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  1. Viagra fueled repugnance
  2. I saw someone with this as their profile pic on Youtbue,and it is a picture I want to find the origin of.
  3. The small child who keeps wandering around the house, yet never even needing anything.
  4. What's even funnier, is that my Grandma, who is my Dad's mother and a Christian, doesn't mind the violence because you are killing demons.
  5. He had moved to live with hopefully more caring people. His step father is serving what I believe to be a ten year jail sentence, IIRC. God damn it.
  6. I have posted this before in another thread, but here goes... One time in 5th grade, a good friend of mine, who we will call Stan, had come onto the bus looking particularly upset. I had asked him what was wrong, only for him to show me a sickening scar that legitimately looked like somebody had carved a candy cane into his leg, stating his father had abused him for not bringing his homework home. I had no clue what to say, and tried to help him feel better by getting his mind off it. Later that day, in what I believed to be Language Arts class, the teacher had pulled me aside, asking if Stan had told me anything crazy sounding, and I had told her what I had heard that morning. After that, everything started happening at lunch, the people in the office calling the police, there were police cars and ambulances outside the school, and everyone was in something of a panic. That afternoon, on the bus ride home, we saw police cars and FBI vans parked outside of Stan's house. Turns out his stepfather had been whipping him with some form of metal wiring, and was already in some hot water for drug trafficking.
  7. I had found out about the game when I was 6 or 7 years old, I frequently watched my Dad play it and it scared the ever loving crap out of me. For some reason, the game had intrigued me, and I have grown to love it ever since.
  8. 9.35 Gigabytes.
  9. AYYY, YOU KNOW THIS GAME. Seriously, though, the tinier ships were always a pain to take care of, especially the Umgah.
  10. This game was my jam as a kid. My dad had handed me and my brother his laptop to let us play against each other in this game. Quick challenge: Name at least one race from this game that isn't the Ur-Quan or Earthling.
  11. I say that this can really help a ton, your postion makes all the difference in a fight. Below is some of my own advice. \/ \/ \/ \/ 1. Get familiar with what weapon works most effectively on which enemy, as well as making sure said weapon does it efficiently. It takes a while to kill an Arachnotron with the chaingun, but the super shotgun will make short work of it in seconds. 2. Prioritizing enemies is a really good rule of thumb, knowing what to kill first will help level the playing field. However, do keep in mind that even the cannon fodder enemies can give you a hard time, from the side so make sure to lower the amount of those reasonably while still focusing on the bigger threats. If you get to fight with an enemy like the CyberDemon, let infighting do the damage. 3. You stated that you are playing on harder difficulties. If you find that a certain difficulty is beating your head in, try something a bit lower until it becomes too much of a cake-walk. 4. Use what amount of the level layout you know to plan your moves, it is beneficial to know where the pickups, enemies, and so forth are at so you can stay alive. 5. If you are only a couple points away from max ammo or health,or armor, do not collect the bigger pickups for those. It's better to leave it there and grab it later than to waste them only to bring up, for example, your health up by 2 points when it could have gone up by 25.
  12. I went into the room with the armor and fumbled around with the pickups and and secret door button because this game used to scare the crap out of me at six years old.
  13. Dying only to realize I haven't saved in 3 hours.
  14. 1. I like the game STRAFEĀ® 2. I enjoy Rap music (No, not that trap shit) 3. Synthwave is starting to catch my interest,namely the work of Perturbator. 4. I love cats. 5. Newgrounds is my jam. 6. I rather enjoy 80's cyberpunk.
  15. North Carolina, USA.