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  1. In the Doom Eternal trailer released on Tuesday the Marauder calls Doom Slayer a usurper, a false idol.


    You are nothing but a usurper


    What did Doom Slayer take? What makes him a usurper? Well, according to Doom 2016 he got the crown of the Night Sentinels.


    He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels,


    In Doom 2016s codex entries we were also told:


    The bargain was struck thus: for the return of the Betrayer's only son, lost on the battlefield, Deag Grav must be taken to the source of their power, the Elemental Wraiths. 


    For his payment, the Betrayer's son was returned to him in our form, and the Icon of Sin was brought upon the heathens. 


    My guess: The Marauder is the Betrayer's son:

    • The Betrayer's only son died on the battlefield (-> he was a warrior)
    • He looks like a composite of dead flesh (-> returned in their form) powered by argent energy (-> red light on his chest)
    • He doesn't accept that Doom Slayer wears the crown of the Night Sentinels because either
      • he knows that the Slayer is not of the same origin thus not a legit king
      • or the Marauder considers himself as the true king, since his father was the king of the Night Sentinels
    • The Betrayer himself must have been old (his son was a warrior) and powerful (access to Wraiths)
    • Edit: Almost forgot... the Marauder seems to live/rule in Sentinel Prime which is infested with demons


  2. 9 hours ago, Uter Lokales said:

    This is the official Russian-speaking community of Doom and they wrote "The Gift of the Creators". 

    Could also be a translation issue. But I always expected the Creators being the Maykrs because of similar naming and Hugo's (or Martys?) interest in Prometheus.

  3. 5 hours ago, Uter Lokales said:

    I wrote many times that the heavenly Archangels will become part of the finale (Stratton said this in an interview) and we will see heaven itself. 

    But you still haven't linked the interviews you're referring to...


    Btw using different names doesn't necessarily mean they are different classes. Being worshipped as god is something different than being god. Of course I also expect some kind of hierarchy, especially since Doom 2016s lore hints at it.

  4. 10 hours ago, Uter Lokales said:

    Stratton said in an interview that the heavenly Archangels will become part of the game's finale.  And Seraphim was generally in D16 and can be seen on the "Book of Daeva" and on the DEternal art.  And again in an interview about the history of the game, Hugo said that we will meet God and classical angels, not maykrs

    I only remember Hugo saying we're gonna to meet "a god" when being asked if we meet the god. That's a huge difference. Can you provide a link to the interview where he said we will meet classical Angels and not just Maykrs? As far as I remember only one magazine wrote about these as different entities. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Uter Lokales said:

    To say that there will be no biblical ideas in the game when the Seraphim and Archangels are officially in the game and the developers themselves said that we will meet classical angels, and not maykrs + they said that the biblical Apocalypse is happening.  

    Do you have any source for that? I remember just one magazine article mentioning you fight heavenly Angel's and not just maykrs. The Apocalypse is not something bible exclusive. 

  6. id Software is the developer.

    Bethesda is publisher.


    I'm pretty sure it was Bethesdas idea to publish a release date instead of id Softwares usual "when it's done".


    On the other side, let's not forget Doom 4 was a mess until it was rebooted in favor of Doom 2016 and put in "Bethesda mode".


    At least they learned their lesson and decided to delay. Other publishers refused to do so causing GOTY games to be released in a crappy state, the worst example was Batman Arkham Knight (which was a perfect game one year and many patches later). I hope Bethesda learned from it's Fallout 76 disaster.