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  1. This looks nice judging by the trailer and description. For atmospheric survival levels like these I really like the concept of making ammo sparse and rewarding exploration.

    Though I haven't seen that style work out as well in Doom maps as in other FPS games, the additional options of GZDoom look most promising to me when it comes to more complex and atmoshperic maps, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they're being used for this project.

  2. I know you made some more challenging maps with high monster density in the past and I usually prefer that style, but I think I actually prefer these ones over your older maps.

    Besides the standard hallways and small rooms with incidental combat you also managed to make some interesting, lower difficulty encounters with the low tier weapons and monsters. I also like the music choices and the somewhat uncommon visual design.

  3. Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei

    Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2


    Bought both 4 years ago when they were like the top equipment that some e-sports pros were using at the time.

    Not many fancy extras but very good performance and definitely worth the money for me. I'd probably buy them again or something very similar.

  4. Fair enough then I'll wait for the stream.

    Also yeah I don't see this working out for me to beat these maps fast unfortunately.

    For Map01 after pressing the last switch it takes a whole ~160s until the way to the exit opens so I guess you really want the player to kill everything in the arena and not be able to rush from switch to switch, press the final one, grab the Invulnerability and blast through the enemies blocking the exit.

    For Map31 it's relatively easy to rush to both keys and the key switches but then all the Revs come from both sides. I made it through them once and also survived the AV arena but when the gate to the main area opens again and almost everything there is still alive waiting in front of the gate and comes pouring in, I don't see myself surviving long enough until a gap to get out opens up.

    Would be cool to see though if someone could do reasonably fast UV Speed runs for these maps.


    Edit: To be fair, for something that was intentionally made to be "absurd over the top stuff that is still beatable" I can't really expect that strategies like these have to work out somehow so it's all fine. :D


    Here's a lowly HNTR run with how I planned on playing Map01 after I first saw JohnSuitepee play it on stream and did my first test runs today. I really enjoy playing like that and maps that allow me to do it. On HMP I also consistently got to the last switch on the opposite side of the exit with this route but without the Invulnerability I didn't find a way how to get through all the monsters in front of the exit.

    So I'll be happy with this and leave runs of the higher difficulties to actual speedrunners and people that like max runs more than I do. ;D

    Map01 HNTR (1:50)

    Edit: Same route, more risk, more speed, still good fun! :D Map01 HNTR (1:45)


  5. Yeah most of these situations were in Map03 but I also just tried Map02 again and on HNTR I can easily kill all enemies in the north-west fight before the platform with the Mancubi lowers and reveals the switches. On HMP it's close and on UV I was busy fighting the whole time so it worked just fine there.

    But anyway I guess the main reason I noticed this whole thing was that I usually rather play for speed than for all kills so naturally I immediately start looking for ways to get me out of a lock-in as fast as possible and I like to leave monsters alive that don't seem like a real threat to me. So personally I always prefer switches that are just hard to get to rather than forced timers (even if it's impossible to kill everything before the exit opens).


    Overall there are for sure good encounters and I found some enjoyable things in every map though I'm not a fan of platforming at all and those sections usually kill my motivation to try beating maps with them saveless.

    So my favorite maps are for sure Map01 and Map31. When I play it again, I'll see if I can find a way to beat them faster which seemed problematic so far at least on UV but I guess that is intentional to promote max strategies over speed.

    Anyway thanks for making these maps, maybe you can showcase them on your stream as well, I'd find that very interesting!

  6. Did a test run of all of the maps and while I'll need a bit more time to play it again and try all difficulties to judge the encounters, I found some minor technical stuff that I feel like is worth mentioning:

    - First of all everything I saw was functional and I could finish all maps in GZDoom 3.1.0 without any performance issues

    - Map31 and Map32 have the same name on the automap and on the intermission screen ("Bone-Nanza")

    - While everything is functional, you are using a lot of lock-ins (which I like in general) and a good amount of them with a timer that sometimes seemed a bit lengthy. Though the actual problem for me was only really that I couldn't tell most of the time if the one I was in had a timer or if I needed to look for a small switch appearing somewhere to open the exit. These switches also often had a timer and so seemingly just appeared out of nowhere at a spot I already looked at before with nothing there. Comparing it to other WADs that also have a lot of (timed) lock-ins like Sunder the only thing I'm really missing here is something like a lowering pillar and ideally also the sound of it lowering so that it's obvious that if something moves / makes a sound, you just need to wait and otherwise look for a switch / exit to progress.

    I guess this isn't much of a problem if you're going for 100% kills and stay in each area until everything dies and then go for the switches / exit or on repeated playthroughs when you already know how the maps work.

  7. I can only speak for myself but the only reason I ever recorded any Doom gameplay was so that I could look back at gameplay of myself playing some of my favorite maps / wads. Also I often enjoy watching other people playing them.

    So if I ignore a demo, it's mainly because I just don't care about the map and not even because of the lack of quality of a run and definitely not because of things like a runner's previous actions or the regularity of them posting something which seem completely illogical to me.

  8. Setting: Abstract, impressive architecture, colorful


    Difficulty: Challenging but consistent once you figured out a good strategy for each encounter


    Chaingunners: Depends on the situation. They can be annoying but I still prefer the pyramid structure in Stardate 20X6 Map07 with like 50 of them on each side over any random ones on pillars out of range.


    Length: I don't mind longer levels when they are action-packed and have some variety but preferably I'd like them around 5-20 min for UV Max


    Detail-focused or gameplay-focused: Gameplay-focused. Nice detailing is a welcome bonus when the gameplay is good.


