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  1. Playing RUSH 2
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  4. BOOM format HMP and UV settings, but there is hardly a difference.
  5. TNT: Revilution
  6. Maybe finishing Sunder
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  8. Sunder
  9. More Sunder
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  11. Playing Sunder
  12. No Rest For The Living -fast
  13. You have a point about there not being hell weapons. But btsx e2 shares the same HUD as btsx e1 (except it has yellow lights instead of blue) ep1 was entirely tech bases while ep2 was mostly temples but had tech areas and tech influences in alot of maps. I know nothing of btsx ep3 but i'm going to throw out and random guess and say that its hell themed and has no tech influence. That would mean it follows closely to classic dooms structure. ep1 tech, ep2 unnatural with tech influence and ep 3 hell. doom 64's tech doesn't make it into ep2 there is no transitional period. It just stops at ep1.
  14. It's a good looking HUD I would like to see it in another project, I just don't think its a good fit for Doom 64. Doom 64 only has a total of 10 tech base maps (11 in this project) The majority of the game takes place in hell. I don't think the HUD fits thematically with the majority of the map set, I believe the classic status bar fits doom 64 better. generic stone/concrete is more universal than a HUD based on a specific tech base texture. I'm not against a new HUD but it should be more generic.
  15. Finishing DOOM 64