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Everything posted by Saturn

  1. In the cafeteria, me and my friend stuffed a hot dog bun full of goldfish snacks. He fucking ate the entire thing.
  2. Saturn

    Doom II Soundtrack needed more music

    *Gets Tinnitus from D_RUNNIN*
  3. Nothing interesting happens at my school.
  4. Am I too friendly for you, motherfucker?
  5. Saturn

    Most recent movie you saw

    Presumably smells like cider vinegar.
  6. Saturn

    UNLOVED [released]

    Misspelled all 5 times.. Congratulations.
  7. Saturn

    Red Cross Changes

    No attack spin, but it's good enough at 11 PM. Faster one:
  8. Saturn

    Red Cross Changes

    Your new Cacotar:
  9. Saturn

    Life Hacks

    life hack
  10. Saturn


  11. Why couldn't you? I mean, car DRM doesn't exist.
  12. Too bad the one I play most, Combat Evolved, is the only one to NOT show the body. Also, every single COD up to Ghosts (AW and IW run on different engine) uses a very mangled version of id Tech 3.
  13. Yeah I have two Halo CE discs, both not in their original covers. Why, I don't know.
  14. Saturn

    Guess that game!

    Yeah, I've heard 117 referred to as "demon", and elites hate brutes as well.
  15. Speaking of Halo CE, here is an apparent large part of its community. http://www.halomaps.org/
  16. Saturn

    Guess that game!

    My guess is strongly Halo 2.
  17. Saturn

    When Doom first came out...

    It was actually modified for 1.4.
  18. Saturn

    Favorite Mod?

    Gameplay: Smooth Doom, H-Doom Sometimes Project Brutality. Levels: Most stuff on the archive. I don't have high expectations.
  19. If there's anyone dumber than a middle-aged trailer park women, it's you.
  20. Saturn


    Kind of the opposite for me. Right on the surface of the Challenger Deep? hell yeah, gimme that!
  21. Saturn

    What are your favorite video games?

    Well, Pineapple never said to write a 10 page essay..
  22. Yea, they made little sense to me. I god-modded and the game said "F u dmubass" by saying that my save was corrupted (It forced me to switch on Dev mode so the file works at all.)