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  1. makron

    New Doom 2 wad.

    Hello Doomers. I was wondering, because i was playing the Doom 2 map "Inmost Dens" and i was thinking of making a castle level sort of like this level but using some of the Gothic textures. I want to know what you think of this idea as i want to make a castle type of building about the size of that room but with more detail. Also i may make a cool *.bex mod too but at the moment i only have a laptop to work on with only boom v2.02 and Doom 2 but not much else, so i may not be able to release any more levels for a while until i can afford to fix my P.C but look out for my stuff in the future. The bex patch/mod i can just type in on my friends Internet comp so maybe i can release that soon. But enough of my whinging about lack of Doom mapping, what do you think of my mapping idea as i want to make a level slighly easier to get through in UV than realm of Hell but still with some good gameplay. bye for now.
  2. Hello Doomers. How is Doom 3 supposed to fit in to the overall story of Doom?. I mean all of hell was supposedly destroyed in all of the other Doom games so how come we have another bunch of Demons trying to raise hell on earth again?. Maybe hell cannot be destroyed that easily but i would like an extensive intro cutscene to explain the story and what is going on, so you can set the scene for the upcoming events. Post your thoughts on this topic below. All of my thoughts are with the people of New York City and i wish you all the best for the future, and that this never happens again, ever to any free democratic country. Good luck for the future.
  3. makron


    I have to say that i am shocked at this tragedy and would like to express my sympathy for all of the victims of this tragedy on behalf of all Australian Doomers and hope there is some justice done for all the lives that were lost.
  4. makron

    Gokuma's R' Us

    Sounds a lot like Cyberdreams to me, but that is a good thing believe me!.
  5. makron

    BFG Lamers

    I really do not think the BFG is a bad weapon in DM, because the blast is so easy to dodge that only lesser skilled players should complain about it's use. I much prefer to use SSG and RL in dm as they are much more fun to use.
  6. makron

    Updated Phobos Tech Center

    This site works flawelessly on my win98, IE 5.5, NETSCAPE 4.08 pc. But if there are some errors please tell me so i can fix them.
  7. makron

    ZDoom Ramps Up

    Heh now fiffy can make his slopes and slanty bits without 10.000.000 lindefs;)
  8. makron

    ZDoom Ramps Up

    Man! we finally have slopes in doom! Just what i need for Phobos Tech center to make it stand out. Now all we need is edge styled 3d stuff.
  9. makron

    More DWBS

    Well, it does say: Copyright 1998-2000 (c) Doomworld, All Rights Reserved. What does that mean i wonder. And it is not that hard to come up with a unique web page design without copying somebody elses. Creativity!.
  10. makron


    I have A problem with my page at the moment The link to phobos tech center is http://www.hungrymancubus.com/phobos.zip or
  11. makron


    I think that the idea of wad reviews on doomworld is a very good idea but, doom underground already reviews doom(2) levels, even though it has not been updated in more than a year.
  12. makron

    Steed On New Doom

    Whatever form the new DooM takes it will definitly rock hard in my opinion.
  13. makron

    Ling's Ideas, 8/99

    I think whatever doom turns out to be it will be very cool. But keep the compatibillity with older *.wad files.
  14. makron

    2 ZDoom WAD Reviews

    I sent some non prominent news into DW and they never printed it, Why so choosy huh? PLEASE EXPLAIN.
  15. makron


    tools: dck 3.62 (the easiest) wadauthor 1.30 wintex 4.3 zwadconv.exe dehacked 3.0 Doom engines im using: zdoom.exe 1.23 beta7 (the best release yet) doom2.exe boom.exe what im playing at the moment. doom2 requiem megawad tiberian sun quake hr2.