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  1. ghostboy1225

    Hell Cartel! my first ever Doom 2 "Episode"

    playing this with Hideous and some buddies was quite fun needed a Thunder buster + BFG combo with my friend grabbing a bronto for the last map but otherwise held good distribution of health, ammo, and weapons. not many mean traps and those that where somewhat tricky where more than solvable with sequence breaking, enough firepower or taking a moment to think a bit. overall me and the others enjoyed it!
  2. ghostboy1225

    Hell Cartel! my first ever Doom 2 "Episode"

    this project looks interesting going to see about giving this a try with HD might even do some Coop on it. it'd certainly be thematically coherent
  3. ghostboy1225

    Doom RPG Port Reverse Engineering Update (version 0.2)

    Impressive work cant wait to get some time with this later!
  4. ghostboy1225

    Keeper of the Seven Keys 3: Disc One (NaNoWADMo 2019)

    map set looks interesting it would be nice if there was a vanilla compatible version. but i understand if there isn't for technical reasons.
  5. ghostboy1225

    Void Of Eternity

    i remember enjoying your original maps and it's sequel quite a bit hope to see the 3rd episode releases. will you be doing a ep4 replacer after this?
  6. ghostboy1225

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    EP3 was ok the damaging floors shouldn't be blood as its confusing for players especially when there is blood in the same level that doesn't damage pandamonuim should also have a berserk pack near the level start incase your low on ammo else it turns into a shitfest
  7. ghostboy1225

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    finished EP2 was good final boss arena was annoying cause the damn lost souls kept getting in my way or killing me by taking rockets next to me perhaps change all the lost souls to pain elementals
  8. ghostboy1225

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    yeah smooth doom is great i enjoy adding bolognese and some other tweaks i have made/found also forgot to add this in my post i enjoyed the first episode a lot though some areas where a bit hairy with the amount of deaths feel like the computer station doesnt flow as well as the other maps and the extra keycards/skull complicated that hunt i did like the merge of e1m9 and e1m8 was a cool idea onwards to episode 2!
  9. ghostboy1225

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    after school ill be playing this with smooth doom
  10. ghostboy1225

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    nice to see that you'll be updating the first episode when you release the next episode just wanted to let you know that this is one of the 5 things gamewise i am interested in seeing released
  11. ghostboy1225

    Doom Eternal mod

    uhh i dont think vannilla doom could support sprites like zion has
  12. ghostboy1225

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    going to enjoy this once it releases keep up the good work
  13. ghostboy1225

    I need mods for Chocalate Doom :3

    uhhh 90% of mods use gzdoom choclate doom is very very bad for anything more complex than maps/weapon retextures also that looks like its one of the realm 667 monsters
  14. ghostboy1225

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    saw this post and i have started playing phobos have to say i like it quite a bit and it makes me eager for deimos
  15. they also really want to publicly release the source code too and from what ive heard from zombie this is going to be after the sdk is released tentatively at least