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  1. 54 pages and I haven't even gotten started.

    1. rodster

      Just do it! :D

  2. I just played through RTC-3057 and my hype for this has gone up tenfold. Why don't you guys use your creative efforts to design a time machine, take it to the future and then bring Phobos back with you?
  3. I've had a thought that's been getting me down recently.


    I don't feel satisfied in the IT career path that I'm studying for. But the thing is, I don't think I could be satisfied in any career, no matter what it is -- I like a whole bunch of different things, but I have yet to find anything that I have a strong passion for, and starting over and over until I actually find that passion costs a ton of money that most people simply don't have.


    Also,I have a million different things that I'm interested in that I'd like to learn about and partake in, but I know there's never going to be enough time for me to try them all. I don't want to just pick one :(

    1. Phade102


      Then dont just pick one. try as many as you can. Life is too short to be questioning what you should and shouldn't do, just think to yourself "What do I want to do right now" and go for it. its not an easy question, and not one you can solve quickly, but its important for you to progress.

    2. 42PercentHealth


      I think this is a fairly common problem. A former classmate and co-worker of mine told me that everyone has a number of things they are interested in -- you just pick one for a career and make the rest hobbies. Here's a couple of things that I like to keep in mind:


      1. No job is perfect. Even if you did find your "dream job," I can guarantee you (or your money back!) that you will hate how much paperwork you have to file, or you will hate the people you have to work with, or you will hate the bureaucracy, or you will hate the regulations, or you will hate something. Just focus on the stuff you like and try to ignore or tolerate the remainder.
      2. Think about how fortunate we have it... There are people in Mozambique trying to grow crops out of the sand just to stay alive. They don't get to choose a career path. Finding "the right job for you" seems a lot more inviting when you realize it's a first-world problem.
      3. Keep your options open. Try to pick a college degree or a job that will not restrict your career choices later on.


      Hopefully something here helps!

    3. MysteriousHaruko


      Same here, instead my future job would be very strict. I don't understand why we sometimes choose wrong things instead of those which could bring a bit more happiness and won't trigger headaches everyday.

    4. rodster

      I feel you, same here. It makes me quite demovitated as well. I like to blame the system but that's too easy, tbh :D

    5. 40oz


      Everyone has doubts about their career path at some point. It's pretty normal. I'm not entirely sure I love what I do but it's not a major commitment and it pays well enough so I'm ok with it. My hobbies are entirely separate.

  4. What are some games with interesting warehouse maps?

    1. esselfortium
    2. Battle_Kirby


      Half life or Counter Strike 1.6. Either a warehouse, or a storage, or a garage, something like that in every game like those.

    3. Phade102


      F.E.A.R has a whole chunk of the game pretty much dedicated to warehouse maps. its a horror fps, but its solid.

  5. Sorry about the abrupt ending guys. I hope everyone enjoyed that!
  6. Foxy Roxy



    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Two-tone and nice geometry... 'nuff said...

  7. Managed to finally work out the skeleton for the entire plot of a certain not-exactly-small thingy last night.

  8. I've always envisioned Samus as more of a rough-around-the-edges Ellen Ripley type than a bikini clad/spandex-wearing buxom blonde. They really should have left Samus' appearance under her power suit ambiguous.
  9. This is absolutely morally justifiable and there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever.



    1. Averagewalrus23.9


      What amazes me, is that somebody had to sit down and put effort into making this. Probably not a lot of effort, but enough to make it resemble the original.

  10. squeezes your avatar

    1. Phade102



    2. Jayextee


      Now now kiddies, we can settle this like adults. Which does involve super-soakers and a ball-pit. FIGHT!

    3. Doomkid


      Damn, thats two squeezes, this is next level stress

    4. Jayextee


      Can't deny the allure of gaming's most adorable space tomato, Doomkid.


    5. Phade102



    6. Jayextee
    7. Phade102


      @Jayextee You're going to make me explode with the cuteness here!

    8. Jayextee


      I do not know what you're talking about.


    9. Phade102



  11. squeezes your avatar

    1. Kapanyo




  12. Got the flu for the first time in over a decade. Someone please shoot me.

    1. Fonze


      Only if you shoot me first.

    2. geo


      In the arm right? That way you won't die but hey it will make you think "having the flu can actually get worse!"

  13. The new Alice Cooper song is...awful.

    1. Cynical

      How is that different from anything else he's done in the last 30 years?  His output has been on a steady downhill since Billion Dollar Babies. 

    2. Marnetstapler


      I suppose it came as more of a shocker since I've never actually listened to his non-classic albums.

    3. Cynical

      If you ever want to hear a truly awful album, listen to "Dada" or "Brutal Planet".  It's amazing how awful Alice Cooper got past "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell" (the last semi-listenable album, and even that one is a tough sell for me these days).

  14. I was hoping to go but it turns out that the boys aren't coming to my state this tour :( Which is a shame because the live recent mixes are fantastic and everyone in the band has stepped up their game tremendously compared to a few years ago. This is really a second Black Album era.
  15. That McDonald's video was mesmerizing. How in the hell does one allow a restaurant lobby to get that bad? The only explanation I can think of was that they got a huge rush they were unprepared/understaffed for, but if the storm had clearly passed, why weren't there any employees in sight getting the place back together? Were they all hiding in the back?