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  1. Bernie

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    Is Zero Master /ourguy/?
  2. Bernie

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    What can I say. Unreal Gold is one of the finest fps I've had the fortune of playing and it still holds up to this day.
  3. Bernie

    Looking for doom wad series

    Here are some of the most critically acclaimed wad series. -Scythe & Scythe 2 -Stardate20x6 & Stardate20x7 -Hell Revealed 1 & Hell revealed 2 -Community Chest series -Memento Mori 1 & Memento Mori 2 -Deus Vault 1 & Deus Vault 2
  4. Bernie

    Anyone create music?

    I just started making lo-fi beats. Would appreciate if you would listen and offer feedback :)
  5. I just released my first single. It fits under the lo-fi/chillhop category. Would appreciate it if you listened and followed my account:) https://soundcloud.com/foolaid/infinite-lean
  6. He honestly looks like Filthy Frank
  7. Bernie

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    The Hell on Earth starter pack by Sgt Mark IV is par-excellence. Give yourself a go at that.
  8. Bernie

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    I want a 32-level megawad of realistic cities. Doom 2 city maps I find to have aged horribly and I need something to play with brutal doom that replicates it even better, since Sgt Mark IV's Extermination Day has been in development hell for a bit.
  9. Bernie

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    Moonman Doom
  10. Bernie

    What keeps people hooked on Overwatch?

    It's great waifu bait and can make good Rule 34 material for the weaboos
  11. 1 year anniversary of being on this forum yeet

  12. This isn't a joke at all.