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  1. Saint_Guy

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 404

    +++ A.L.T.
  2. I am sorry but I am dropping out of the project. Especially since this project has been going on for so long all i have done is waste this projects time when someone more interested could have been working on it. I really don't enjoy playing doom anymore and have no interest in doing anything with it. Sorry again, goodbye and good luck.
  3. Saint_Guy

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    @Da Werecat It's the fact that its a deep little rectangle hole that uses the same brick texture around it as it does inside it. It doesn't stand out, It looks more like a secret than actual level progression. I missed it when I originally looked over in the direction, granted I could have just been being blind, but I cant help to think that if some one where playing on choco doom they wouldn't know what to do in the area. Doom is a game in which the player is probably going to be going pretty fast they look and see the two placed shotgun shells, grab them, turn around quickly, and never see the switch. changing the textures on the inner part would make it stand out more.
  4. Saint_Guy

    Doom Streams

    More DOOM64 for DOOM2 https://www.twitch.tv/saint_guy1
  5. Saint_Guy

    Doom Streams

    DOOM64 for DOOM2 https://www.twitch.tv/saint_guy1
  6. Hey, I'm about 1/3 done with my map. I got a bit of mappers block but I think I should be back at it in not to long.
  7. Thanks CoTeCiO and Dragonsbrethren for the response yesterday. I was able to fix my map. I was using too many textures. There is a stair case that is totally misaligned and I cant seem to fix it. Any tips?
  8. So I have since realized that the missing textures are not random. They are MARBLE04 MARBLE2 SW1NEW69 DOOR06 TVSNOW02 REDBR01 BLUE01 These were not even the last of the textures I placed in the map, but for some reason none are appearing. Other than my map being visually broken it is 100% finished.
  9. I would like to sign up for E4M7. I have been recreate the map with no problems until I created the out door area. Now textures are just vanishing and you can completely see through some walls. It doesn't seem to be an issue of to many different types of textures or seeing to much at one time. So i am currently at a loss of what to do to fix it.
  10. nice, I assumed so but I wanted to get confirmation. He better put a spidermastermind in e2m8. So when EP3 comes around people can use the entire doom cast. As are the rules of Doom 1.
  11. Are cyberdemons on the table for this project? EP1 ended with a fight with multiple cyberdemons, so they have already been revealed. I assume the spidermastermind is off the table and will be revealed in e2m8. Just wanted to know if I need to plan the map differently than what I am currently thinking.
  12. Alright, I'll challenge myself. Throw me down for E2M6.
  13. Saint_Guy

    Doom Streams

    Hellground https://www.twitch.tv/saint_guy1
  14. Saint_Guy

    Doom Streams

    Alien Vendetta marathon. All of AV in one sitting. https://www.twitch.tv/saint_guy1
  15. Saint_Guy

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    The biggest issue I have with doom is it weapon roster. The weapon set in the original doom is just awful, it was only retroactively made not terrible in doom 2. The weapons found in Ep1 of doom were clearly designed for Ep1, and even then the rocket launcher makes everything in it a complete joke. The pistol, shotgun, chainsaw and fist (not berserk) are utter garbage and makes every fight tedious and annoying. Also paired with just how hilariously overpowered rocket launcher, plasmagun and BFG. I think its clear id had no idea what they were doing in the original doom. The rocket launcher,plasma and BFG were retroactively made good weapons in doom 2 when the monster cast more appropriately reflected them. But even so the lower half of the weapons in doom are still terrible only the powerful weapons were saved with doom 2. If I could magically change the core of doom and all maps that have been designed for it. The player would start with no guns, like the games blood and shadow warrior. Berserk would always be, that would be your normal melee damage. You would also start with the chainsaw. The chainsaws stats should be changed to the stats in doom64 so its a weapon that might actually be a good idea to use. The pistol would be replaced with a magnum type weapon. It would do more damage than the pistol of course but less than the single shotty. The magnum would be like a sniper weapon, kind of like how the single shotty in quake is. The magnum would also use a different ammo type then the chaingun. The single shotty would be deleted from the game, it sucks. Super shotty should be the only shotgun. Super shotty is perfect no change. Chaingun should have its ammo limit changed from 200-400 to 300-600. Its ridiculous that it has such a low ammo count, especially since the the plasma gun holds more than it. Rocket Launcher is perfect no change. Plasmagun is perfect no change. BFG is perfect but should use a different ammo type from the plasmagun. How often do you just not touch the plasma gun because that would be a waste of good BFG. If they had different ammo supplies then you would use both weapons. That concludes my thoughts on dooms weapons. Also blockmaps and mancubus fireballs going through walls. John Carmack be praised.