    To name a few concrete examples that I like very much: Swim With The Whales, Sunlust, Sunder, Stardate 20X7

  9. Not as huge as Holy Hell or Okuplok's untitled map but some more that come to my mind and I'd count as well:
    Scythe 2 Map30

    Combat Shock 2 Map05
    Slaughterfest 2012 Map28 & Map30

    Sunlust Map30
    Stardate 20X7 Map09

  10. Painkiller: Recurring Evil has over 6k enemies total in just 5 longer levels. The challenge is also definitely there on higher difficulty settings but it doesn't have the best critical responses unlike the original. A big part of the reason for that however is also the fact that it has that slaughterish gameplay with barely any story behind it.

  11. I found this as I was looking for something new to play so I just played through the current beta.

    I'm normally not the biggest fan of any project with restrictions but since I care more about good gameplay than visuals and like to see some variety in map styles and themes anyway, I thought that this one might be something for me.

    And even though it's still in beta, all I can say is that my expectations were more than fulfilled! Really cool ideas to make use of the limited texture variety (with some textures that the authors normally wouldn't use probably) throughout the whole set so far and most maps had really enjoyable gameplay for me as well.


    To point out one specific map I really liked, that is "Oscuro Rayo" by Azuruish (slot 09 currently).

    Gameplay and level design reminded me strongly of Sunder (Map11) with a good challenge on UV but shorter length and way less grindy with interesting encounters throughout the whole map. The textures were used so well that I probably wouldn't even have noticed that it was made with restrictions if I hadn't known about it and also the use of a little hub that gives the player the choice in which order to take on the individual parts of the map is one thing I always love to see.

    My only minor remark is that maybe the secret with the PR and Megasphere at the start of the red key wing is a bit too strong or otherwise the area is too hard compared to doing it with the secret though that can easily be changed by just doing the red key wing first, get the PR and BFG from there and save some cell ammo.

    Overall this has to be one of the best new maps I've played in a long time! :D


    So thanks to everyone participating for making this project, I'm looking forward to playing the final release once it's finished!

  12. 2 hours ago, an_mutt said:

    On the topic of the limited ammo in both maps, that is definitely a deliberate thing which is designed to make pistol starts a difficult thing even if the player knows where everything is. I want to try and create maps where players have to scramble about to find purchase at various points in the map, although they're definitely gonna go through some tweaking prior to any full release that will happen.

    That is a nice idea and like I mentioned, you definitely succeeded there to get me moving around the map looking for every bit of ammo right from the start instead of just staying there and shooting every enemy on sight one by one. And for me it was only really tight at the start of the maps and without playing too conservatively, but I can see how it might be a problem in some encounters like the yellow switch area in Map04, if someone wastes all their rockets before it. But it is definitely manageable especially with knowledge about the maps (like an upcoming encounter that requires some rockets to beat it effectively) so you'll just have to decide how hard you want to make it for the pistol start players with your tweaking.


    2 hours ago, an_mutt said:

     Luckily I can just have the teleport raise during that part of the fight, and then lower it back once they've finished off the room.

    That is probably the easiest and best solution for it. With the rad suits and health down there it shouldn't be a problem to lock the player in for a while.

  13. I already said that I liked the themes and visual design of your maps and since these are now a bit more complex, I will say some points about the gameplay that I noticed from my playthrough. I played UV from pistol start.



    A good short and fast-paced map from the start on especially with pistol start, since you need to run past enemies to even get some weapons and ammo scattered around the area. Ammo was maybe a bit tight under these circumstances with all the monsters around even if you make use of some infighting in close quarters.

    The hitscanners were the only really problematic part for my health. Eventually the Revs won the infights and with the monsters teleporting in before the ending section, I felt like I needed to kill them. With just the basic shotgun and little ammo against them I funnily found the Berserk to be the best option against them so this one became half a Tyson map as well for me.

    The exit was kinda unexpected after just getting the PR and with how easy it is to skip fighting the AV by just leaving.

    Since I was constantly moving and avoiding enemies, I didn't have time to look for any secrets but that megasphere I saw would have probably made things easier though it wasn't that challenging anyway.



    This map was quite a bit bigger so I'll just point out some things that I liked/disliked.

    The start was really cool doing it Pacifist and then coming back with weapons and killing the enemies to claim all the resources there. Health was no problem but ammo again a bit tight early with the shotgun not being available right away and rockets you really have to use wisely.

    The encounter after the yellow switch was really cool and also the area after that when you rush in from the bridge.

    The lava area after the blue doors was nice as well but I found it way too easy to escape right away with the teleporter that is just on your right after the floor has lowered.

    The ambush after pressing the switch in that area was cool but with the AV in front of all other monsters, it was easy to just blast him with rockets before he could do anything. I also found the secret on the other side of that switch with the PR. The opposition there is maybe a bit too weak for that weapon.

    The ending parts of the map in the rock arena were really awesome but I accidentally found one thing that you can easily cheese the Cyber by going up to the platform in the lava cave area. The Cyber will just be stuck in front of the lift and you can find a safe spot up there without lava (sector 635) and kill him or even easier just wait and let the AVs destroy him that are most likely aggro'd on to him. I went down again anyway, because I thought the Cyber would probably be more useful alive for infighting.

    I got 97% kill and 5 secrets including the BFG but I got that one when I was basically done with the map so idk how impactful it would have been when you got it as soon as it becomes accessible. The encounter at that secret was good as well though it's basically over once you get it even with the AVs teleporting in.

    Health/Armor resources were more than enough here as well though with all the damaging floor you like to use, it really makes a difference how fast you're able to find the right way to progress without running across it too often.


    So overall really cool maps so far, thanks for making them! :D