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  1. grahf

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    I have seen videos of Amid Evil and had no idea the weapons are sprites. That's really impressive! I think the effect would look really cool in Doom but of course for Amid Evil they almost certainly 3d rendered their weapons and it was easy to export normal, specular for each frame. Whereas for Doom, creating normal/specular for the existing weapons would be a much bigger undertaking
  2. grahf

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Can sprites be PBR? I guess you'd have to draw a depth-map by hand for every frame? It would be interesting to see if this would be possible and how it would look.
  3. I'm halfway through Struggle and have been just blown away by the quality! Wanted to give some feedback: The balance changes to the weapons and the enemies is across the board a great change! I love that the enemies mostly have less health while being more deadly. And the weapons all feel better and more useful. For example Revenants are so much more fun and satisfying to fight without that stupid homing attack and the unpredictability of which attack they will use. Honestly if the weapon/monster changes were rolled into a mod, I would run it on Vanilla maps - thats how big an improvement it is IMO. The levels are absolutely top-tier. My favorite megawad in terms of levels is Valiant, but after Struggle I'll possibly have to re-evaluate. The progression through them, winding back and forth and opening new doors is a really cool style. My slight complaint would be sometimes the monster closets are just a bit much. Like you clear out one, and another one is right around the corner. And the next corner. Sometimes it just feels like it is impeding the flow of the level, constantly turning around and dealing with the new threat. I really like how often when opening doors you have enemies placed perfectly close together for a SSG blast, or a barrel right next to several enemies. It feels really satisfying opening a door and quickly dispatching a series of enemies and I can tell this must have been a design decision. The visuals are amazing with mostly stock assets! The difficulty is really well done. I'm playing Skill 2 and it's quite challenging but usually not frustrating. I know you were likely going for a specific look with the new weapon sprites and the intropic, but it just doesn't look right :/ The resolution is off somehow and it doesn't really fit Doom. And there are very few frames on most weapons. Personally I'd prefer to play Struggle with stock weapon sprites. Considering how awesome the rest of the package is though, it's pretty easy to look past this. Have a great weekend and thanks for your months/years worth of effort on Struggle!
  4. grahf

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    I think 3d models and HD textures in an old game like Doom will always look out of place. But I echo those above who are saying that PBR materials done tastefully, at lower resolutions, can definitely add something special to a Doom level designers toolbox.
  5. grahf

    [WIP] Supplice

    This is definitely the WAD I'm most looking forward to in 2018. Looks so damn good!
  6. grahf

    [RELEASE] Skulldash: Expanded Edition

    Hey big congrats on the release! Couple of questions for you: Is there a cheat code to just unlock all maps? There are certain maps that I don't like as much as others and I don't feel like finishing in order to unlock more maps. The hub level has big slowdowns compared to the old version. I'm wondering if that is something that is expected? I'm running a i5-3570k and a AMD R9 290 and it drops below 60fps using Gzdoom 3.2. I'm thinking it could be because of the dynamic level previews as you get close to each map's entrance?
  7. grahf

    Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

    Really glad to see this released! High-score logging is a great addition. It seemed notable in it's absence before, for a mod so based on speedrunning. So are you saying all of the new 15 levels are classified as 'community' levels and won't be part of the regular level progression?
  8. grahf

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I am getting email notifications to updates to threads I am following, and then I click on the email link to go to the thread and there is no new message. Also, it is not sending me to the latest post in the thread but to the OP.
  9. grahf

