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  1. igg

    I called it.

    It's OK for me. Basically they are giving people who didn't want to do the challenges the opportunity to access the skins too. Selling year 1 content makes a year 2 pass or even additional DLCs more likely because Doom Eternal has not ended yet.
  2. igg

    DOOM Eternal - Enemy Randomizer

    I hope id Software improves mod support so we don't have to "inject" them manually. In general this mod seems to be interesting. I'm curious how it affects the pacing. Imagine 3 Tyrants spawning ind the SGN computer control room.
  3. I stopped playing Battlemode because most of the time I was staring at loadout and loading screens. Maybe the should have increased the number of kills between the three rounds. In general I liked the idea of Slayer VS demons.
  4. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I wish they'd do Doom 2024 as third game of the new Doom series. Doom 2016 and Eternal was all about the conflict between Hell (Dark Lord, Olivia Pierce, UAC) and Heaven (Hayden, Vega, Sentinels). Before TAG1 the Dark Lord and Vega were the absolute super entities. I guess id Software "scaled" them down to warriors, lesser gods and so on because they could not handle the epic conclusion in an appropriate way within two DLCs. After TAG2 the Dark Lord became the creation of an even higher entity. Adding another level of superior beings weakened the epic plot of 2016 and Eternal. Now it just looks like a local conflict of a pissed of war lord. Originally Hell was supposed to be the highest metaverse (Heaven too, but Doom was always more about Hell than Heaven).
  5. igg

    Favorite and disliked level

    I wonder why Cultist Base doesn't get more votes as favorite level. It feels like Classic Doom due to it's abstract level design. My favorite: Urdak (best soundtrack, great encounters) Most disliked: ARC (feels generic)
  6. Just finished TAG2 and I'm still confused by the "plot twist". 1) In TAG1 we learned it was the Fathers idea to create Jekkad and not to let them live forever: In TAG2 we were told the opposite: All things are made by the dark lord, even the father. So it was Davoths own fault that his people die. 2) In TAG1 we also learned the father refused to kill the dark lord: But TAG2 told es the opposite: The father is the creation of the dark lord. Why didn't the father kill the dark lord? 3) In TAG1 we were told the father decided to hide himself to protect the universe: But if the father is not the creator of all things, why was he concerned about the dark lord absorbing his powers? It should have been the other way around.
  7. The discussion whether Doom 2016 and Eternal are still Doom kind of confirmed John Carmacks statement that Classic Doom meant different things to different people. Doom was criticized for focusing too much on horror and ignoring the action elements. Doom 2016 was criticized for being too dark (remember the discussion about the yellow "piss" filter and Cacodemons not being colorful?). Doom Eternal was criticized for being too colorful and too much focus on action instead of horror.
  8. I'm totally fine with Hugos statement that the DLCs should be enjoyable for everyone and the master levels are for the pros. I enjoyed TAG2 much more than TAG1. The only weakness of TAG2 is its story, but it's definitely better than TAG1s.
  9. Same here. I actually enjoyed the platforming, it added some diversity to the gameplay.
  10. Hugo hinting at a higher being raises many questions: What happened to S. Hayden? What's up with the Crucible prophecy? If Davos is a primeval, do other primevals exist too? Is the higher being specific (a god) or generic (the evil, the good, ...) Can humanity open a new Hell portal? Will Doom Eternal get more DLCs or will id Software tell these stories in a new game? I'm not sure what to think about Hugos hints at a higher being. It makes the conflict between Vega and Davoth less epic. Maybe id Software recognized they can't handle a God VS Devil conflict in an epic way right now, so they downsized Davoth and Vega?
  11. igg

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Where did you hear that?
  12. igg

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Still being told? By what?
  13. According to the lore the only way to enter Immora is by the Gate of Divum. The Dark Lord was able to travel there directly from Urdak. An army of sentinels arrived on Immora a few minutes after the Slayer. I don't think they traveled to Earth before. Any ideas?
  14. igg

