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  1. Krezy Man

    Secret areas and environment destruction

    Environmental destruction (to a certain extent) would be interesting, but like others have said, if everything were destructable, it would ruin gameplay. Imagine carelessy firing a rocket and destroying, say, an exit door, but rather than just taking the door out, it completely destroys the hallway it leads into. How are you going to get past that? By wasting all of your explosives? Say that was your last rocket. Now you're faced with re-loading the map.
  2. Krezy Man

    A painting I did of a demon...

    I am amazed. I believe it's the first time he's said something like that. =P On topic, I really like the painting. Very nice! =)
  3. Krezy Man

    Tea or coffee?

    Coffee... Never really liked tea.
  4. Krezy Man

    Razz-a-patazz Theme Scheme :D

    The default settings, but I have a huge 1280x1024 (current resolution) screenshot of Doom III for my desktop background.
  5. Krezy Man

    Favorite Author?

    Orwell and Crichton, respectively.
  6. Krezy Man

    Iraq and then I ran

    I do believe, out to sheer hypothesizing, that America as we know it is doomed. All of the signs are there. America will become another USSR, with each individual state splitting up into different countries. I have no proof, just my personal beliefs.
  7. Good idea... A very original concept for a game... You, sir, are a genius. Where do you come up with this stuff?
  8. Krezy Man

    Yes, another Doom 3 vs UT2K3 thread

    It would hurt like hell, but I'm sure the force of the round wouldn't "knock" anyone back more than a couple of steps...
  9. Krezy Man

    Say my name

    It did a play on words, which resulted in this somewhat childish name... I like it. Matches my personality :)
  10. Krezy Man

    Fav comedian

    Robin Williams.
  11. Krezy Man


    Well blame me, why don't you! =P
  12. Krezy Man


    So you like edit your rice? =P Anyways, I've never really liked rice... I mean I could eat it if it was all I had, but I wouldn't choose to eat it.
  13. Krezy Man

    game villians, the ones u love but really hate

    Well, I should have added that they were hard to fight the first time I played Heretic =)
  14. Krezy Man

    game villians, the ones u love but really hate

    I agree with Grazza... The Iron Lich was a BITCH to fight, but it's perhaps my favourite enemy from any game.