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  1. igg

    So Megatextures are NO MORE in id Tech 7

    I don't remember reading anywhere about that, but this was also one of my theories. Rage 2 failed while Doom 2016 was a success. Do you know who was the design lead of the initial Doom 4?
  2. igg

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    I think our memories blind us regarding the quality of old games. I was totally excited when I heard about the original C&C remaster but I was disappointed after seeing the first videos. Gameplay and animations have evolved for a good reason. And the original Doom wasn't really simple compared to other FPS: your character constantly bounced up and down at each step, enemies attacked you from different height levels and sometimes monsters were hard to spot due to light and dark areas. Sometimes the player had to move across very thin walls or deal with traps.
  3. igg

    IGN First Look stuff

    I'm also worried about that. If I remember correctly id Software regretted showing too much of Quake 2 before it's launch. That's why I don't understand why they give us so much information in advance. On the other side Doom Eternal seems to be huge. I hope it's huge enough for surprises and exploration.
  4. igg

    GeForce Now and Doom Eternal

    Sounds like Geforce Now might be interesting for you. The games are yours.
  5. igg

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    I don't think you really understand/understood the original Quake. It was raw. It was hilariously violent. It was serious. It celebrated strong weaponry. The weapons felt like construction machinery hammering on the mysterious force of evil. Although Doom had the more interesting setting, Quake was much more immersive and the weapons were much more fun. A medieval looking rocket launcher causing enemies to explode, a nail gun which hammered both the player and it's opponent.
  6. igg

    IGN First Look stuff

    The Hell Priest is inside the building, why should you get teleported outside? But I agree, it's also design wise a good decision.
  7. igg

    IGN First Look stuff

    It's interesting you're again called by the mysterious voice. Maybe Hayden was just a chess figure too? He found you but it was someone else who ordered you to rip and tear, who brought you back to life. And if that's the start of Doom Eternal, I'm pretty sure the timespan between 2016 and Eternal will be one of the DLC.
  8. igg

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Depends on Eternals success. And of course also whether id Software is going to finish the story or not. Maybe we'll meet the real villain after the final boss fight? Maybe you kill Hayden and his last words are "I told you I'm not the villain of this story"?
  9. igg

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    I don't think id Software is ever going to work again with NIN, especially after their experience with Trent during Doom 3s development. NIN has a very bad reputation for reliability. At a festival in Interlaken they ran off the stage at the first drop of rain, left their equipment on stage and then complained that 1 hour later the staff of a follow-up band had allegedly damaged things on their guitars that were still lying around. Pussies.
  10. igg

    Is Doomguy the Doomslayer?

    Didn't the Doomguy die at the end of a Doom 1 or Doom 2 episode? I remember being in a dark room getting attacked by pinkies, unable to defend myself.
  11. igg

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Lets not forget the person who started this thread didn't want to bash Doom Eternal at all. He took a closer look at the art direction and brought up some valid points. Lets not forget the original Doom was, according to id Software, heavily inspired by Alien. On the other side, we had Doom 3 and I loved it. But Doom 2016 was the first id Software game for a very long time I replayed 5+ times. It borrowed visual and gameplay concepts from Quake 3 Arena and threw you in an epic battle of evil vs. evil.
  12. igg

    Pistol Gone?

    If there's no pistol in Doom Eternal, which weapon do you use when you run out of ammo?
  13. igg

    Is Doom done being serious?

    Btw, I still wonder why Eternal is not considered being serious. The demons have a gritty, grotesque and sometimes disturbing look. Of course there's some stylistic exaggeration in visual effects, but this has always been a visual element in id Softwares games. One of id Softwares darkest games, Quake, had blood and body explosions. Some of Eternals monsters even have a very Quake-ish look.
  14. igg

    "The Art of Doom Eternal" preview

    So the Slayer is not from Earth?
  15. igg

    Is Doom done being serious?

    I just replayed Doom 1 + 2 and they looked totally serious to me. Maybe the Cacodemons looked like strawberries but that's it. You should keep in mind: Dooms predecessors have been bright (e.g. Wolfenstein or Blake Stone) an, but Doom threw the player in a dark environment with fleshy demons.
  16. igg

    The media is gonna slaughter Eternal.

    I don't think so. The 90s are gone. I remember an article (last year) about Mortal Kombat developers having nightmares, but the criticism was about workers mental health, not about the game being too violent.
  17. igg

    Marauder theory

    In the Doom Eternal trailer released on Tuesday the Marauder calls Doom Slayer a usurper, a false idol. What did Doom Slayer take? What makes him a usurper? Well, according to Doom 2016 he got the crown of the Night Sentinels. In Doom 2016s codex entries we were also told: My guess: The Marauder is the Betrayer's son: The Betrayer's only son died on the battlefield (-> he was a warrior) He looks like a composite of dead flesh (-> returned in their form) powered by argent energy (-> red light on his chest) He doesn't accept that Doom Slayer wears the crown of the Night Sentinels because either he knows that the Slayer is not of the same origin thus not a legit king or the Marauder considers himself as the true king, since his father was the king of the Night Sentinels The Betrayer himself must have been old (his son was a warrior) and powerful (access to Wraiths) Edit: Almost forgot... the Marauder seems to live/rule in Sentinel Prime which is infested with demons
  18. This would perfectly match my theory about the Marauders origin. Some Night Sentinals followed the path of the Betrayer, others allied with the Doom Slayer and made hi their new king.
  19. I also noticed that but assumed they switched their weapon mode from salute to attack ;)
  20. Do you think the Sentinels who attack the Slayer towards the end of the trailer are the same as the ones who salute him in the beginning?
  21. Thanks for the notification. I got a t-shirt in November's giveaway. I'm just curious whether the image in the giveaway is correct because in Bethesdas store the Slayer Club tshirt looks different.
  22. Both are concluded, but still no winners chosen. According to their news section the monthly giveaways won't continue in 2020, but does this also affect already concluded giveaways of 2019?
  23. Only one male and one female have to survive
  24. id Software said the Mars Core demo takes place late in the campaign. In the end of the Mars Core level the Slayer enters a portal to Sentinel Prime. Thus I don't expect it to be the hub area.