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  1. blackgoblinmagic

    New arts

    ..this is higly confusing... this conects the "Heaven" entities with Sentinel prime ...witch was my original speculation that "heaven" guys cook/create guys like Doom slayer/Marauder super warriors... the bottom photo looks ritualistic/worship cultists base ... but for some reason with slayers mark. also the location below reminds again of the engineers/Prometheus...defenetly inspired.
  2. blackgoblinmagic

    New Gameplay Clip

    Night sentinels tech is sooo Tesla... love it
  3. blackgoblinmagic

    Hugo loves Prometheus confirmed :)

    Klik exactly on 11:30 to get a context... ... personally very satesfied i watch this interwiev. Remember the hologram globe from the heaven "space ship" place...look exactly like the Juggernaut control pannel (...if u can call it that).I loooove that Huge takes inspiration from that.When it comes to movie those are the most mysterious ones. As i mentioned meny times the planet/city where the (sub)engineers are killed by David heavely reminds of the night Sentinel mountains/snow planet witch i think its just awwwesome...u can just smell the mystery in that place. I hope the lore goes deeeeper then we think it is. I want to know how hell/demons became in the first place...and like maybe... why are there hundreds of Sentinel corpses on the artwork of Colosseum.I bet the "heaven" guys are the worst and f**k up everything. Someone once had theory that "Heaven" decided to destroy earth (open hell portal) because Samuel f**k up how to use the Crucible (agrent energy). Sound very much like the Engineer(guys that travel worlds and seed life/destroyd it). ...if the voice from trailer is the same as the one in the very begining of Doom 2016( as it was confirmed by Hugo)...as much as he was "unleas hell mister Doom slayer" its hard to not notice that he sounds scared this time in the trailer. Cant wait to find out...or hes the hood guy or the "heaven" guy.
  4. blackgoblinmagic

    Stream soon.

    that looks like the "angel" guy from the "heaven".But its in hell...doesnt really look beein hell dovoured(Wraith)...but then again this must be statue...a bit broken thou
  5. blackgoblinmagic

    Stream soon.

  6. blackgoblinmagic

    Stream soon.

    No but seriously...is that Betruger? Its just funny that they put that voice on where there is a CYBORG demon on the loose... I guess it could be one of the priests...its just he gives me "corporate" feel... if thats Betruger the lore is gone be even more epic then i thought...
  7. blackgoblinmagic

    Stream soon.

  8. blackgoblinmagic

    Stream soon.

    ...ouuu boy...
  9. blackgoblinmagic

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    just thought to share these with u all...Wayne Barlowe art...first one really reminds me of textures on Gift of argent
  10. blackgoblinmagic


    ...and lets not forget that it is said that whoever has The Crucible (Samuel??)Slayer shall weep in his shadow.
  11. blackgoblinmagic


    i agree.I always felt that Eternal might end on a dramatic note to some degree or if its final game at least until campagne dlc's. Hugo always talks abaut Robocop and the latest Batman movies as inspiration.Slayer will suffer some serious damage this time.If the game will be trilogy then defenetly. ps. the way how Marauder swings his axe in the trailer...looks and feels sort of fatal (obviously just my personal observation).
  12. blackgoblinmagic

    "He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels"

    i agree that makes sence.its just everything it was ever said abaut them was that they were warriors and we only saw them as that even on murals.But then again if the word "son" is in there then i guess there is some other story to them. Im just connecting word "crown" and thats all i can find.
  13. blackgoblinmagic

    "He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels"

    Yes, Slayers testament was always "open to interpretation" that just cant be right...that must be some other King or crown... i have no idea : /
  14. blackgoblinmagic

    "He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels"

    Slayers testament 1 He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer. Im I to understand that the this is actually ...the Doom Slayer...once upon a time?I mean...this guy appears to be the King accepting the "gift of argent". confised...
  15. blackgoblinmagic

    So...where is the Crucible now..?

    ...it appears very plausible that Hayden bungled it by trying to get argent energy to Earth...to call it Hell on Earth its abaut right...ja. i mean...i thought the Crucible was the holy grail of hell(or even beyond) and had so much prophecy to it.There must be some more story to it. How did Hayden get his ass kicked?Slayer got him...or some other thing? Who ever it was it probablly took the Crucible.I remember Martin said the Slayers blade (last years E3 gameplay at the end) was not the crucible.