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  1. Just finished this. Not a long mapset by any means but really really fun! Here are some random thoughts: * Love Supercharge. Now I'm looking for more mapsets that use it. Modernizes Dooms arsenal without feeling too different. * Map05, insanely atmospheric. Beautiful. Advanced features in action. Tons of fun. Makes me wish for a whole set in this vibe. * Map03, really good as well but brought my 5700x + 3070 to a crawl at times. Otherwise the performance was very consistent at locked 135fps I play at. * One of the best boss fights I can recall. * Great music that always seemed to fit the map. Thanks for all your hard work everyone who was involved in this!
  2. Thanks Thank you. Actually I forgot that gzDoom autosaves every level so I just restarted map 3 and godmode to where I was before (still took awhile as its a very large level). Is there a changelog for v1.4 and is it compatible with 1.2 saves?
  3. So I was working through the 3rd Earth level, really enjoying it. I reloaded a quicksave and was dumped to the console and told "Savegame is from a different level". Huh? So my save seems corrupted and I don't have any others... Looks like I'll need to restart the whole mod unless there is a way to fix the save? I should mention I'm running RC2 v1.2 on the latest gzDoom, Windows 10.
  4. Yeah the music is awesome, worth a shout out for sure. BTW it appears to be on all streaming platforms - Spotify, Google Play etc. On the other hand I found the enemy speech very repetitive. And not distinctive. In good FPS games it's pretty easy to identify enemy by sound. Maybe with enough playtime in Ion Fury it's possible. But initially, not likely.
  5. Love the game so far, mostly for the level design. The enemies and weapons are ... quirky, I guess is the best way to describe them. On the technical stuff, I have bad stuttering unless I turn off vsync, after which it runs perfectly fine. Yes I'd prefer no tearing, but run at 120fps the tearing isn't horrible. Negative side: I HATE the way the weapon sprite swings side to side as you move the camera viewpoint. It feels laggy and awful. I haven't played the old BUILD games in a few years but I don't remember that behaviour?
  6. The fast non-homing projectiles from Revenants in Struggle are awesome. I hate the stupid homing attacks... With the fast projectile you can dodge quickly and fire, and not worry about getting hit in the back. It actually encourages the opposite of what OP is complaining about - I play more aggressively and faster with this change.
  7. grahf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Yes, I must have got that bug too. I remember thinking that fan room was really anticlimactic and how could I have missed like 40 monsters? I could hear them as I got close to the exit. I noclipped and found them in a big empty room... So whatever trigger was supposed to teleport them into the fan room didn't work for me either (gzdoom 3.5)
  8. grahf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Dehydration is crazy. Obviously it's an amazingly well-crafted map. But honestly it feels like it could be spread out into 2-3 maps easily. I think I killed 500 enemies before I got the first keycard! I finished it at 83min, and there were a fair number of reload in there so easily it took 100min total. I think it would be an awesome standalone map but I'm not sure about how it slows down the pacing in a megawad. I should also mention, I got no lag at all on this map - gzdoom 3.5, i5-3570k CPU and GTX 1070 GPU. edit: Also on Dehydration music - this is another area where epic 100min maps suffer. I like the music track for it. But my god, after 100min it is just too much of a good thing. Conversely if it was split out into smaller maps you could have multiple music tracks.
  9. grahf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Agreed. Firstly on the Astral Cacos, it's a bit much combining their mobility and their massive firepower. I would be fine if they were toned down a tad. On this encounter and MAP14 in general. I really like the map, even though it's a much different style (more arena-like, than the Dragonfly exploration focus). But the difficulty is way out of wack. I finished the first episode on HMP, raised that up to UV for the 2nd episode - and finished many of the maps without dying. MAP14 is insane. I lowered it back to HMP and still it was incredibly punishing. I think the difficulty spike is just too much, such a great map and megawad deserves a bit more tuning here IMO. On that note, MAP15 is also extremely difficult. Like 1/4 of the way through on HMP, I just said screw it and IDKFA'd it. Even with BFG and full ammo the encounters were ridiculously overpowered. Obviously the map style is again quite different, this time slaughter. I think style changes are ok in a megawad but difficulty spikes are not ideal. Once I got to MAP16, everything went back to a smooth difficulty curve (on MAP18 now). Just my two cents, curious to hear how others found this section of the megawad.
  10. grahf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Hey here are some screenshots I took while playing through Ep 1 and 2. Now on Map 12 - what an amazing megawad so far!
  11. The techbase textures from Map06 of Evilternity. Holy crap! The style is so cohesive, so awesome. I could see this stuff in one of those new Doom/Duke-like retro games (Ion Maiden etc) being released on Steam commercially. It's THAT good. :o
  12. grahf

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Played the first 4 maps and have to say this is really an incredible start! Love the textures, level layouts, difficulty (playing on HMP). Really nothing to criticize! Well maybe the maps are a little bit too dark in areas... But that could be down to my sector lighting mode. @Dragonfly what GZDoom lighting mode should I use here? I usually use 'Doom'. Also a shoutout to the musicians involved. Awesome tracks so far, as gritty and metal as MIDI can get!
  13. grahf

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Really amazing this will be done in around ~5 months. I assumed something so ambitious would be done in mid-2019, if that. Incredible work Dragonfly and everyone else who helped out!
  14. Cool thanks for posting! So having worked with PBR weapon sprites successfully before, do you think it's doable to 'retrofit' the Doom weapon sprites with PBR or is it a wild goose chase unlikely to be worth it?
  15. I have seen videos of Amid Evil and had no idea the weapons are sprites. That's really impressive! I think the effect would look really cool in Doom but of course for Amid Evil they almost certainly 3d rendered their weapons and it was easy to export normal, specular for each frame. Whereas for Doom, creating normal/specular for the existing weapons would be a much bigger undertaking