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  1. I bet I look like an edgy moron posting this, but this is only just the bad side of me. Trust me, I am not just what I list down here. -A bit too self conscious. Mainly in school,my school is heavily controlled by the jocks and popular kids so trying not to be hated is a top priority. If I am talking to a girl I only am friends with, I don't want to come off as to happy, for fear of them thinking I want them as more than a friend, same for coming off as too nervous. -Volcanic temper. Not exactly anger issues, just not taking your crap. -The amount of hateful things I have to say about others I dislike is enormous. I avoid saying them, because I fear making others paranoid I am gonna do something crazy. -I will lie just for benefit or to shake off the hassle of doing something until I get caught. -Too cheerful to the point where you can't tell when I'm serious or joking. -Undatable. I spend too much time secluded in my room, I am not very romantic, and I generally can't juggle a relationship in my free time. I have a very cheery personality and zany attitude with nothing more, and my love of video games makes me very isolated. -If I gain enough trust from someone to where they do most of what I say, I will throw them under the bus when they try to pull me into trouble. -Overtly defensive over my taste in music, my humor is unfunny, and I HATE giving off particular info. None of said info being the stuff I posted here. -Violent desires towards those I hate A LOT. Things like slamming their heads and stabbing them. -I consider the input of others to be the only input that matters, and not my own thoughts. If nobody gives any opinions on something I do, I just assume everyone hated it.
  2. Cats. They give me an excuse to act stupid around my friends and are entertaining when they so much as look at me a certain way. They really are just kinda there for you whenever you want them to be, because they are just generally very chill animals. This here is my cat, Gigi.
  3. I'm really appreciating the feedback here! Jayextee said: Yes, those were eyes, yet you make a good point. I like the shoulder growths idea you've got going on, maybe when killed one or both growths could pop while gushing out with acid,goop,blood, or something along those lines that spills on to the rest of it's body. That would make a gruesome death! lunkypunk said: I never knew how he would attack, maybe it could raise an arm and the growths (I plan to add growths to it's arms and other bits too.) could light up a certain color while pulsating as electricity runs up it's arm? I'll try to draw luckypunk's idea in action though. Same for Jayextee. I'll get back to here in a while with more drawings of this little guy.
  4. Holy crap! That's actually pretty good! I like what you did with the eyes, looks like he's gone absolutely insane!
  5. I made a crappy sketch of a small idea I had for FreeDoom's Archvile. I would make sprites, however, I have none such talent in that field. Sorry for the crappy hand writing. I wanted sort of an Eldritch Horror look to it give I always imagined the archviles behaving as such. Brief details: -Somewhat masochistic, laughing every time it is shot at. -Rather than fire, tendrils of green electricity engulf the player. -During it's electric attack, it's eyes become red. -When resurrecting enemies, it's eyes become blue. -The black strings hanging off were bits of skin peeled off due to age. -When alerted, a reversed voice says, "Fresh meat" -When killed, it's right arm breaks off as it becomes a pile of bones.Eyes both fall out -Also shrieks like a banshee when killed. -Very tall, has a very hunched over stature, hands nearly hanging over it's feet.
  6. I love Doom, what did you think I had?
  7. If you have heard of or played this game, you have my utmost respect.
  8. A black shirt with a picture of the BFG with white text at the bottom saying," You know what it stands for."
  9. Yeah, I'm mapping for ports supporting 3D floors and slopes. I have been testing Zandronum and GZDoom.
  10. Me playing Reelism.
  11. So is it okay if I have a map with marines as enemies? I plan on mixing those with some demons as well. Also, are 3D floors and other non vanilla elements allowed?
  12. My cat Boognish.
  13. I saved a kid in Elementary school from an abusive step father. We'll call this kid Mike. One of my teachers pulled me into the hall during class and asked if Mike had said anything crazy sounding to me, I stated how he showed my scars from the abuse and said his stepfather was doing it.I saw everything that day, becasue I saw the office calling 911 while ambulances drove up to the school. Heck,on the bus ride home, We all saw a bunch of FBI cars and police cruisers were parked all through his stepfather's yard. Turns out the stepfather already had suspicions of drug trafficking tied to him and the abuse he was busted for was the final nail in the coffin. The kid is now with hopefully more caring foster parents now.
  14. Further progress on my map. I wanted a little effect where one of the enemy marines you face is talking to his buddies who are on Mars through a computer screen, so I mapped out a little area behind a translucent linedef and put two guys up there.
  15. I'm not exactly one to obsess over detail. I like it as long as there is a good amount of variety of textures to look at.