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I guess linking Urdak and Hell to each other kind of forced a technological advanced Hell. Especially if the Dark Lord is the inventor of Urdak.
  15. Maybe other portals got enabled when opening the main one? But I'm not sure.
  16. I think the Dark Lord boss fight is not so hard once you learned the mechanics. I actually think it's one of the better boss fights in Eternal, maybe a mix of Khan Maykr and Trial of Maligog.
  17. Since the Slayer is the classic Doomguy id Software rewrote the entire franchise with TAG2 :-( Whoever plays Classic Doom now knows Doomguy is not strong by himself, nor is he the righteous marine who beat his boss to defend civilians - no, he's basically the devils clone and thus kind of cheating. Although I liked Eternals connection to Classic Doom initially I'm not not happy about it now. Mayking the devil the creator of Doom universe and the Father confirming it changed the franchise forever.
  18. Don't know. Being placed in the center of the Ingmore's Sanctum the Slayer is now ranked as a God-like being, isn't he?
  19. Were they able to leave Hell in Doom 1, Doom 3 and Doom 2016? I don't think so. It was always due to humans experimenting with portal and occult stuff. So basically nothing has changed compared to Doom 2016. The Slayer is sealed and some scientists might open a portal to Hell.
  20. I wonder how the "Dark Lord is the true creator" plot twist passed quality assurance. They must have noticed something is going wrong when they had to alter the original campaign again?!? This statement during the final battle was a surprise, but a bad one, and completely unnecessary. Doesn't Quake Champions also say Vega is the true God of the Doom universe?
  21. I think this was a good explanation why the dark lord and the Slayer look the same. Much better than just a random mighty hell warrior. I agree with you. The whole Khan Maykr / Samur / Father storyline now feels like a prank. This causes some major plot problems: It was Davoths own fault his people die due to being mortal The Father had no reason to spare Davoths life. If he and the other Maykrs agreed Davoth is a threat to life in general, they should have killed him. The whole "Father didn't kill Davoth because he loves his first being" makes no sense anymore. Thats actually OK for me. It ties Urdak and Hell in a logical way. In TAG1 we were told that Jekkad once was a regular realm, so there is no reason why they shouldn't have buildings and technology like Urdak. But I agree with you again on your next point: Hell now is completely demystified although this was not necessary. I remember Hugo saying something about dead people spawning in hell. Unfortunately I can't find the exact cite right now. The lore (Eternal - TAG 1 - TAG 2) left some room for mystery, but the lore doesn't even hint at that anymore: Why did the Maykrs consider Davoths search for eternal life as threat to the universe? Was his research based on black magic? Was it based on soul torture factories as seen in Nekravol? How does hell absorb life? Is it caused by sins, evilness, ...? Why did Earth have to repent? What about UAC cultist? How do their rituals interact with hell?
  22. So the story got rewritten twice? Really strange.
  23. I enjoyed TAG2 much more than TAG1. The levels: In the beginning I was a bit disappointed. I don't enjoy medieval settings but the World Spear started in an ancient village, it felt like Gothic, Witcher or Warcraft. But after a while World Spear got much better, the environment became much more "epic". I was a bit skeptical about Reclaimed Earth in the beginning but it turned out to be very good. Immora was a blast. Overall I think each of TAG2s level was on par with the Blood Swamps. The gameplay: Much better pacing than TAG1. I remember many moments in TAG1 when I was getting bored because of never ending arena fights. TAG2s balancing and progress was much better. As you proceed, the fights get more intense. But you don't get forced in a 10 minute arena fight anymore. I like the concept of the gore nests - it's up to the player whether he wants longer lasting encounters or not. And you even get rewarded. TAG2 was a much more satisfying experience than TAG1. I did all gore nest enconters and enjoyed them but I would have hated them if I would have been forced into them. The story: I'm actually not sure whether I like it or not. TAG1s plot twist was you destroy the lifesphere of the father and restore the dark lord. But in TAG2 we learned the whole father story was just fake and the dark lord is the creator of all things. He even directed Samur. I don't know why id Software decided for this plot twist, in my opinion it was not necessary. The story turned out to be the only weakness of TAG2: Why was the dark lord shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" after the player killed the Khan Maykr if it was his plan all the time? In TAG1s ending the dark lord was introduced as hells mightiest warrior, making players curious why he looks like the Slayer. I wasn't even sure if the person in TAG1s ending is "a dark lord" (mightiest warrior of the 4th age) or "the dark lord" (Davoth). In TAG2 he was revealed as the creator of all things, even the Slayer. Samur told the Slayer he knew who he where when he set foot in his world. If he knew about his origin, why did he bring him to the divinity machine at all? But TAG2 also has some satisfying conclusions: In the end the Slayer is referred as Doomguy, making him independent again. Urdak is restored, the Slayer is sealed away. The door is wide open for spin offs or even a new Doom game. His origin explains why he is referred as the beast, even by hell itself.
  24. Agree. Nekravol and Necropolis are much better hell representations. Maybe even better than the ones of Classic Doom.
  25. It was in the Lazarus labs right before the helix stone.