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  1. So I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye and looked down to see a giant black widow crawling on top of my thigh. 

  2. Hey sorry to bug you again about the textures but I checked Aquatex v6 and I don't see those textures in there, at least not the one that dominantly in that screenshot on the walls and stuff. The texture that is brown with the slits and the little circles is the one I'm interested in but I don't see it in Aquatex. Could you link me to where you got them?

    1. Marnetstapler


      It's not in there? Crud. This map's an old map for Freudian Slipgate so you'd be able to find the texture in there, but I haven't the slightest idea of the original source:


    2. Nevander


      Oh wow. I found it. Found a bunch of other textures that are classic Doom styled versions of Doom 64 textures. This is what I was looking for, thanks. I think NMN might have made these specific textures since I noticed one is a vanillafied version of some Outcast Levels textures. Either way, will credit everyone.

  3. I'm sorry, did you need this boat?

  4. Ugh. Mapping lessons for the future:


    1. Have a goal in mind


    2. Always sketch your maps out on paper before opening up the editor


    3. Always do a full blockout of the level layout before anything else


    4. Do lighting before texturing and detailing



    1. R1ck


      I did all except for 4. it's kinda bothers me when I detailing in the dark haha.


      PS I know I can hit B, but idk, "you do you" I guess :D

    2. rdwpa


      Those tips are a good example of how ideal mapping processes are different for everyone -- or even different for the same person, depending on what sort of map they are making at the time.


      The opposite of 2-4 can work or can even be necessary. (Imagine doing lighting before texture and detailing in a map with a decent amount of overlapping gradient stuff.) Even 1 in the right circumstances. 

    3. 40oz


      @rdwpa why would you draw your map on paper after making it?

  5. Why did I wait such a long time to get into Thin Lizzy, oh my gooood this is soooo goooooooood

    1. MrGlide


      Thin lizzy is a really good band.

  6. You should share some pictures of that there cat of yours :3

  7. Bratwurst? Meet tortilla. Tortilla? Meet bratwurst.

  8. To that guy who uses 4 2.5s instead of one of plentiful supply of 10s on the EZ bar...why? Why? What horrible, tragic events happened in your life to bring you to this point? Is there something I can do to help?

  9. I make my laps on a maptop.
  10. The things I do to avoid having to make a composite texture



  11. Tiny insignificant little thing, but I like how adding a small recess in the wall is enough to make an ordinary ceiling beam be evocative of a pipe. (Alien Vendetta MAP03)



  12. It's time for some tunes up in here.



  13. Let me get this straight.


    Equifax discovers a security breach in late July.


    The credit cards and social security numbers of 143 million people are compromised in September.


    Just before the news breaks, a bunch of execs dump their stock.

    To find out if your data is compromised, you have to agree with Equifax not to file a class action lawsuit.


    To protect us from such missteps in the future, they would like us to sign up for the credit monitoring service...that they own.


    The plot thickens.

  14. <snip>