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  1. we miss you
    please return to us

    1. Nate River

      Nate River

      I'm sorry, I've been busy with other things lately and not really following anything Doom-related, but I just happened to visit John's stream again and found it really funny when out of all things I see him playing that map I made a year ago!

      So thanks again to John @Suitepee for playing and everyone that commented in chat, that was really interesting to read. I had a hard time holding myself back commenting on it, but in the end I'm glad I didn't! :D

      John did a great job finding pretty much everything the map has to offer by himself anyway and I didn't want to influence people's comments in chat, but they made me feel like I managed to create exactly what I tried to anyway.

      That also includes many people not liking it and don't worry, this was a one-time-thing and I don't have anything else planned for now and then it would be completely different anyway as I usually don't play / enjoy maps in that style either.

      So yeah I'm glad if some people got at least some enjoyment out of the map and I hope the others can forgive me while just skipping past it! ;D