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  1. doom mods can be fun

  2. Today on Bad Level Design 101



  3. Deimos Anomaly

    Because you *die* At the end of Episode 1.
  4. New details on the Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build

    Stuff like this makes me wonder how many completely done, ready-to-play games will never see the light of day due to being shelved for one reason or another.
  5. Protip: Don't spend all your time seated or eventually you're gonna be in a world of pain trying to undo that shit.

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  6. Forum Update?

    I don't have anything too terribly insightful to say other than I think the new update looks great. It has a really comfy quality to it.
  7. How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    If all of Earth's energy resources are depleted and that's what lead to the need to use argent energy, then why not have Earth portrayed as being turned into a giant quarry as mankind desperately struggles to squeeze every last resource out of Earth's crust? Everywhere you look is a canyon, a ledge or cave, entire major cities have been destroyed and what remains of them is now built into artificially made canyons tens to hundreds of miles deep. Imagine entire metropolises that are now held in place by giant tether cables hundreds of feet above the ground to prevent them from toppling over since their foundations no longer exist. The only way to get anywhere now is winding staircases, mining elevators or flying pods as all the roads have been mined out. Sounds like fun gameplay to me.
  8. Which iwad midi is the loudest/quietest?

    We don't need or want a midi version of Death Magnetic with all the notes at 100% velocity but I'm demanding it be made right this moment.
  9. Am I petty for getting annoyed when someone walks into the computer lab I'm studying in and sits next to me in particular, despite the fact that I'm the only person there and the lab is gigantic?

    1. Memfis


      obviously they want you

  10. How the hell does Windows 10's boot loader magically corrupt itself?

    1. 40oz


      cutting edge technology, that's how!

  11. (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    I wasn't expecting PrBoom+ to have such a big lead. What have I been missing out on?
  12. Steamed Hams but it's a boom-compatible doom wad

    Give this man a steak.
  13. Am I the only one who sees a pattern of: All caps or certain words capitalized Common themes of pseudoscience, bullshit diet advice, and pseudo-spiritual word salad "Share this and X will happen" Exactly what combination of personality traits does a person need to have to make these types of posts, and why does that combination seem to be so common? If you know someone who makes these kinds of posts, what kind of person are they?
  14. Or at least part of it since a few songs don't have stems. I'm not a professional and I did this in my spare time, but I think it's reasonable to say that this is better than most fan remixes you'll find. Enjoy!
  15. Flaws in modern OSs compared to before iterations.

    I think the Metro look in Windows 8 and 10 is tacky. I understand the reasoning behind it but it could've been done a lot more elegantly.