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    So I finished Ancient Aliens a few days ago and wanted to write some random thoughts for Skillsaw and the others who worked on this. Whether it's useful or not for you, I hope so! Absolutely Ancient Aliens is one of the best and most unique looking megaWADs out there. The texture set is really incredible. I hope it gets used in new projects! The architecture and detailing work is uniformly extremely well-done. I feel conflicted on the music. It feels like it fits well with the first episode, as well as the final few maps that revisit the temple/aztec theme (25-27). But for the space, sci-fi stuff it feels quite off. As I was running around Grey Dwarf listening to bongo and random percussion it seemed like it detracted from the experience. Doom without metal is fine, but IMO the sci-fi maps called for electronica. Whether General MIDI can pull off decent electronica is a whole other topic, however. The entire megaWAD is exploring the gameplay theme of enemies as 'turrets'. I think it's a cool idea that made for some great setpiece battles with warping Cyberdemons etc. But it felt tiring by the end. There are very few 'safe' moments where you don't have to search every corner for hiding, elevated hitscanners or Revenants. By Map 26-Egyptian Metaphysics I really had my fill of turreted hitscanners, that's for sure. I was disappointed the cloud-city theme was only used on one map! But on the other hand, this really makes that map stand out. Speaking of another underused theme, Map 32-Ossuarium Exoterre uses a dirty/rusty-red, quake3-ish bonecity theme that is extremely impressive. One of my favorite maps in the set and also one of the best-looking. Map 23- Trinary Temple, what an epic map! It brings my gzdoom to a crawl but it was well worth it. In some ways, Map 16 - Leave your Sol Behind is too good. It's probably the high point of the set, but it's only halfway through the megaWAD. I had hopes of other interplanetary travels during maps but was a bit disappointed that was never seen again. The new enemies were a mixed bag. The humanoid that shoots plasma or whatever is really annoying, can kill you in a second if you don''t see him... And he's only partially visible. The sprite animation is very rudimentary too, which doesn't fit with the quality feel of the megaWAD. I wished I had Valiant's chaingun the entire time I played Ancient Aliens.Thank you again to Skillsaw and everyone else for your hard work on this! :D
  10. I found the final fight kind of anti-climatic. It starts off easy (which is good); ramps up to very very hard when the pain elementals, mancubi appear along with a legion of imps; and then the final Cyberdemon is a cakewalk considering the abundant ammo and the cover opportunities around. If it was up to me, I'd tune down the middle section a bit and then ramp up at the end - have some other monsters accompanying the final cyber so it isn't so easy to take care of him.
  11. So I just finished it. Awesome level! :) I can't imagine what a massive amount of time must have went into this... I ended up on UV difficulty: 867 kills 4/18 secrets (I did find and finish the secret level!) 1:08 playtime (I took my time to admire the level, certainly could have done it 15 minutes quicker without much problem) Here are some random thoughts:* Architecture and lighting of the level is pretty amazing. It really shows off what is possible if level designers go zdoom-compatible. But also it takes a lot of talent and an eye for detail to pull this off. Well done! * I'd say your goal of the level 'feeling' like a 2017 game is successful. With all the lock-in fights it feels most like Doom 2016. Personally I am not sure if I prefer this straightforward level design to something like say, Valiant, though. In fact I'm pretty sure I don't. Not a knock on your level, just style preference. * The only time I got 'lost' was in the circular areas with the patterns on the ground above the secret level. One of the recessed switches wasn't easily visible with all the dead bodies. I don't really know if these switches should even be recessed? One of my pet peeves are switches that are hard to see. * My biggest problem with the level was performance. In just about every single open area, or in heavy combat my fps dropped below 30. I am almost always locked at 60fps in all other Doom levels. I'm guessing it's all the dynamic lights? My system: i5-3570k + R9 290 + 16gb RAM. I am running 1080p and everything tweaked for speed. This made the map much harder than it would have been as it was quite hard to aim consistently with low FPS. * I actually like the choice of Brutal Doom compatibility. There aren't enough Brutal Doom-specific maps and certainly none I've played of this quality. And if you play normal maps in Brutal Doom, the difficulty is off (just like playing normal Doom on this map).edit: forgot to mention I love the dynamic music... Especially on super-long levels like this it's a great idea.
  12. Here is the reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/5ydeyz/the_inner_workings_of_redemption_of_the_slain_a/ What I'm saying is that in your ini, it doesn't appear that WASD are mapped to anything? When I loaded it up, it was non-mouse look and arrow keys for movement. I checked inside the .ini and could not see WASD mapped. I'm quoting the .ini control mappings below:
  13. grahf

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Hey I've been slowly playing through this on UV (yes, it's hard) and having a blast and I wanted to call out Skillsaw and show some love for a truly amazing map: Map16 Leave Your Sol Behind. Like what the hell is this, Metroid Prime? I've played a lot of Doom and I can't remember just shaking my head in amazement like this... Even Valiant, which was a incredible and ground-breaking mapset didn't quite blow me away like this. And it's not just visual filler - the gameplay and layout of the level is completely on point. Many megaWADs could do much worse with this as a finale map, and this is only map16? What an accomplishment! :-o <claps>
  14. grahf

    [WIP] Supplice

    This looks stunning. Really looking forward to it! Oh and the timelapse videos of Cage editing the guns was mind-blowing.
  15. grahf

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Awesome! Glad to hear you are still working on Smooth Doom. BTW What is smooth textures? It's just a PK3 file linked with no readme or description. Googled but didn't find anything relevant.