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  1. In the cafeteria, me and my friend stuffed a hot dog bun full of goldfish snacks. He fucking ate the entire thing.
  2. *Gets Tinnitus from D_RUNNIN*
  3. Nothing interesting happens at my school.
  4. Am I too friendly for you, motherfucker?
  5. Presumably smells like cider vinegar.
  6. Misspelled all 5 times.. Congratulations.
  7. No attack spin, but it's good enough at 11 PM. Faster one:
  8. Your new Cacotar:
  9. life hack
  10. Why couldn't you? I mean, car DRM doesn't exist.
  11. Too bad the one I play most, Combat Evolved, is the only one to NOT show the body. Also, every single COD up to Ghosts (AW and IW run on different engine) uses a very mangled version of id Tech 3.