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  1. Holering

    Are Microsoft Office products the worst?

    You may not agree but Microsoft Office suite is perhaps the most powerful in the world. For professional employees, accountants, project management, and business purposes, Microsoft Office is the only way. There's alternatives like "Libre Office", "Abi Word", etc, but you don't get the robust support of Microsoft and their third parties. I think the only Microsoft Office product that might seem worse than previous versions is "Office 2013". It appears to have touch devices in mind so many of its uses and functions may seem alien or plain worse.
  2. Humor from Ralphis certainly seems like my type. Unfortunately I've never been good at expressing it the same way. Sometimes the truth can be funny, but if I encounter whatever is funny I'll never laugh or be the same again.
  3. Can definitely see the polygon shaking in that video. Looked on Google for "Half Life" total conversion for "Quake 1" and "Quake 3" but nothing...
  4. Holering

    "best" sourceport for dos?

    Can't say for sure which is best... Top choices IMO seem to be "Man's Best Friend" and "Boom". Think "Boom" is more of a literal "Doom" upgrade. It seems to get to the point (fix bugs, improve compatibility, extend limits, etc), without adding things that aren't really "Doom". For some reason it seems like a classic among source ports, but you might not like that. "Man's Best Friend" seems the most innovative IMO. It's really fun, different and just adds a lot of depth and possibility to "Doom". I don't know of any pwads that take advantage of it, which is really unfortunate (honestly who wouldn't want to play "Doom" with an animal partner kicking some demon ass?).
  5. Any Half Life total conversions for Quake 2 or Quake 3? Any Quake 2 or Quake 3 open source engines compatible with Half-Life content? Think it'd be really cool to try Half-Life with Quake 2 or Quake 3 engine. Think Half-Life would have a meatier presentation (and gameplay?). Maybe with some HD textures too. Maybe Gordon would have better self-esteem about himself (maybe not?).
  6. Isn't that more like Duke 3D? Doom seems more "Evil Dead" meets "Apollo 13" IMO.
  7. Doom isn't sci-fi, it's horror (maybe dark humor?) and supernatural. There's no aliens. It only has earthborn spiritual creatures (aka demons). Their reality, and being, is beyond human understanding and logic. It only seems sci-fi because these evil creatures somehow arrived on the moon base. You ever play Warcraft?
  8. Quake 2 is more advanced. I know it shows polygons in a way that look like they're shaking, but the special effects (especially lighting) is much more advanced. Half-Life probably looks better because things are maybe more simple, and the polygons don't appear shaking. Artists were probably able to focus on more noticeable things like: animation, textures, and polygon models. It's funny the original Quake has less defined polygon models compared to Half-Life (especially with HD pack), despite being made by the original game and game-engine designers. Question kind of reminds me of PSX vs Saturn. PSX has much higher fillrate and polygon performance, but the quads on Saturn look better without perspective correction, and you only need one quad to make a square (instead of two triangles). Quads also seem to work better with integer based machines (and math: e.g. game engines). Sometimes when things are stupid, and simple, they work better.
  9. Holering

    Resident Evil 4

  10. Holering

    PC SLI/crossfire wasteful?

    PC crossfire/sli wasteful? Most of you that run a PC have probably heard of crossfire and SLI. Crossfire and SLI allow multiple video cards to work simultaneously. Sounds great, because you can double performance with two identical gpu's. However, it is extremely wasteful with memory. Both cards working together need to mirror each-other's memory to process the exact same data. This effectively chops the available memory in half with dual gpus (or a third with three, quarter with four, etc. More gpus= less memory available). E.g.: Most motherboards now support at least dual-channel system memory. Obviously you get half the bandwidth with one stick of ram, but use a second stick of identical ram and you end up with both double amount of memory and bandwidth. Why can't SLI and Crossfire do the same? Multi CPU server mobo's have no problem sharing available RAM across all cpu cores available. Obviously SLI and crossfire can't utilize dual gpu's as a single pool of memory and parallel processing units (shaders, rops, etc). Why is that? Are drivers too dumb? Firmware or bios on cards too dumb? If drivers with a single card can utilize parallel processing units, shaders, rops, etc so well, why can't the same drivers utilize a second card the same way (simply more shaders, rops, and parallel processors of the exact same type)? Why do motherboards have so many pcie 16x slots? Nothing uses them except gpu's I think? It seems like such a waste. Double energy used, more than double cost, double heat, unstable performance, abuses bus, and memory available is only one card worth. It's very destructive and wasteful IMO. At the very least AMD/Nvidia should provide a beta option of some type to allow feedback for. Maybe use 32mb of ram on both cards to store rendering data that both cards can use to control how much ram can be effectively available, without restricting users to one card worth of memory only; at least if they can't write proper drivers to treat multiple GPU cores as a single one. Kind of reminds me of ps3 vs 360. They both seem powerful, but 360 obviously seems smarter with shared pool of memory for both GPU and CPU cores; and first ever direct X 10 gpu. Edit: http://wccftech.com/geforce-radeon-gpus-utilizing-mantle-directx-12-level-api-combine-video-memory/
  11. Holering

    PC SLI/crossfire wasteful?

