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  1. igg

    Marauder theory

    In the Doom Eternal trailer released on Tuesday the Marauder calls Doom Slayer a usurper, a false idol. What did Doom Slayer take? What makes him a usurper? Well, according to Doom 2016 he got the crown of the Night Sentinels. In Doom 2016s codex entries we were also told: My guess: The Marauder is the Betrayer's son: The Betrayer's only son died on the battlefield (-> he was a warrior) He looks like a composite of dead flesh (-> returned in their form) powered by argent energy (-> red light on his chest) He doesn't accept that Doom Slayer wears the crown of the Night Sentinels because either he knows that the Slayer is not of the same origin thus not a legit king or the Marauder considers himself as the true king, since his father was the king of the Night Sentinels The Betrayer himself must have been old (his son was a warrior) and powerful (access to Wraiths) Edit: Almost forgot... the Marauder seems to live/rule in Sentinel Prime which is infested with demons
  2. This would perfectly match my theory about the Marauders origin. Some Night Sentinals followed the path of the Betrayer, others allied with the Doom Slayer and made hi their new king.
  3. I also noticed that but assumed they switched their weapon mode from salute to attack ;)
  4. Do you think the Sentinels who attack the Slayer towards the end of the trailer are the same as the ones who salute him in the beginning?
  5. Thanks for the notification. I got a t-shirt in November's giveaway. I'm just curious whether the image in the giveaway is correct because in Bethesdas store the Slayer Club tshirt looks different.
  6. Both are concluded, but still no winners chosen. According to their news section the monthly giveaways won't continue in 2020, but does this also affect already concluded giveaways of 2019?
  7. Only one male and one female have to survive
  8. id Software said the Mars Core demo takes place late in the campaign. In the end of the Mars Core level the Slayer enters a portal to Sentinel Prime. Thus I don't expect it to be the hub area.
  9. igg

    Heaven levels inspired by Eviternity?

    The green and snowy landscapes look kind of similar for me.
  10. igg

    It was proven that maykrs is creators

    Could also be a translation issue. But I always expected the Creators being the Maykrs because of similar naming and Hugo's (or Martys?) interest in Prometheus.
  11. igg

    The Game Awards 2019 Trailer

    I like it :-) Is it already known who "we" is? I'm referring to the "we will send only you". edit: is it the same voice as the "they are no longer your people to save" in the older trailer?
  12. igg

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    But you still haven't linked the interviews you're referring to... Btw using different names doesn't necessarily mean they are different classes. Being worshipped as god is something different than being god. Of course I also expect some kind of hierarchy, especially since Doom 2016s lore hints at it.
  13. igg

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    I only remember Hugo saying we're gonna to meet "a god" when being asked if we meet the god. That's a huge difference. Can you provide a link to the interview where he said we will meet classical Angels and not just Maykrs? As far as I remember only one magazine wrote about these as different entities.
  14. igg

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    Do you have any source for that? I remember just one magazine article mentioning you fight heavenly Angel's and not just maykrs. The Apocalypse is not something bible exclusive.
  15. igg

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    The terms "Urdak" and "Maykr" indicate id Software isn't going to introduce the biblical idea of Heaven. The wording and overall presentation have a strong Prometheus vibe. Maykrs = Engineers.
  16. I don't think it will suck. For me it looks like Doom 2016++. As Doom 2 was for Doom 1. I remember some magazines giving Doom 2 lower ratings than Doom 1. I never understood why - better visuals, better weapons, more monsters, nice Hell on Earth setting.
  17. igg

    New arts

    Who told you the Slayer got there his suit?
  18. igg

    Slayer's Club giveaways

    Can you link it?
  19. igg

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    id Software is the developer. Bethesda is publisher. I'm pretty sure it was Bethesdas idea to publish a release date instead of id Softwares usual "when it's done". On the other side, let's not forget Doom 4 was a mess until it was rebooted in favor of Doom 2016 and put in "Bethesda mode". At least they learned their lesson and decided to delay. Other publishers refused to do so causing GOTY games to be released in a crappy state, the worst example was Batman Arkham Knight (which was a perfect game one year and many patches later). I hope Bethesda learned from it's Fallout 76 disaster.
  20. igg

    I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

    The Foundry was one of my favourite maps. It's almost a masterpiece, like Q3DM6, Q2DM1 or Q1DM6. Argent Tower was also great but the jumping sections in the beginnings lowered the overall rating.
  21. igg

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    The people who complained about Bugthesda should be very happy about this decision.
  22. igg

    New Doom Eternal Stream

    Looks more like Earth to me
  23. I'm afraid it won't be available in Germany either after Oct 31th :-(