E2M2 (Ogre Citadel) And pretty much all of the first episode of Scourge of Armagon is great
  9. Marn

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Damn, RIP. My favorite stones songs are probably Sad Sad Sad and Hold On To Your Hat. Steel Wheels is a super underrated album.
  10. Marn

    (RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

    To stick up for Engired here: when this project was in development, as far as I could tell, it was only intended to be a quick fun little thing that wasn't expecting to get as much attention as it did. There wasn't a lot of emphasis put on quality control or committing heavily to a "proper" doom from memory project because that wasn't ever the idea in the first place, and people who didn't follow the development thread don't realize this. The project's goal was to be a roast beef sandwich; not a medium rare, reverse-seared sous-vide wagyu picanha steak. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  11. Marn

    Random Image Thread

  12. Marn

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Regular Doom's lost souls are jarring to me because it feels like they have slightly more health than they should have. Doom 64's lost souls which are more aggressive but can be popped off with a single shotgun blast feel better to fight IMO.
  13. I met Dusty Hill by happenstance once when I was a kid. Super chill dude. RIP.
  14. https://themusicuniverse.com/former-slipknot-drummer-joey-jordinson-dies/
  15. Marn

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    dave mustaine sang on kill 'em all
  16. fast food marketed as fan food
  17. Marn

    I love Cacodemons

  18. Marn

    Random Image Thread

  19. Marn

    Power-up spheres for liking a post

    soulsphere = blueberry flavor invuln sphere = watermelon flavor invisibility sphere = raspberry flavor megasphere = coffee flavor
  20. Marn

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Cyberdemon was originally cast for the role of Doctor Frank N Furter but got turned down because he played the role too well.
  21. Being in isolation for such a long time due to the pandemic has given me the proper chance to fix quite a few of the things in my life which have troubled me for a long time, and in a lot of ways to re-invent myself into a person that I'm much more content with being.


    All in all I'm feeling pretty damn good right now :)