    I guess CF/SLI is more complicated than it seems?
  12. Holering

    NSA firmware hacking

    Is this going to end up like that machette ban? Don't think PC users need it. Might have to just use consoles and raspberri pi's...? Will everyone be forced into cloud computing? Funny it's called "cloud computing". It's like whoever implented cloud computing, wants the sky to end up like on the Matrix movie.
  13. Holering

    PC SLI/crossfire wasteful?

    Kinda sucks I have to rely on other people for computer use. EDIT: Apparently Nvidia seems to be in a spat for improper advertising. I honestly hope they don't end up in trouble. Hope the same for AMD too. GURU3D.COM ("Nvidia lawsuit over memory debacle", 02/23/2015, Hilbert Hagedoorn): http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-faces-class-action-lawsuit-over-gtx-970-memory-debacle.html
  14. Holering

    PC SLI/crossfire wasteful?

    You're right. Both cards do AFR or SFR. I meant to say the same data has to be copied to each card in SLI/Crossfire.
  15. Holering

    weirdest monster behaviour you have seen ?

    "Would the move succeed AND not result in doing a U-turn?". Okay.
  16. Holering

    weirdest monster behaviour you have seen ?

    Ghosts. Never experienced until "Alien Vendetta" map 13 "Suicidal Tendencies", when grabbing yellow keycard. When leaving yellow key area lots of archviles spawn and start resurrecting dead baddies. There's so many dead baddies it overloads the game engine and the resurrected baddies become invincible and walk through walls. Makes it harder. This happened with chocolate-doom and "Doom 2" compatibility switches. The diagram actually shows it can be unpredictable. Looking at the horizontal distance (towards right of graph) shows a monster can choose either 4/5 or 1/5 move completely randomly.
  17. Holering

    Best common enemy from any game?

    Not sure if this counts but Ozma from "Final Fantasy 9". It's a single superboss but he was so hard the first time I kept re-entering battle with him many times. Took a while till' I finally took him down. I'm kind of surprised he isn't more talked about, including FFIX itself.
  18. Holering

    Cracked defends Pedophilia

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  21. Holering

    Kim Jong-Un wants to bring "final doom" to the U.S.

    Oh so, I guess that game "Crysis" did deserve good reviews from those oddball players huh?
  22. Holering

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I imagine I commit sin and I'll be damned into a black hole for all eternity. I heard the stars that go off their course end up the same way. If I go there, I don't know what say about it. It probably doesn't help me to talk about it but who knows, but it's probably selfish to only think about myself right? If I'm a bad guy, why was I allowed to be born? Maybe I'm just a pawn? Maybe I'm not? If a higher being tells me something, is he trust worthy and right about what he says to me? Is it bad to let someone manipulate my life? Is it bad if I try and manipulate my day-day tasks? What should I fear, or what do I fear? Do I think it's a person or object? What if I like watching gruesome horror movies to calm me. Is that bad? It keeps me from hurting others and doing drugs, so is that really bad? Am I lying to myself too much, or is it better to be a hard ass and make some mistakes once in a while and maybe hurt a few people on the way (or would I really be hurting people compared to now)?
  23. Holering

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    I find Quasar very sophisticated, while already very intelligent.
  24. Holering

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    I'd rather keep my original boxed copy and use that, instead of paying again for the same shit (no future support). If it was open source, I could buy it more than once because I know it would be well supported, it's more likely to work with the latest hardware and software OS's, and I don't have to spend extra effort keeping older hardware and OS's around just for that game (it may even work better than it used to with the older stuff). Certainly wouldn't mind buying something like "Resident Evil for Windows 95" again if it had an opengl source port (GzRE ?). More so if Perkristian or someone released high resolution scans of 2D backgrounds, SFX and textures. Mods like "Resident Evil 1.5", 3D backgrounds, and other stuff would be cool. You see what I mean?